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I did an extensive research for getting the right SEO Company in India. A good SEO company should do something innovative to increase my website rank otherwise it becomes worthless. Often, I got a number of SEO companies promising me a lot of things. They charged me a huge amount of money. However, my extensive perusal ultimately became fruitful. I got this company called Sevenstar Websolutions, which is just perfect for any Indian websites. It has truly made by website global. I got several clients coming daily into my website. The devices such as the coding procedure were just magical in improving my business to the next level.


I wanted to use such a company for SEO that can give me all the services under one roof. I have seen a lot of companies who are using certain specific strategies for improving the website rank. They call these strategies innovative. However, all the strategies combined are the ultimate aspect for boosting the rank. This company called Sevenstar Websolutions was wonderful in using the pay per click management and the link building strategies. It has also used a modern strategy called social media marketing. My website has totally regained its original position in the market. I am really very happy about the services provided by them.


I thought SEO means only boosting the rank in respect of any popular search engine like Google. This company named Sevenstar Websolutions taught me how to use other search engines to boost my rank. There are various people who use other search engines unlike Google. The rank of my website magically increased in the terms of various search engines and I am really grateful to the Sevenstar Websolutions. I did not have the idea of creating unique contents for my website. My business is up at last and I have got my confidence back in the website market.


Search engine optimization is a vast field. I was new to this market and I did not quite understand why all my contents were registered as spam in the terms of Google. Later, I had an extensive discussion with the panel of experts in Sevenstar Websolutions and they have told me about the importance of keyword density. Moreover, they helped me augment the rank of my website by selective coding and decoding procedure. Today, my website is at the top and it is in the first rank. Thus, I truly rely on this company to take care of my optimization related issues and I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in my shoes.



I had a website for my restaurant. We used to offer hundreds of good delicacies to the customers. We had a great number of sales too. However, the restaurant was not becoming global and we did not used to receive orders from any online customers. I verily understood that something was wrong. I did a lot of research to find a suitable search engine optimization company. After doing a thorough research and suffering in the hands of several fraudulent companies, I reached this Sevenstar Websolutions. This company was wonderful in its link-building and innovative content development strategy. With this company, the number of customers increased in leaps and bounds.

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