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Transport & Logistics App Development

Transport and logistics industry is flourishing vigorously every day. The transport industry is seeing a huge movement on daily basis whether it is through sea, road, air or surface. Logistics have become an important element of our life; we will always need them for moving our stuff from one place to other, load something to deliver it to a destination, location tracking or to send courier to someone.

An industry that is so much scheduled and busy must need something to manage everything efficiently. This can only be done only with the help of a mobile app that will manage whole of the functionalities and work systematically. Logistics app development helps to simplify the business operations at a larger extent. Transport and logistics app development are in huge demand and has a major influence on logistics businesses.

Sevenstar Websolutions offers mobile app development for transport & logistics services that provide business visibility, enhance business productivity, and meet the set delivery benchmark. Most of the logistic businesses have their own storehouse, multichannel support and fast management procedures. Our business solutions for Transport and logistics industries can help resolve the challenges that speedy management the logistics industry is facing.

Benefits of our Logistics app

Cost-Effective solutions

With the mobile app development, logistics process like time management, route refinement, task handling, support, and warehouse handling will be automated. It will help you minimise the fuel expenses and develop an effective message transmission to improve output.

Better Visibility of logistics

Logistics app development provides clear sight across a company’s complete logistics chain. It enables the business to track the fleets, analyse driver behaviour and interrogate drivers after they make their deliveries. In this way, you will save both time and money being wasted on tracking and tracing.

Improved Automation

Mobile apps help to automate the fleet management tasks. When the enterprises get the transport or logistics management app, they can easily reduce the manual labour and delivery time.

Why go for Sevenstar Websolutions as a Logistics app Development Firm?

Sevenstar Websolutions is a top-echelon website and app development company delivering world-class solutions to the clients over the globe. We have a team of qualified app developers that are well versed in delivering ready-made (few changes as per your requirements) and customised app design.

  • Providing you imaginative and advanced app development solutions to improve your prolificacy.
  • Helping you strengthen your assets, and enabling you track the traffic.
  • Creating tailor-made logistics, and transport app solutions.
  • Our apps allow you to maximise your resources and make the most out of them.
  • Highly scalable and versatile apps.
  • Create customer-focused products based on the industry.
  • Offering best prices in the industry.
  • Using cutting-edge technologies to create best transport mobile apps.

Features of Logistics app

Easy Tracking

It will allow you to track your goods and services in real time.

Route Management

The app allows you to manage the routes from where you want to send the logistics as per your convenience.

Manufacturing management

This app also support manufacturers to manage their units creating products. the app will help to reduce the manual work included.

Mobile App development services

Flexible Delivery

The flexible delivery supported by app allow you to change the delivery schedule or routes to deliver the logistics effortlessly.

Real Time Chat Support

When you have so many drivers to manage, you need a resource simplify your interaction with them. It will enhance the communication.

Driver information

When you send shipment you don't take the details of the driver which can sometime be harmful. This app will allow you to manage database of all drivers.

Sevenstar Websolutions, a Leading app Development Company

Sevenstar Websolutions has devoted years of its dedication and efforts to gain a position where we currently are. It is just because of the hard work, unity, and teamwork that we have been able to be one of the top app development service providers not only in India but also over the globe. Collaborating with an app development firm like us will help you make a drastic growth in your business.

Our products are highly customer centric helping you to improve your conversion rate and productivity. We have worked with clients with different budget, requirements, and industry and thus we are capable of deliver what you need. Our portfolio and our skills are alone enough to justify the fact that we are one of the best app development companies. We believe that our mobile solutions will help you be more interactive and different from your competitors.

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