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Negative search result on the first page of Google is one of the unsafe things that can happen to any business. A negative review could be a poor or unflattering review, a negative news story, or an article that paints you or your business in a critical light. Whatever it is, if you don’t handle it properly, it can lead to unfavorable effects like loss of business and— your legacy and the good reputation you have earned your entire career with hard work.

Every day, we get lots of inquiries from various business owners asking how to get rid of bad reviews or comments on Yelp. Finding a fake or confusing review online is an annoying and overwhelming experience, but will not remove them as deleting these reviews violate Yelp’s Terms of Service.

How can we help you in removing negative Yelp reviews?

We at Sevenstar Websolutions remove bad reviews, negative comments, forums, posts, complaints and other reviews from a variety of websites by using a number of different strategies together. One of the most excellent methods that we implement is that of pushing down the negative comments and reviews from the search engine listings. Our ORM experts are very much proficient in removing negative Yelp reviews.

With the help of latest strategies our experts also do tremendous backlinking so that the negative links get pushed down from the rankings. was designed by the concept of giving users and customers an honest review of diverse businesses. The site has promptly become a well-liked place and social networking tool where people write theist reviews about various services and companies. From restaurants to lawyer’s offices, Yelp collects information on millions of varied businesses and displays it on its website.

Why choose us to remove Negative Yelp Reviews services?

Being an SEO Agency we understand your concern and help you to remove Negative Yelp Reviews in an efficient manner. Although it is a known fact that a solo bad review on Yelp can create a disaster for any business and we at Sevenstar Websolutions offer you with various ways in which the Yelp reviews can be removed. We use the following ways to remove your bad Yelp reviews.

Communicate with the yelp reviewers

Our experts communicate with Yelp reviewers to remove your business bad reviews. It is always beneficial to communicate with the reviewer who has posted a bad comment or review on the site. If the evaluation has some element of reality in it then the most excellent thing to do is talk with the reviewer.

Public response

In case the reviewer is stubborn about his review then our experts work on other strategies and plans to push down the negative review from Google. Clear the situation and make certain that you are honest with your reply to the review.

Loyal customers

Our experts know the value of happy customers and thus take the help of the faithful customers. The customers who are faithful to your business would absolutely make certain that their favorite business does not undergo. They would post optimistic reviews about your business and that would assist you in getting your reputation back in form.

We at Sevenstar Websolutions can help you in pushing down yelp from top search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. To remove Yelp reviews you can simply fill our contact form and our expert will get in touch with you soon.

If you need any sort of help to remove negative Yelp reviews from the first page, you can contact us today. Our experts will help you to build up a positive presence online.

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