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Health Care/Medical Virtual Assistant

Medical Virtual Assistant Services

A doctor has to work hard enough all the time and without a proper balance you might have to handle booking appointments, answering calls, responding to emails and administrative office tasks as well. This is where our Healthcare Virtual Assistants comes to help. Are you finding it difficult to keep up with your medical practice and other basic tasks? Are you unable to cope with all the tasks and your practice, including handling patient files and patient information, getting new patients, and maintaining electronic medical record (EMR)? If you want someone who can do all this for you and make everything easier, hire healthcare virtual assistant services from Sevenstar Websolutions, a leading virtual assistant service provider.

We have professionally trained experts having experience and skills in providing healthcare support

that allow doctors and other staff to lower the workload and what they do, they do it best. Our virtual assistants will provide high-quality remote assistance services from any location to help you manage your assignments, meetings, treatments, and all. Our medical virtual assistant services will improve the efficiency of your medical practice and help to release your workload so that you can focus on other important tasks and have appointments to guide your patients on the right path.


Keeping the patient wait for their schedules is a huge issue faced by most health practitioners. You may be busy to find enough time for your patients. It would be logical to hire our virtual assistants at nominal rates and will help you take off some of your workload. Our VAs will take care of your daily tasks such as bookkeeping, appointment scheduling, canceling or accepting visits, and many more. It will help you get lot more time for handling your patient assignments and take out time for other activities that are more important.

Health Care/Medical Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Services Doesn't Cost Much!

It can be an expensive deal to hire an employee working full-time to help you with taking care of the administrative chores of your practice. And further, it will also require the costs for the benefits and infrastructure and that cost can be quite exorbitant. Fortunately with Sevenstar Websolutions, you can hire a remote virtual medical assistant to manage many of the administrative aspects of your practice. Our virtual assistants are committed to deliver avant-garde services so that your healthcare facility operates efficiently. The team will also provide you high-quality services remotely, so you don't have to invest in any additional infrastructure.

How Our Virtual Assistant Services Can Help You?

Our goal is to serve our clients with the optimal administrative and business support for all of our clients. We understand that being a medical professional, you are already having a lot to deal with on your plate, and your team is not enough to ensure whether all of your patient files and data are correct and up to date. You should get a reliable team of professionals to help you with your daily administrative tasks to ensure that you have all of the relevant and required patient information with you at your fingertips to conduct appointments.


Scheduling Appointments

Virtual healthcare assistant services will help you organize your schedules and allows you to track patient appointments with high-tech tools and software. Our virtual assistants are courteous, understanding, and erudite enough to answer all your questions via the phone and e-mail.


Setting Appointment Reminders

Virtual assistants can help you setting appointment reminders for you and your patients. It can be really difficult for you to trace medical conditions of every single patient, when they’re scheduled to visit your office. When your office has EMR system, you need someone to manage on your behalf. Virtual assistants will contact patients for you via phone call or e-mail to remind them about future appointments and cancellation to ensure no time gap is disrupting your schedule and you tend to the needs of all your patients.


Gathering Patient Information

If you want to perform your job accurately and treat your patients, you should have correct patient information at all times. Your healthcare virtual assistant will help you stay organized and gather all necessary information about a patient with full name, address, contact details, past medical conditions, allergies, prior taken treatments, etc.


Patient Follow-Up

It’s important to be in touch with patients after appointments, especially if they’ve gone through complicated medical treatments, to see how they’re progressing. Considering the load many doctors often have difficulties in keeping up with the schedule and duties. With the help of professional virtual assistant services, you can track your patients and their conditions.


Updating Patient Files

Your patient reports should be to be updated regularly for insurance and for maintaining accuracy. You would never want to deny a treatment to any patient because the insurance information you have about them is outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate. You can prevent this from happening to you, as a virtual assistant is trained enough to provide you patient information whenever needed and make the necessary changes to their files.

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