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What are negative Yelp reviews?

Negative search result on the first page of Google is one of the unsafe things that can happen to any business. A negative review could be a poor or unflattering review, a negative news story, or an article that paints you or your business in a critical light. Whatever it is, if you don’t handle it properly, it can lead to unfavorable effects like loss of business and your legacy and the good reputation you have earned your entire career with hard work.

Every day, we receive many inquiries from various business owners asking how to get rid of bad reviews on Yelp. Finding a fake, confusing, or negative review online is quite an annoying and daunting experience, but will not remove them as deleting these reviews violate Yelp’s Terms of Service.

Yelp reviews can either make or break your business drastically. The best part is that you can erect your brand awareness and show that your customers are very happy with the product or services you provide with the help of reviews they leave by their experience. The sad news, however, that comes with this is that unsatisfied customers usually tend to put more effort into informing the world about their irritation and disappointment than the customers who are seeking to express their satisfaction. It is for this reason; that we want to make you learn how to get rid of a bad review on yelp about your business page.

Yelp business reviews bring many menaces to businesses especially local. One of those major dangers is that Yelp analytically filters out more of the positive reviews than that of negative reviews, distorting results toward low star ratings. This makes business owners left with no choice but to actively fight against the negative yelp reviews.

Communicate with the yelp reviewers

Our experts communicate with Yelp reviewers to remove your business from bad reviews. It is always beneficial to communicate with the reviewer who has posted a bad comment or review on the site. If the evaluation has some element of reality in it then the excellent thing to do is talk with the reviewer.

Public response

In case the reviewer is stubborn about his review then our experts work on other strategies and plans to push down the negative review from Google. Clear the situation and make certain that you are honest with your reply to the review.

Loyal customers

Our experts know the value of happy customers and thus take the help of the faithful customers. The customers who are faithful to your business would absolutely make certain that their favorite business does not undergo. They would post optimistic reviews about your business and that would assist you in getting your reputation back in form.

Why choose us to remove Negative Yelp Reviews services?

Being a leading and proficient SEO Agency, we comprehend your concern and help you to remove Negative Yelp Reviews in an efficient manner. Although it is a known fact that a solo bad review on Yelp can create a disaster for any business and we at Sevenstar Websolutions offer you various ways in which the Yelp reviews can be removed. We use the following ways to remove your bad Yelp reviews. Our team always take care to continue the process by comprehending the Yelp Review Removal Guidelines so that you are not penalized.

What are the major reviews Yelp allows to remove?

Yelp will always allow you to remove negative business reviews if they are violating the Yelp guidelines. Let us have a look at what can those be -

  • Any review that consists of threats, harassment, or hates speech
  • Reviews that are written by the competitors, employees, or vendors
  • Reviews that are been paid to write
  • Reviews written by people who never have interaction with your business
  • Reviews containing person identifying information
  • Reviews that demand money to remove the reviews from yelp

Before proceeding to know about how you can remove a bad yelp review violating the rules and guidelines of yelp, wait for a while. First, check if you can somehow, discuss with the reviewer, and convince him to change it to a positive one. If you proceed to remove fake yelp review without first developing any contact with the reviewer, you are creating more chances of him to leave more of such low rating comments that can be that is not violating the policies of Yelp.

How can we help you in removing negative Yelp reviews?

We at Sevenstar Websolutions remove bad reviews, negative comments, forums, posts, complaints, and other reviews from a variety of websites by using a number of different strategies together. One of the most excellent methods that we implement is that of pushing down the negative comments and reviews from the search engine listings. Our ORM experts are very much proficient in removing negative Yelp reviews.

With the help of the latest strategies, our experts also do tremendous backlinking so that the negative links get pushed down from the rankings. was designed by the concept of giving users and customers an honest review of diverse businesses. The site has promptly become a well-liked place and social networking tool where people write theist reviews about various services and companies. From restaurants to lawyer’s offices, Yelp collects information on millions of varied businesses and displays it on its website.

How to locate fake yelp reviews?

Just like any other review directories, Yelp is also prone to the risks of fake reviews. However, Yelp review has some sort of filter that does its best to hide the reviews that seem to disobey the policies of Yelp. Unfortunately, many fake reviewers somehow managed to sneak through these. Any average user is not able to spot these fake reviews, but we can help you to be aware of these. Don't forget to read the important information added below to learn how to recognize the fake reviews on Yelp -

  • Annoyed former personnel - Past employees who were fired for some reason or the ones who felt mistreated by the management of the organization are quite often the negative reviewer whether it’s on Yelp or any other platform. Such comments are meant to defame your business. And when you are considering this thing, don't forget to have a look at job review sites where you have a business page.

  • Competitors - It has been noticed in the businesses in different industries that the business rivalries tend to do some act causing you to lose your prestige. They often create accounts, use their employees, or other people with real accounts to post defaming yelp reviews.

  • Unintentional post - Sometimes, a customer not intentionally but accidentally posts a negative review on your business thinking it of another business page. It might not be one on purpose but the results due to this can be dreadful.

How to get rid of bad reviews on Yelp?

Always do your best to avoid negative reviews coming to your business pages on different platforms. Ensure to provide unmatched and reliable customer service to everyone coming to your business with the hope to get a good quality service. This might seem apparent and easier said than done, but believe, if you are putting your best foot forward, half of your issues will get solved with much fewer efforts.

Getting good reviews from your customers is one of the major ways to exert a driving force towards the path of success. Understand the below mentioned gradually to push down negative reviews.

Claim Your Yelp Business Profile

Before you proceed with anything else, you have to ensure that you claim your Yelp business page. This will let you respond to your customer’s complaints and report them to the team of Yelp review management. Bring your page to life with updated business information, along with the address details, contact details, operation hours, and business pictures, and product offerings. The more information you incorporate, the more it will become visible to promising customers to keep up your image, specifically if you’re a small business.

Contact Highly Satisfied Customers

Try to reach out to your highly satisfied customers via email and ask them for a review. Abstain yourself from offering incentives, as Yelp will eliminate content if any links to incentives are referred to in a review. Create a database of customers to email and a preserved base email that you can alter as per each customer. Make sure to particularly target those customers that you know have been happy taking your service. This is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to get positive reviews.

Ask for Yelp Reviews

Next time you notice a devoted, satisfied patron comes in, serve them something like your business card with the URL of your Yelp business page. Again, cautiously choose to which customers you want to hand these out. If it appears important enough that you invest your time and money to create handouts, customers are more probable to try to help you with something they feel is important to your business.

Check for reviews violating Yelp’s policies

Yelp’s Terms of Service can prove to be quite helpful when you are trying to remove such reviews. If a review is personally attacking an individual employed at your business, you can request Yelp to remove it. If you even feel a hint of personal criticism, they won’t vacillate to bowdlerize the review right away. Terms of Service of Yelp also glower upon despicable lingo within reviews. Check out your negative reviews. Is there any profanity? If yes, you can contact Yelp to have them remove the entire review. Yelp removes many of such smutty reviews automatically, but they might also miss quite a few of those. Take advantage of this less well-known policy.

Take legal actions

You can officially go to court to seek approval to remove Yelp reviews, but this should be the last choice. If you are able to prove the review is defamatory, vilifying or an endeavor by a competitor with a motive to destroy your business and its reputation. Consider that going to court will possibly draw negative consideration to your business. And if the case does not go in your favor, bad circumstances could become devastating.

Address each review

Even if you manage to inundate the bad yelp reviews with a high number of good reviews, that doesn’t certify that bad ones go away. The best approach you can follow is to address even bad reviews in a professional way, state your reasons, and move on. Remember, people will also notice your response to a negative post. So, if they see that you are reasonable and that reviewer does not have pragmatic expectations, they may quickly condone that complaint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Removing the negative reviews from Yelp is one way, what you else can do is continuously address the reviews you receive on your business page, irrespective of positive or negative. It will not only help you to keep the existing one satisfied but help the upcoming clients to have a good perception of you.
Yes, with our processes and strategies based on the business requirement, we can help you either remove the yelp reviews or push down negative reviews on Yelp. You can simply contact us and share your requirement, then our representatives will reach you and help you understand the process and proceed with the removal.
It’s obvious to make illogical decisions when you face fake reviews on your business page. But you have to be careful else, you could lead yourself to a deep pit. Always ensure to reply with courtesy and calmness. Be cautious so that you don't accidentally spam or remove your positive Yelp reviews. Never ever buy positive reviews, since if Yelp discovers this, you have to face severe consequences.
If you think you have a yelp review from someone who hasn’t even been your customer, you can flag the review for removal. Also, explain that you have no record that the person reviewing was ever a customer with your business. If you are not enough confident of this, you can also contact an expert Yelp review removal service provider like Sevenstar Websolutions that can help you to get rid of yelp.
Yes, if there are fake or negative reviews on the Yelp business page that violate the policies of Yelp, then by following yelp review removal guidelines, you can do the needful. Yelp allows to remove bad yelp review if they are not genuine.
The most apparent reason for Yelp removing a review from any business page can be that the review is not authentic. While the site basically, does not involve in any factual quarrels, Yelp facilitators on their own can verify the questionable reviews that have been flagged and reported on their business.

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