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Social Media Reputation Management Services

Business of every size in every industry needs attention toward its reputation management. And when it comes to social media reputation management, everyone must take the advantage of it. This statement seems to be very true in these times when people spend most of hours of their day to internet, especially social media. Whenever one is buying anything, he would like to know the status of that brand's reputation in industry. You have to understand that other than all internet sources social media also have a great role in creation of any brand's image.

Reputation management involves monitoring every aspect of your brand’s online presence and doing what you can to improve it. And in some cases, it also involves handling negative press or reviews in a professional manner. But in order to be effective, your strategy should be proactive and not reactive. You have to realize that reputation management isn’t just about damage control — it’s about improving your image as a whole.

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Remove personal information from Google Removing Your Personal Information

Online Reputation Management Channels

  • Acquired Media: The information in the acquired media about any brand or business is provided by peripheral websites. This is possible only if the brand outranks its competitors in all aspects, whether it is in terms of products, services, or content encouraging customers to post, share, tag, and publish reviews over there. But here organisations do not amount.
  • Paid Media: In this businesses, have to small fee to share out the information about the products, and services with some of the digital marketing services like , display advertising, Google AdWords, social media marketing, blogs, or others. This help in targeting a broad range of audience thereby developing new associations among business owners and customers.
  • Social Media: The companies here set up their social media profiles and create suitable content to launch on various social media platforms to distribute major brand awareness. It is important to have an active social media profile for your business in today’s times where you can post content recurrently and develop strong links with your prospective audience by addressing their queries.
  • People Owned Properties: Blogs, testimonials, videos, etc. posted on your company’s official website are known as owned properties by people. More is the amount of content posted on any company’s website higher are the odds of developing an efficient online presence about that brand.

What our team does?

We initiate the process to repair online reputation of your business by identifying the cause of the issue, from where the issue of your reputation degradation starts. Identification of the root cause helps to resolve the issues and then proceeds to build the positive reputation.

We start posting positive content and repair the negative content present on the links related to your site and then repost it. We try to remove or update the negative content by every possible means as it can have a bad effect on the reputation. We follow all the strategies that can help to strengthen your online presence whether with positive content, removing negative ones, removing negative links or suppressing them. We maintain a strong and a regular relationship with your social media channels that can help to interact with your client base.

Hiring us to repair online reputation of your business could be really helpful and our services are quite affordable from others. The best thing to work with us is you don’t need to break your bank in order to get our services.

Remove personal information from Google
Remove personal information from Google

What is Social media reputation management?

Earlier, Social media reputation management revolved around the creation of social media profiles, managing by posting tactical content, infographics, monitoring of all channels, and interactions with the people talking about your brand/product. But today it is even more like managing online review directories, local business listings, and more, though the goal is same. Encountering negative reviews about a business can be shattering but is also a vital part to help grow your company while assuring it a grand success. The best part is that such kind of negative feedback can be used as an possibility on condition that you should have a powerful social media reputation management strategy.

Benefits of using social media for business -

  • Social media profiles have chance to rank highly: When searched with the name of your company or brand, social media accounts will generally tends to rank on first page of Google search about your company name. This is because of the high popularity that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook possess.
  • You can create brand behaviour: Social media allow you to construct a personality that is behind your brand. This can help you fabricate a sense of trust among your customers. If you’re transparent and personable in your approach the customers will be more focused to do business with you.
  • You can communicate great content: Social media works as a great tool for boosting your content and driving more traffic to your website. There is no sense in creating quality and convincing content for the audience if they’ll not see it. Social media provides you a place to display your content to a comprehensive audience.
  • Fast access to customer service: Social media acts as an advanced platform for customer services than, any other platforms especially Twitter. The customer receives faster response to their concerns and gets them resolved. Customer service is among one of the reasons why people follow businesses on social media channels for utilising the platform and can help you garner benefits for the reputation of your company.

How your business will improve with Social media?

For any business running online, chances are high that people talk about you on social media channels. It really doesn't matter, if it is Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, or any other site. There should be a social presence of your business.

We will work closely with you to manage our social media collections as a part of our social media reputation management. It will help you do this and more. If you’re a company who has a presence online, you have a great chance that people might be talking about you on social media channels. Whether we talk about social media including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp or any other popular site, your business requires having a strong online presence over the social media to boost awareness, fans, and revenue for your business.

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Social media reputation management process

How to delete yourself from the internet

Define a strategy

If you are still not reachable on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s high time you realise the importance. Every platform requires a different procedure, strategies and implementation and it will take time to create an individual strategy according to what works best for a brand on each of those. It’s imperative to understand how frequently you need to post, the content type you need to post, and the tone in which you will create the content.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Dealing issues effecting reputation

Every feedback can't be helpful. So we ensure you're addressing each response you get from your vendees. And while responding we ensure you are specific with the issues. And show honesty and be contrite. Don't make delays in responding.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Publish creative content

It’s of utmost importance that you do not let your social media pages go fusty. So we post creative and engaging content on regular basis. We share content related to news, make announcements, release offers, deals or discounts, videos and images. But, don’t over advertise yourself. We use the content generated from users like blogs and check how it can be useful in improving the reputation.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Improve user reviews

Enhancing the customer review doesn’t means that we are not going to check the activities on social media pages or won’t work to increase the followers. A strengthened social media approach will help to improve the performance on search engines too. We help you get genuine reviews from your existing happy clients by talking to them. If any negative review is there, we talk to the client and address to improve the issue and feedback.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Supervise social media

We regularly monitor the social media platforms and check the conversation taking place on them. We check that your profile keeps on updating on regular basis.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Make relation with customers

We understand that social media profiles are created to keep your customers engaged with you. We specifically manage the relationship among you and your customers. For this, we create posts that are interactive, engaging, and colloquial.

Remove personal information from Google Removing Your Personal Information

Management of your business

Online presence of any business is the foremost thing making impression on your audience that will be later on gets converted to your customers only if they find it useful and effective. Depiction of your brand in the form of positive and active business online can help to make more sales and earn more leads.

We prepare and gear up your social media profiles in a way they prove themselves to be a powerful asset. Here is what we intend to do -

  • We implement the best SEO tactics by creating a targeted SEO friendly content.
  • We set realistic and impactful social media marketing goals.
  • We help you to take the control of your social reputation in digital world.
  • We will help you to treat the aspects of your business that are hurting most.
  • We will help you access the latest and efficient reputation management tools to take your business ahead.

You know what efforts are needed to earn a loyal customer. But you can lose him within seconds. Your positive reputation is everything to your business and we know you’ll feel delighted with our social media reputation management services.

Responding to Positive Posts and Comments

When you are addressing to the posts and comments you receive on your brand, you need to be enough satisfying and convincing. Simply express your warmth gratitude to those who share a positive feedback. Ensure to deliver personalised reply, and don’t forget to tag those while replying to the posts. Never forget that any user generated content like comments, reviews, or posts is extremely vital. When the content presents a favorable, genuine and pleasant image of your brand it is important that you consider it carefully and responds to that keeping in mind of the audience.

  • People consider the user-generated content significantly, because they trust reviews and feedbacks from the peer group than any conventional ads and messaging from your brand.
  • Think of reposting the positive feedback you receive to your own social media accounts to make other understand how hard you work.
Remove personal information from Google
Remove personal information from Google Removing Your Personal Information

How to Handle Negative Reviews

Irrespective of the quality of your product and service, negative reviews are inescapable. Some people may have an awful experience with your product or service, or some may be just being bizarre. There’s a mammoth community of negative people spending most of their time roving around the web complaining about this and carping about! While you can’t absolutely delete negative reviews on the internet, but you can share your response to them aptly. The way that you are responsive to the online customer complaints can change the mind of clients about your business, or depict the people who read those negative reviews that you care.

You can do both publicly and individually, if possible. Try to send an open comment or reply to their review, and if you there is no other way of reaching them in private, you can ask them in your comment to contact you privately to discuss more over the matter. It is at all times essential to express regret for their bad experience and offer the best in that matter. If possible, you can offer a discount code if the reviewer is ready to give you another chance.

Don’t be cynical or try to justify what causes the thing wrong. Whether you’re right or wrong on your part, protecting yourself normally sends a wrong message to complainer on the attack and is only going to make it worse.

Some social media profiles you really need to consider


Facebook is a great platform where you can connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Over this platform, users join groups, like or follow pages, broadcast creative content like photos, articles and much more. Facebook profiles rank well, and you can make a professional profile, alongside reap the benefits of the platform.


LinkedIn is the absolute platform for qualified interlinking. You can create an extended profile and showcase the hard work you’ve put into your scholastic and professional life. Along with your professional accomplishments, you can publish articles with LinkedIn pulse and connect with others in the industry. It is a must-have profile for all professionals today.

Google Plus

It allows you creating a profile as detailed or as elusive as you like. It can act as a great archive for YouTube videos, and publish any content and update as you see fit. You can connect with the relevant communities; create different groups of people that you know and many more. You can control a page on your business with Google Plus.


It is a renowned platform allowing users to share succinct crumbs of content and follow other users. Twitter is an excellent platform for a business owner to share information straight away with the consumers and respond to queries or complaints.


It allows users receive answers from experts, and upvote the best one to other uploaded questions. If you answer a question applicable to your field, you can share awareness that you’ve gained in your career.


It is a content sharing platform that concentrates mainly on photos and videos. It’s appears as a great stage to create images relevant to your work.


Slideshare is another exceptional place to foster, share, and uncover PowerPoint presentations. As a user you are allowed to share those presentations, pdfs or video with others in your arena.


YouTube is again a standard platform allowing users to upload, share, comment, or like on videos, users can even create their own channels and playlists over there.


Pinterest is considered as a platform just meant for sharing cookbooks and marriage designs, but it’s much more than that. Pinterest not only allows you demonstrate your professional concerns, but look for others who share them.

We understand how long it takes to get a new customer. But it will only take a second to lose them because of the bad reviews. Sevenstar Websolutions have personal reputation management service, and brand reputation management services that help you collect the rewards of your hard work and give you the unpaid credit for your accomplishment. We’ll help you overcome negative comments from unauthorized or fake people and competitors. Your positive brand name is all what a business have, and we are sure you will be happy with social media reputation management provided by Sevenstar Websolutions. Get in touch today with Sevenstar Websolutions, which is a top-echelon online reputation management company. Our sole purpose is to help businesses to improve their search results to acquire more and new customers.

Reputation Management Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. It is important to have a good reputation online for your business growth. People search for brands, services and, and products online before making their final buying decision. Positive reputation management can help you foster sales, develop trust and reliability among customers, and also offer insights to customer preferences and market trends.
Ans. Being a leading digital marketing agency in India, Sevenstar Websolutions, offer a wide range of digital marketing services right from developing the concept and strategising to implementation. Our services include web designing, SEO, social media marketing, advertising, mobile app development, app store optimisation, and content marketing.
Ans. The prime objective of ORM services is to boost the brand reputation of a business. A majority of people online prefer to look up any business and reviews before making a decision. Hence it is imperative to have a good online reputation. By getting featured in the online search results with some good reviews, customers feel a bit more confident in doing the business with you.
Ans. There is no such thing like a fixed timeline when you are working for reputation of a company. It depends on how big the damage is. At Sevenstar Websolutions, we analyze the reputation of a company by content, reviews, backlinks, and ads to fix the dodges. This however, can take 3-6 months to show the results.
Ans. If you absolutely opt out of the social media platforms, you’re restraining the number of assets you can control. Whether or not you are trying to suppress negative search result or building a favorable set of search results in your name, denying connecting on social media rigorously decrease your odds of controlling first page of search results. If you are not using social media, you’re leaving all opportunities and damaging your professional image.
Ans. We have been in reputation management from some couple of years and we know what it takes to build reputation and how does it feels when someone attack your reputation. We have been in the industry working for education, hospitality, medical, ecommerce, celebrities, IT, legal, and political sectors. You can reach us out if you have any queries to be answered.

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