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Domain Transfer

Reasonable Domain Transfer

Domain transfer simply refers to the transfer of the domain from one domain registration to another registration. And since the register remains allocated to a single set of domain Sevenstar Websolutions assures that this transfer won’t affect your site in any manner. It even ensures that this transfer doesn’t affect the domain records or email DNS so that everything is procured in the transferred domain.

With a specific end goal to process the exchange of your domain, you have to have the domain as of recently under your proprietorship and an enlistment centre that you need to exchange that domain to. While the methodology of a domain exchange is a reasonably straightforward method, it is paramount to comprehend the workings such a domain enlistment exchange with the intention that things don’t get more confounded than you can handle.

Proper proceedings

If you want to put your domain name move into impact, you have to request an exchange to the recorder that you propose to move your domain over to. Most recorders like us always have a shape or an alternative on their site that you can select to ‘exchange domain’. When you select this choice, then we (that you are exchanging your domain too) will contact – more often than not through message – the executive of your domain and help you in the process of domain transfer.

And after that our administrator takes up your request and notifies the customer via email. This buckles up the process transfer and hence is conducted with extreme ease. This step ensures that the required authenticity of the domain name. And for proper proceedings, if the customer fails to accept the domain transfer request in a period of 5 days then the request stands cancelled. To avoid such scenarios it is important that the customer owns a proper and validated domain record which runs up to date.

Next step of Domain Transfer

Once the email is accepted by our customer then the request stands in progress. But the one important advice that Sevenstar Websolutions always gives is that in order for your current domain to get transferred it should remain active when the process of transfer is going on. Yet again if your domain name is deleted, not active or locked then the process of domain transfer cannot take place. Thus ensuring proper transparency is a must so that the job can be done without any complications.

But, when going for our company’s domain transfer services the customer should ensure that their current domain has remained active for approximately 60 days as this is a legal rule that cannot be neglected. And again if your domain name has been part of any particular allegations or dispute then the request for your domain transfer stands withheld which can be encored and rectified after proper discussion with our customer care, allowing the process of transfer to remain vibrant and ethical in any manner.

Why to choose our Domain Transfer

We pride our website development program and come up with the following aspects of our domain transfer service.

No risk: Any transfer of domain that takes place through Sevenstar Websolutions is guaranteed to be free from any type of risk. And at any point of time if your request of domain transfer does not satisfy the rules and regulations laid by us then the complete fee taken for the process of transfer is credited back to you so that you can be well assured about your money. There are no questions asked or any sort of hidden cost the complete money is given back to the customer.

Transfers done with perfection: Whenever the customer goes for our domain registration and wants a transfer of domain. Then the customer should venture up appropriate request. After the request our company work perfectly and even reckons that your domain name’s name server does not get altered at all while the process of transfer is going on. So, this proves that the requested domain name will never face any sort of downfall in the due process. Then, after a few minutes of approval process the proceedings of the request is on the go brining up no delays form our side.

Privacy policy remains unaltered: We work on providing the process of transfer of domain at lowest possible rates and hence enthral our registered customers with discounts and offers that come according to the plan that they have chosen. And as said many times at Sevenstar Websolutions services our customers can be free from any type of hidden costs. Since the rates mentioned during the time of request are the rate that is taken from the customer without any extra charges. But be sure that you are not an old registrar as in such cases you might loosen up the renewal fees that get out to be paid off old registrar.

Our organization entitles proper and seamless efforts so that each and every process of domain transfer is turned up with the right pace of time. At Sevenstar Websolutions you can feel free to drop up any questions regarding these services at our customer care or email id. And we will get back to you after verifying your questions and request.

Here are just a few things to check up before placing domain transfer request

• Valid domain along with a valid registrar so that the work can be performed smoothly.
• Contact our Administration for proper conformation
• Transfer normally gets completed in normally 5-7 days. Therefore, the patients placed by the customer is always valued by us.
• Yet again most importantly your domain must be ventured up for more than 60 days and should be active while the transfer process is taking place.
• And to get the work done in a structured manner you must approve of the confirmation email sent by us.

If you are up for a systematic transfer of domain and are in a search of the best web solution company in India then your search definitely ends here.

Domain Transfer
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