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Education App Development

Education is not something to be conducted just in the classrooms, rather it has blossomed itself to the boundaries outside them. With the expansion of e-learning, parents now allow their children to use education apps to learn from their smartphones or tablets. Learning through the education apps help to enhance the learning habits and grabbing power of the kids. People of all ages are now accessing educational apps to get tailor-made learning solutions.

Think beyond the traditional education system revolving around the classes and blackboards. Enter the futuristic arena with our Education app development services that are designed to meet all the e-learning needs. Our proficient workforce provides easy to access Education app both for the learners and teachers. Education apps are a great helping hand in grasping the concepts with the help of interactive multimedia based educational content.

Educational app development services we provide

Learning Material

Such apps are helpful in providing effective study material to the students as per the course.

Student Management System

Such apps help in managing the students’ attendance, subjects, activities, notices, etc.

Competitive Exam app

Such apps provide the support with real exam patterns to enhance the proficiency.

e-Library app

Such apps allow students to access books they require to enjoy in their spare time & upgrade knowledge.

Benefits of inculcating e-learning in education

Education apps not only help the students but it helps the teachers and school as well. If you are an institution that comes for the education app development, you will be awarded with a feature-rich app. School can manage their students, and teachers and they can conduct and make all announcement on the app, so that none of the students are missed even on being absent for the day.

Here are some benefits of e-learning app –

  • Systematic management of classes and students.
  • 24*7 availability of study material.
  • 24*7 connectivity with teachers and guides.
  • Interactive Chat room will allow students to ask their doubts and teachers can also ask questions from the students.
  • Parents can easily communicate with the teachers and identify their ward’s performance.
  • Proper utilisation of leisure hours.
  • Announcements made once can reach to all.

Features of Education app

Multimedia course

Unlimited course material in the form of audio, video, image, and document.

Practice papers

Teachers or institutes can upload mock tests, practice papers, assignments, homework, daily task, etc to enhance the proficiency and outcomes.

Easy Parent-Teacher interaction

Parents can easily communicate with the teachers and vice versa.

Track students' progress

It allows the parents to monitor the performance of their children.

Book store or e-library

This will help the students to access any book they want whether for leisure time or to enhance their knowledge.

Fee submission

It allows parents to make easy fee submission from an education based app without going out of their homes.

Getting an efficient education app

Education app development eliminates a lot of process and save the time of all. You can get an education app developed on any of the Android or iOS platform using the most innovative and cutting-edge technology prevailing the market. The process of development an educational app requires to be implemented sequentially without skipping any step. For creating a great app, a great idea is required to be converted to reality by a great app development team.

Do not sacrifice the quality by hiring an inexperienced team or just for the sake of some bucks. You can hire us as your app development services provider and share your idea with us. We will analyse it and surely help you to get it for incredible quality.

Sevenstar Websolutions, an education app development company

Sevenstar Websolutions is among the top mobile app development company with the dedicated team of developers and designers that have years of experience in turning any raw imagination to life. We can deliver you an app with high quality that is scalable, robust, reliable and secured. We can be your one-stop solution to all your web and app development needs. The solutions developed by our company have helped businesses get wide exposure to their brand’s awareness. We hold great expertise that is well-versed in delivering tailor-made solutions to the business to meet current as well as upcoming market trends.

If you are looking to hire an expert and dedicated app development company, do write to us or call to share your idea.

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