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Are you looking to get a dating app as an alternative to Tinder, Bumble, Happn, or OkCupid? Sevenstar Websolutions is a top-rated dating app development company in India and the US with proficiency in building first-class dating apps that can attract millions of users who are looking for getting a perfect companion online.

We have a team of passionate and skilled dating app developers in Android and iOS who has great hands-on experience in developing insightful and appealing mobile applications with amazing look and feel. They know how to create the most favorable user-experience by delivering feature-rich, expandable, highly-responsive, and progressive mobile apps. Strap up the power of mobile apps for developing a dating app by our talented pool of dating app development experts with our exclusive dating app solutions and services.

Check out some of the most popular dating apps


It is one of the most popular dating apps across the globe. It offers features like left-swipe or right-swipe to refuse or accept a match. With other features including likes, superlikes, chats, social media log in, matches near you, and recommendations, it offers everything a user would ever want in a dating app.


It is a peculiar dating app since with this a user can discover people; they have already crossed paths with. Whether a user is at streets, restaurants, or concerts, the person just needs to turn on the location on their phones and find their nearby matches.


This dating app is meant for people who are looking for sober relationships. This app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match user preferences and offer them great matches.


Bumble, a woman-dominating dating app, is quite close to Tinder since it offers almost similar features. It allows women to message first to initiate the conversation and if the match is of the same sex, either of the two can text first.

Dating App Development like Tinder or Bumble

Today, Tinder, Bumble, Happn, and other dating mobile apps have changed the way of matchmaking. It is now completely managed through a dating mobile app. There is great potential as a business for dating apps that are as big as the direct messaging and on-demand mobile apps services business. When it arrives at building a dating app like Tinder or Bumble, Sevenstar Websolutions is the paramount dating mobile app development company in the USA. We have been identified as a leading mobile app development company for various industries.

Our mobile app developers can help you make the best dating app for the industry that will be secured, easy to use, and personalized. The personalization feature profit to obtain a successful dating app that enhances the user experience immeasurably above other dating apps available in the market.

Get a dating app from Sevenstar Websolutions that will offer you a global outstanding service and features.

Cost of Dating App Development

While we are developing a mobile dating app, the cost can vary based upon the features you wish to incorporate and the platforms you want to cover, and the target audience. Developing a mobile dating app like Tinder, requires a multifaceted structure, thus with a systematic stepwise development process.

We know that the process of Dating App Development necessitates a lot of rational and monetary assets. Right from identifying the target group and understanding your competitors to the designing of matching algorithms, security, and chat features, we undertake many things into contemplation. As we know, it is an expensive process; we design apps that deliver the highest quality.

How do dating apps make money?

The cutting-edge dating app development solutions incorporate different trendy and unswerving revenue paradigms that certify your business to grab booming earnings.

  • 1 Dating apps can provide access to different premium features in the mobile app after a user buy monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription packages. This can be a great source of generating revenue for dating apps.
  • 2 When a dating app has restricted features like custom emojis & smileys, GIFs, font style, and others, you can ask for a dedicated fee as a source of earning.
  • 3 Integrating third-party services in your app to like ticket bookings, table booking at restaurants, delivering flowers & chocolate to your connections, and other similar services make it more effective at a realistic cost.
  • 4 Display ad campaigns and brand promotional messages for the different brands and businesses can boost the user experience and help you earn significant profits.
  • 5 Users who want to get productive matches can select exclusive packages at an amount that can help you earn rewards from the app.
  • 6 You can ask users fee to chat with the profiles not connected yet, as per service policy. However, occupied profiles can freely accept or reject chat requests as per choice.

Why Choose Sevenstar Websolutions for dating app development?

The online dating industry in the past years has harvested splendid growth and it can be understood with the number of growing users on the platform. People are so busy with hectic schedules that they have no time to go out and socialize or find a perfect partner for themselves. With the advanced technologies and tactics, Sevenstar Websolutions focuses on providing exemplar mobile apps that are cherished by the users.

Sevenstar Websolutions comes among the top-rated Android and iOS app development companies. We provide apps that are loved by the users in a manner; they do not have to face issues while accessing them. If you are planning to harness the beauty of mobile apps in a dating platform, you are surely in the right place. We will add technology and experience to your app idea to provide you comprehensive services.

100% Customizable

We can help you develop, create, and integrate 100% adjustable dating app software, implementing the “Swipe & Match” feature that most popular dating apps offer.

Scalable & Responsive

We can help you develop, create, and integrate 100% adjustable dating app software, implementing the “Swipe & Match” feature that most popular dating apps offer.

Proficient Developers

Our team commits to serve you the best Tinder app development. Our team has highly skilled and expert dating app developers who can help you make your Tinder-like app.


We will keep you in touch at every stage of the development. By maintaining full transparency, we can assure you that you’ll be updated about the progress of your dating app development.

Profile Verification

We employ an AI-driven verification process based on an algorithm that certifies users that every profile on our app is true.

Benefits of Online Dating App

The dating app similar to Tinder has helped people to look for an ideal partner. This, otherwise, when done with the help of friends or meeting in a park or cafe can consume a lot of time. Now, as you have dating apps, you can discover your companion or friend right when you are available out of your busy schedule. Here are some benefits of dating apps.

24/7 Availability

You can get absolute access within a contented time. You have a multitude of beautiful girls in your palm. Whenever you have time, you can get them on-screen.

Nearby Partner

Some dating apps come with the Geolocation feature, which helps you find your soul-mate in your surroundings. It will help you understand the other person thoroughly if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

Block a Connection

If you don't want any boy or girl to be associated, you can block or report them & the app will not allow him/her to contact you.


You can get comprehensive access right of efficient app in an affluent time. You can find a crowd of girls/boys all on a single platform.

Compatibility Based Matches

The questionnaires available on the app can help the users look for better matches based on their preferences, interests, and compatibility.


Most singles are engrossed in online dating, as it is a convenient way of looking for feasible partners. You can fine-tune your search based on various standards, casual hook-ups, same-sex convene to finding people in your neighborhood.

Features of Dating App

Social Media login

We utilize Third-Party APIs to make the app login speedy and graceful. Therefore, when a customer login to your app, he need not remember or enter credentials every time.

Push Notifications

An app with push notifications to keep your users updated on matches, people in proximities, and your app updates.

User Profile

User profiles allow specifying descriptions about them that can help people learn about their interests and hobbies.

Private Chat

Users on finding a match wish to chat to get to know each other. Our secured chat integration allows them to have an interruption-free conversation.


Location-based algorithms help people find matches in their nearby location and start a conversation with the same interests.

In-App Purchases

We will integrate in-app purchases for your users to monetize the app for easy and safe for users who are willing to buy your plan.

Video/Voice Call

People often wish to meet online first then moving to in-person meets. So, we develop Video Chatting and voice chat features that allow users have HD video or voice calls with no interruption.

Order Products

Users will be able to send gifts to their matches through your app, and this can be another way to earn revenue through a dating app.

Facial Recognition

Along with integrating question matching algorithms, we can help your app become the dating app with the facial-recognition matching algorithms.

View/Upload images

Users can upload or view their or others images respectively to know how they look.

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