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On-Page SEO Services

On-page SEO needs regular work and proper maintenance; hence you must need to perform continuous optimization of your site to make sure whether it’s run perfectly or not. Hence every time you add new pages and content to your site so it is a must to optimize for SEO. You can spend for On-page SEO services to optimize your web page. There are various factors that impact how Google will rank your page in the search results that might be tough to handle all together. But with On-page SEO services, you can hire experts to manage your SEO campaign seamlessly.

It is an appropriate way to assure that you are optimizing your site perfectly. However, an efficient SEO company understands how to start with the right keywords and optimize your page to combine such keywords. It helps you to create quality content, lessen errors on your site, and increase your page speed.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the webpages of your site to help them rank higher in the search results. Such type of SEO sees technical aspects of your website that you can promptly upgrade. It focuses on features that you can control on your site and change the factors that affect the website like content quality, technical elements, and your site’s appearance. It helps in improving your site performance to rank higher in search results. On-Page Optimization will help you rank your site above your competitors and let the prospected audience choose your business over others.

On-Page SEO is a vital part of search engine optimization. It refers to optimizing all the elements of your website controlling the inner factors that affect the natural listing of a web page and the outer factors of a site. The modification or alteration in HTML tags and content, heading, Meta tags, number of links, and the placing of keywords effects On-Page optimization greatly. On-page optimization is one of the primary moves that every expert should take on in order to do well in the rank achievement war in the search engines.

Nowadays every business sector is using this method as well to get their websites a high-quality ranking in the search engines. But this is a service that cannot be completed by any person. So an expert on-page optimization company like Sevenstar Websolutions can help.

How do we do On Page Optimization?

Our team of SEO on-page expert makes certain that the content of these tags helps to drag potential customers to your website. We also help in a modification of the titles as and when required to improve the website On-Page optimization score. At Sevenstar Websolutions, we optimize your website for all those factors and procedures which can profit your website in getting the top ranking places in most of the search engines.


With help of on page Optimization service from our SEO professionals, you can also be helpful in converting potential visits into leads. When people type the name of your website then he/she will be taken directly to the landing/home page. Our SEO proficient make certain that this page is formed in a technique that it is able to hold the concentration of the visitor so that he/she may be involved to see more. The main attention is on the landing page optimization services that profit your website greatly.

Among all the features linked with a website promotion, on page optimization occupies the most significant position.

Sevenstar Websolutions is a professional SEO and web development company in Delhi, India offering reasonable price tags on all SEO services. With our services, your website will absolutely rank on the peak of the searches. Moreover, our services are available at reasonable rates. So connect with us today and know more about our process.

Effect of on-page optimization

Your webpage must have appropriate amount of content defined with the right set of keywords. Hence, if you’re looking to grab the attention of your online users, you need to define each of your webpage according to On-Page optimization factors. Meta description tags and ALT tags involve effect up to greater extent in search engine listings to help upgrade your click through ratio.

Putting similar keywords in visible and invisible Meta content helps the search engine as well as users to find important information faster. With the help of these simple methods, you can expand your online presence. On-page optimization has become a very basic & indispensable part of the SEO process and essential to increase a website's search rankings and on-site traffic.

How On-page Optimization Works

On-page optimization includes different kind of tasks that includes one-time setup activities and a great deal of ongoing work. Some particular tasks depend on the nature of the client’s website, as it presents SEO skills, competitive factors, and SEO campaign tactics that it commonly involves like adjusting the structure of website, content copy, improper navigation, unclear links, and blank pages. Here are some activities that On-Page Optimization focuses on -

  • Analyzing and updating URL structure
  • Creating website conversion to optimize page-loading time
  • Manage keyword research to recognize opportunities to edit content for better visibility
  • Updating and edit title tags and Meta descriptions
  • Optimizing internal links and link formation
  • Optimizing on-page content
  • Add new, optimized content to chase additional keywords
  • Ongoing check and adjust website issues

Always be careful as some factors are erratic as we explain above like your competitive factors, website’s position, and overall SEO goal. Hence there is no one-size solution that fits all optimization. It provides a custom SEO strategy along with a detailed plan for on-site SEO activities that adjust to your particular needs. We update on activities timely in detail, just to see what we are doing and what the aim is. However, clarity is a key element for all of our SEO services.


Experienced SEO Specialist

Working with a team of experienced SEO specialists who have a strong knowledge of all the SEO terms.

Provide Complete Satisfaction

Our happiness lies in the satisfaction of clients, that’s why we keep you updated with all the major change of the website.

Boost SEO Ranking

Our white hat SEO technique ranks your website in the top search engine result pages.

INCost Efficient Price

You never have to compromise on your budget because we charge affordable rates in our every service.

Timely Results

We always meet the deadline of the clients and deliver results on time.

Increase Sales

The tricky and potential strategies of our SEO experts increase your sales and conversions in a short span of time.

Our holistic services for on-page SEO

The On-page SEO campaigns deployed by our experts provide maximum avenues for an exposure that boost for your online brand presence. This provides a momentum to the volume of qualified site traffic, engagement, and the CTR (click-through ratio). Some of the key elements that our on-page SEO Company looks into include:

Meta descriptions

By adding similar keywords in the short text description you can make the search engine results page able to see a wider purpose of the page. It helps the search engine and users to understand whether the page is similar to a search query. By hiring our On-page SEO India agency, your brand offer a superior search experience, in turn; it boosts the likelihood of profitable conversions.

Meaningful URLs

We grant friendly search engine URLs rather than random aggregate or alpha-numeric text. It displays the menu/sub-menu order of data. Hence this helps search bots to measure the data on the URL and understand page importance.

Crucial HTML tags

Along with the on-page optimization services we even look for other vital HTML tags as it have many ranking signals like H1 to H4 header tags and alt image tags. Hence the search engine can drag the site strongly and provide rankings to increase.

Quality content

It helps to build a closer connection between the users and the brand. Our on-page SEO Company ensures to check the quality of content on the webpages as well as on the blogs without keyword stuffing. It not only makes the content additionally attractive to read but even helps the search engines to conclude the purpose of the webpage for an assigned keyword phrase.

On-Page Optimization

Internal Linking

We do interlinking of the content at significant places so that readers get a great reading experience and search engines can lift the credibility of the page. It also enhances the navigation experience of the site.

Broken links and site load time checks

Our On-page SEO services also determine damaged or broken links inside the website. Once the errors are identified and handled, the search engine can slowly move the site and reward a well-maintained site with good rankings.

Schema analysis

For our on-page SEO services, we perform a detailed check on the schema structure of the website. We follow the schema guidelines so that search bots can accept your website. This also helps in enhancing the way your site appears on the search results and be satisfied with a better ranking.

Code to text ratio

The On-page SEO experts at SEO India optimize the code to text ratio so that it ensures that search spiders can crawl the content to be significant enough for the readers to acquire helpful information.

SEO Services Packages

Choose from SEO Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return

Local SEO

$99monthly plan
  • Keywords5
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*20%

Global SEO

$199monthly plan
  • Keywords10
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*25%

Ecommerce SEO

$299monthly plan
  • Keywords20
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*30%

Frequently Asked Questions

We optimize website on-page SEO service to help making a positive and important image of the website to search engines. On-Page optimization is like the heart of the SEO process, since until your website is appearing well, people will not consider using it. It makes the crawling process too for faster search engine.
No. the only influence the URL and content will make is that there will be a surge in search rankings. Under the on-page SEO services, we make sure that only positive and desirable changes are done to make the site search engine friendly.
Yes. We give a proper note for highlighting the steps taken for the results and improve your website.
It is not suggested in any website to continue with their SEO process without On-page optimization. And if they do, it will extremely undermine the ability of the SEO since On-page optimization service is an indispensable element of any SEO process.
SEO is an important part of a business for overall tactics that improve the amount of site traffic and the visitors on its online assets or benefit leads or the foot traffic to the physical business. It strengthens the digital marketing actions for business and its offline intention to upgrade the customer base. Hence SEO and higher ranking bring into your business because you will get enthusiastic, easy-to-develop website traffic simply on your website.
We have options for SEO support and have a rank tracking offer where you will carry the needed tweaks and updates moving ahead. By opting for this option, you will constantly get marketing tips, inbound marketing coaching, and SEO for business and marketing resources from us. This will help you to rule your niche and earn the reputation you have long wanted to get.

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