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5 Steps to Fix a Bad Google Review

Did your company get a negative review? And are you struggling with how to enhance the companies trust and increase the ranking of the website SEO? Then you are on the right page. You can get rid of the negative review very easily and for that, you just must follow the simple process to get customer satisfaction without any impact of the bad review. Having a negative Google review on your business may not seem to be a big deal to you, but your consumers are going to trust what’s posted online in reviews as much as they do consider any advice from their friends.

Managing Google business reviews along with the other directories is becoming more than essential. Being a business established in the online and offline world, you cannot afford to have any negative search result, negative review, comment, or anything else that has the potential of degrading your reputation. Therefore it is important to consider the necessity of keeping an eye on your business’s online presence if you do not want to lose good and potential clients to your competitors just because of few statements. While you handle getting rid of bad Google reviews, ensure you are doing everything according to the Google guidelines.

Let’s see what you can do

  1. Stop Panicking:

Almost every company at least once in their career has to face this problem of fake or bad reviews. Even big businesses like Walmart and Amazon happen to have some negative reviews at some time. We do not seek to do this just to impress everyone and convince everyone. In fact, this is even a sort of publicity which can help you in the long run. Always remember that bad business review is not going to close your business and then check out what can be done rest. Never spoil everything by panicking and doing something that can be more troublesome. Try to handle those while being polite.

  1. How to Handle the Situation:

Many people just post bad reviews for fun or the competitors can even do this. Check out who this person is in the beginning and then take proper action. If at all he is your customer, dig deep on what dissatisfied him, and thereby you can get to know how you can handle the scenario.

  1. Don’t Forget to Share your Response to it:

Try to talk and get advice from the experienced SEO Company India and check out how this will help you handle such reviews. You must learn to respond quickly as this stands as a testimonial for your other customers who read these reviews. Apologize and let them know what action you are going to take in the reply. On the other hand, you can even flag a report if you find that these customer details are not found in the records. Fix the problem then and there so that it doesn’t leave a negative impression in the future.

When you share your response to any review whether negative or positive, remember not to just go and hit the keyboard with your random word choice. Before you address the review, understand the reason behind the statement, share your gratitude to the positive ones, and try to give a solution to their problems. Even if you think the review is not relevant, think about it, share your response, and flag it since it can take few days to get removed. Remember the following important points –

  1. Try to address the review within 24 hours or so.
  2. Keep your response to the point and in brief, explaining the cause in short rather than a story.
  3. Own up all comments and statements that are valid.
  4. Apologize for what caused them inconvenience and bad experience with your services.
  5. Offer your best to resolve the issue.

If you encounter a fake or derogatory review on Google, Yelp, or another review platform, report it and review managers will try to verify your request that the review is not from a real client. It is possible to take lawful action to remove a false review from your customer’s sight.

  1. Report the Fake reviews:

If at all there are any negative reviews that you consider to be just fake ones. You can report them. Check the ORM Company India services and they will let you know how to handle most eminently without fail.

  1. Gain Favor from the negative review:

There are many cases where the customers change the bad review to a good review once they are happy with the service. So, take some time and show some decency in handling the bad review. With this, you can gain more customers and as well gain trust with ease. Learn how to handle things and make use of the ORM Services, to get reliable trust from the audience. Contact us today for online reputation management services for individuals.

If you experience a stream of negative reviews, just be honest and acknowledge the problem that is probably with something you’re neglecting. It may not be easy to make changes to your business practices. But doing this could offer you notable developments with the feedback you receive online. There are several ways to get a pool of reviews to improve the reputation of your business.

Steps to get some good reviews for your business –

  • Optimize your profile to make it rank higher on search engines.
  • Claim your Google My Business listing profile to position positive feedback on top of search engine results.
  • Educate your employees to ask your customers to leave positive reviews for your business after doing business with you.
  • Get more user engagement on social media and other platforms so more satisfied customers share positive perceptions about your business.
  • Offer discounts and rewards to your clients who leave good reviews for you.

Reputation management helps you be proactive with the management of reviews online. If you ignore the power of these reviews, these negative statements can spread like fire over the internet making your business degrade day by day and lose important customers. If you think you have quite a busy schedule and find it difficult maintaining those, you can hire any experienced reputation management company that has a good track record of removing or suppressing negative reviews on Google.

Brands and businesses can’t just delete any negative reviews on their Google My Business page. Most of the time, businesses that achieve removal of negative reviews, you can either ask Google directly to remove it or request the reviewer to delete the negative review.

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