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Repair Online Reputation

Do you know what your customers have to say about your business? Are you aware about their opinion on your brand? Don’t you want to have good things about you over the internet? This real digital world has given a chance to all to write anyone about anything as they like. Online reputation is a big thing that needs to be considered when you are doing an online business. If you ignore this important term, you are going to lose so much of your prospects which can be turned to your potential clients.

No business want to have a client base that are not happy with their services, and in order to avoid that every business today need to divert their attention towards managing their online reputation. In order to avoid defamation, a business needs to ensure that it is available on all of the review sites. As a trusted online reputation repairing agency, Negative links has helped so many clients and their businesses to improve their online presence and have a positive online reputation. has served thousands of business to effectively repair online reputation. We have a team formed after multiple rounds of selection that are very well experienced in removing or suppressing negative links from which those negative comments are coming. can help you to manage your online reputation by creating an online reputation repair strategy that guarantees you to remove or suppress negative links, comments and media against your organization.

We provide you cost effective solutions to repair online reputation of your business and strategically bury all those negative influence caused by the negative comments and links on your business. We prepare a deep strategy and then our team follows the strategy to push down the negative links, comments and all those things that can have a bad influence on the reputation of your business.

What our team does?

We initiate the process to repair online reputation of your business by identifying the cause of the issue, from where the issue of your reputation degradation starts. Identification of the root cause helps to resolve the issues and then proceeds to build the positive reputation.

We start posting positive content and repair the negative content present on the links related to your site and then repost it. We try to remove or update the negative content by every possible means as it can have a bad effect on the reputation. We follow all the strategies that can help to strengthen your online presence whether with positive content, removing negative ones, removing negative links or suppressing them. We maintain a strong and a regular relationship with your social media channels that can help to interact with your client base.

Hiring us to repair online reputation of your business could be really helpful and our services are quite affordable from others. The best thing to work with us is you don’t need to break your bank in order to get our services.

What do online reputation repair services do?

When these public relation firms manage reputation when they face a big crisis of experiencing an image damaging in reality, they contact with some spokesperson to share their side of story. However, the same an online reputation repair service does when you find that brand search result turns negative. Sevenstar Websolutions offers reputation repair service that helps promoting a positive impression of a brand among the public and customers after reputation damage.

Ways to grow your business with online reputation management

  • Online Review Monitoring: You can hire a business on your behalf to manage to monitor and notify you about new reviews, either positive or negative. This way you will always be aware of where your online reputation stands.

  • Online Reputation Management: Our team creates and run automatic process and system to help and manage new positive reviews. As our process for reputation management is authentic and truthful, we don’t believe in paid reviews.

  • Online Reputation Marketing: Online reputation marketing includes promoting positive and quality content and controlling that piece of information approachable to the online community. Well, promoting attractive content allows your business to manage and position yourselves among fair market leaders.

Do Businesses require a Reputation Management Service?

If you have a restaurant or company and it is working so well, doesn’t mean that your online reputation will be a positive one too. Hence here comes reputation management which you require. Most customers visit the internet to gather information about a company before they do business with them, so your business must have a good image.

However, a positive online reputation has many benefits for your company, including:

  • Improve word-of-mouth advertising : When you have a positive reputation, your existing customers share their experiences with their friends and family about your company. This way they spread word of mouth because your company offers them thoughtful customer service.

  • More profits : As customer confidence increases in your company, they will more demand for your goods or services and your company get to earn a profit, revenue increased and more money comes into your pocket.

  • Bring better talent : Employees have a desire to work for some good companies. There is one possible way to acquire the top talent which is having a good reputation in industry as well as the community.

How to repair your online reputation?

The image damaging events and crises can badly destroy your online reputation. They attack your Google search results with content that doesn’t highlight your brand or personal estate. Here is how you can get back your reputation efficiently -

How to repair your online reputation?

The image damaging events and crises can badly destroy your online reputation. They attack your Google search results with content that doesn’t highlight your brand or personal estate. Here is how you can get back your reputation efficiently -

  1. Recognize the root cause

    The first thing is to recognize your root source of the bad reputation. In other words, identify what damage your reputation in first place? Sometimes a damaged reputation is the result of a content gap that is filled with anything which Google encounters in indexes; it may be positive or negative. Recognizing the root cause will also help you to tackle the problem and will allow you to approach the reputation risk to your business. Hence a single negative content can create an imbalance, in any event, so for that, we do a research because it is necessary to leave it unturned.

    It is essential to map out whole search results, and Sevenstar Websolutions look first for results. The reason is that something will rank well if the basic foundation of content about the topic is there in Google’s index.

  2. 2. Repair negative content at the beginning

    If Google didn’t remove the content from the search results, so it doesn’t mean that you can’t try to repair the problem right at the beginning. For instance, if a media channel or a blogger publish a bad story about you, you can reach out the publisher or author to either update it or politely delete the content. However, some sources deny removing the content after request too because they gather all the historical records and remain as fair as possible. So, if you try to reach out, keep a few things in mind:

    • Be polite.
    • Try to give documents in written as much as possible.
    • If you get content to remove then don’t forget to remove it from Google’s index.
    • Don’t pressurize since you will lead to bigger problems.
    • Remove negative results from Google
  3. Remove negative results from Google

    If your content is strongly correct but the issue is removing the content, you can submit a content removal request to Google. But be aware because this only works when the content no longer exists. However, if you fail to remove online content from the source or internet, the next step is to push negative results right to the bottom of the SERPs.

  4. Push down negative search results you can’t remove

    Well, suppressing negative search results is both an art & science. The very first thing is to design and optimize positive information to surpass the unwanted content, and pushing the former deeper into your search results.

  5. Build your online presence with positive content

    The right way to deal with a bad reputation is to restore it and secure by building up the web properties you own and control. Improve your existing content and continue to publish friendly content that your customers love to read.

However, you can do it in many ways

However, you can do it in many ways:

  • Keep a strong social media presence and social media profiles on as many platforms as you can.
  • Publish zealous blog posts, positive review pages that show your customer truth and positive brand image.
  • Fascinate with skills, timely press releases to correctly and positively present your company’s voice and mission
  • Create backlinks that help in visibility and friendly brand emotions.

The strategy behind this is positive content. Hence it is simple to diminish hundreds of poor quality articles, though it takes experience to make high-quality content that will work well in the SERPs. Timely maintenance of social media presence that demands at least one or two loyal employees to handle the customer platforms will surely work.

Repair your online reputation by growing

If you constantly improve the strength of your online reputation by routinely publishing quality content you can keep captivating your audience. You will see more opportunities coming your way. Some of them are present for direct access, and others will demand you to go out and get them.

If you constantly improve the strength of your online reputation by routinely publishing quality content you can keep captivating your audience. You will see more opportunities coming your way. Some of them are present for direct access, and others will demand you to go out and get them.

By following these steps you will easily start to repair any past damage done to your online reputation. And you will also protect your future online presence opposite to damaging search results by making a strong barrier of optimized properties that you charge.

Can Sevenstar Websolutions help to secure my online privacy?

Well, yes because it is not that easy to find out who you are, however your best and worst moments are saved online. Hence, a great amount of information is out there about everyone and it is only increasing. Whereas any document a person submits to the government is a public record. It also means that anyone can look at different types of files including possibly sensitive information. Well, everything from political campaign contributions, sale prices, real estate purchase, sex offender, divorce details to criminal history are shown online. It becomes so easier to access the information, because many federal and state agencies publish public records on the Internet and the users can easily go online, find, and download this information.

Social media create opportunities for overexposure even better. Users have the authority to control much of their information that shows on social media sites. Privacy features also changes timely and people are striving to keep up and fully understand the effect of different privacy settings that is now accessible. Although people share information on social media and make their profiles private, others can gain access to their information through mutual friends. However the bigger the network, the more risk to occur. This has made it much easier for strangers to get your information hence it is a sensitive topic to share these insights and form an opinion. So, online reputations have never been more open to attack.

Why you need to spend on Reputation Repair Services?

Internet work as humorously as it grants you to increase your network and promote your business to share information to get huge audience scope. Hence one negative post about your company on a digital platform can begin the negativity to widen. Whereas online reviews explain customer experience and speak much about brand reputation and clear up negative information that highlighting your business online. According to the research, companies can experience a nearly 22% that decrease the revenue from one negative search result. So, for that, you must have to work so hard to create your brand authority, but a single negative review can destroy the entire effort. Hence don’t wait to apply this to your company. Get influence your online reputation for more benefits and build your chosen brand image.

How Sevenstar Websolutions ORM Services can help Your Business?

Sevenstar Websolutions is a leading ORM service provider. It is one of the highly-recognized online reputation management companies that can use reputation management to help and set your online reputation & improve brand faith. Our brand reputation management service is effective enough to make a buzz about your products as well as services to attract new customers.

There are some following advantages:

Internet Reputation Brand check - Well, our online reputation experts carry out brand reputation audits to get your existing digital presence and conclude a value-driven strategy in line with your goals. We see review sites over digital platforms, consumer emotions, and monitor your social media presence to check your recognized authority.

Inclusive ORM resolution - Receive reviews that you entitle to and with our review creation services. Well, our online reputation repair experts introduce campaigns for customer review generation tactics to increase the quality as well as quantity of your reviews. We provide review monitoring solutions to maintain track of your brand mentions and address negative reviews.

Email and SMS Campaigns - Reviews quantity, quality, and velocity all are a symbol of a strong online reputation. Hence we can help you to make new genuine customer reviews similar to your customer's requirement and expectations by personalized emailing and SMS campaigns.

Custom Online Reputation Repair tactics - Our reputation repairs online tactics are based on the results of our internet reputation brand check. We help you to target on progress by flagging and requesting review sites to remove any type of negative, wrong content about your company, creating positive reviews

Combined SEO Services - A well established a combination of SEO and online reputation management will help to optimize your online profiles. We, Sevenstar Websolutions work closely with the experienced SEO team which is there to rebuild your digital base. Our online reputation experts perform on industry-set standards to ignore Google penalty and make sure our efforts deliver advantageous results.

Combined SEO Services - A well established a combination of SEO and online reputation management will help to optimize your online profiles. We, Sevenstar Websolutions work closely with the experienced SEO team which is there to rebuild your digital base. Our online reputation experts perform on industry-set standards to ignore Google penalty and make sure our efforts deliver advantageous results.

Is it likely to repair your online reputation?

The components of every situation are different, the best way for online reputation repair is the process of creating an optimized foundation, removing negative content you control, building credibility and audience targeting growth. Hence the reason that we recommend following the process rather than trying to remove negative or either clicking on publish items is that it addresses your online reputation.

We, Sevenstar Websolutions ensure you use this as a chance to create a personal brand that influences your convenience and makes you proud.

How long does reputation repair take?

Removal of negative online content: it takes 3-4 months at least, some of the online content can’t be removed easily, but when it comes to the timeframe it varies. We can remove things if the Reputation manager worked with a publisher already. It also depends on other factors too, as we don’t trust something that we can remove from Google or another search engine, so we share this to you in advance.

Push down Search Results: brand starts to notice the result within two months. But actually, it takes 3-4 months takes to push negative web content from the first page of search results. Even though some of the campaigns are too faster, while others take more time. An example, strong websites will take more time as a lesser-known blog will take less time.

Improve online reviews: The minimum time it takes is 3-4 months to see online reviews improve. The total time required to make big changes takes much longer time than usually months. Another reason that impact is, how long reviews take to improve at the initial point. If the review is one-star, it will take much time to get to three or four-stars.

Methods used to repair search results

  1. Removal of negative content at the source

    Sometimes the negative content can be removed from the source or from search results. Hence when content is deleted from the website it is published on, it's a source removal. The process to get rid of negative content involves some efficient genuine strategies.

  2. Negotiation with the publisher

    The reputation manager can negotiate with the content publishers to get online content removed. We already have good existing relationships with some publishers to offer fast removals. Contact us to check out if we can get the content removed from a particular publisher.

  3. Improve ratings and reviews

    Most consumers believe in online reviews as much as a personal suggestion. Well, our review service removes negative reviews, improves star ratings, and decreases negative feedback. We have experience in working with popular review platforms including Google Reviews, Yelp, Consumer Reports, Facebook, and many more.

  4. Direct removal from search engines

    However, some content can be removed from Google and from other search engines. It includes content breach search engine rules, copyrighted content, as well as other legally secured content. Such kind of removal is known as de-indexing.

  5. Push down negative search results

    If negative search results are not removed easily, you can push them down. Well, this method of reputation management is called suppression. Positive content is created and promoted over the negative just before it is shown.

  6. Improve online brand

    Search result sometimes requires changes. Brands are usually confused with the competitors; it sometimes has a simply weak online profile or even nothing. So, their reputation manager upgrades online brands by strengthening the best parts of search results. It includes websites, online profiles, articles, and other media similar to the brand.


We use the reverse SEO technique in which we push down negative content about the brand or individual in the form of articles, blogs, etc. We make the strategies and use them to optimize the results to bring positive content on the first page of Google.
No, there is no such legal risk involved in the whole process as we don’t cross any legal boundaries; we only follow the guidelines allowed by Google or any other site or search engine.
By using different acts like trademark, copyright, infringement, and many more that all depends upon the content type and appeal the portals to remove it. We will try to reach the source or search engine and if they agrees to remove it will be a great milestone achieved else we’ll use other tactics.
Well, all the removals are hit on and trial basis but we try to strategize by making it clear. Hence, we worked on blogs, videos, articles, and Quora reviews, etc.
A bad reputation is something like the negative opinion that others have about you. However, these opinions and judgments are all based on the on the experience they had with your business. A bad reputation is sometimes based on rumor or suggestion.
Well, there is one possible way to discover your online reputation which is to do an Internet search. Type your company name or just your first or last name, along with product, service, and geographic location. You may also discover social media and other business profiles, images, videos, news mentions, government records, and many more.

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