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Chatbot software for real-time communication with clients

The new age chatbot messenger software is transforming the business domains and enabling the users to communicate with the business real-time. For this, you are not required to develop new software to interact and answer the questions and queries. Chatbot software initiates a conversation regarding the queries and questions of the users on behalf of the business. The chatbot software development company has provided this new robot assistant for performing the general task of human communication without being a part of the chat on the other end. In other words, if we will say then this robot assistant is performing the individual chat with the user. This is done by including the few speech or text in a natural language like Hi, how I can help you and a few more to communicate and give the user an idea about the business.

Adding a natural language interface to a website, social channel or even into the messaging app will help you to break down the communication barriers and make them faster and efficient than earlier.

Continuous cash flow with 24*7 robot assistant connectivity

At Sevenstar Websolutions, we are delivering the chatbot development services to the number of business industries in the market. Having this type of natural language interface will be very useful for business and it even boosts the user-experience and revenue generation. In fact, this will give the user a strong assurance and reliability of the business in the first impression. These are real-time services which are available 24*7 as unlike humans chatbots never sleeps and keeps the users connected. It facilitates the direct communication between the users and a business irrespective of time zone and location of the customer.

The small business industries which aim to compete with the giant conglomerations of the market, chatbot development company can make their dream come true in no time.

Conversational chatbots on the company’s favourite messaging app

The chatbot development Delhi India lends the company an advantage of getting their chatbot software on their desired messaging platform such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger and voice interfaces like Amazon Alexa. With Sevenstar Websolutions, you will get the best and the user-friendly natural language processing technology for your business domain. The core essence of this technology lies in its reliability, swiftness and efficiency.

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Facebook Messenger Bot Development

Speaking for the social messaging applications then how Facebook can remain behind? Moreover, we are well known with the demands of the people and that’s why our chatbot developers are developing the quality and efficient chatbot software which can be operated on the most preferred Facebook Messenger app.

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Telegram Bot Development

At Sevenstar Websolutions, we have specialised experts for developing a bot for a telegram application. Having these telegram bots will serve your business with smart and excellent customer communication.

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Microsoft Bot Development

Microsoft AI-based bot for reaching a broad set of users that are already chatting. In fact, with the little connectivity of the internet, users can easily communicate anytime with ease. This AI based framework also lets you develop a Skype bot for exchanging the rich texts, image, video and many more.

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Slack Bot Development

Developing the team-specific bots for enabling group communication and helping to execute multiple and useful tasks. Our trained bot developers will deliver you the best slack bot that will boost the productivity of the business and at the same time lend ease to your daily office task.

Importance of Chatbot in business industries today

  • Keeping up with the trends - Since these days users have their social media core apps in their phone always like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. Due to which they don’t even look for other new apps. That’s why having a chatbot into one of these popular social messenger applications will help you in being in touch with your users effectively and anytime as well.
  • Provide 100% satisfaction to the users - Unlike human chatbots don’t work for fixed 8-9 hours a day and never sleeps. This means chatbots are 24*7 available and can cater to the demands of the users more effectively with utmost satisfaction. It generally happens when a customer doesn’t get the real-time support, they get frustrated and left the website but now with the chatbots, those scenarios have been eliminated and provided the instant support to the users.
  • Increase customer base - Another advantage of using chatbots in the business is that it increases our reach to the customer through the chatbot messaging applications. Chatbots can respond to the multiple questions of the users in one time that later can get convert into the quality leads also.
  • Cost-effective - Chatbots are the cost-effective and one-time investment of the company, which goes in the long run. Having this integrated chatbot customer support platform can cater to the demands and questions of the users and even pass it to the customer support agents in the case of complex queries.
  • Saves Time - One of the important benefits behind using chatbot development services i.e. time-saving. The robot assistant answer the queries of the users in real-time. It also helps to know the interest of the customers and if the user is not interested then the robot assistant handles him/her on its own and on the other hand saves your time too.
  • Global market approach - Getting the chatbot development services in the business is also an effective means of getting international clients. A chatbot will help you to communicate with international clients in their preferred language. Therefore, hiring a chatbot developer means generating high revenues from the local and global market both.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A chatbot is the most used software by the companies today. It helps the company to communicate with the customers anytime 24*7. It’s a type of robot assistant which answer the problem and queries of the customer.
Currently, we are developing the Chatbot software which supports only English, Hindi, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and French. These are based on the current client demands and we are also working on other languages too.
NLP stands for the National Language Processing. It is a branch of AI (artificial intelligence) which helps the computer in interpreting, understanding and working with the human language.
Chatbot provides the unique experience of which is powered with the AI (artificial intelligence) real-time conversation. These are readily available which can be programmed to restart the conversations innumerable time.
Yes, we can develop multilingual chatbot software as per your business requirements.

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