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PSD to HTML Development

Psd to Html

The trend of online business is seeing a vast change in the modern times. The business owners of this age are not just satisfied by creating a website. The business owners are generally looking for a platform, which can enrich their business and take it to newer heights. Sevenstar Websolutions give that platform to all the business owners. This is the reason the business owners use the utility based portals of WordPress to make the websites more trustworthy, functional and scalable. The conversion of PSD to WordPress requires good skills and proper understanding of the concept of conversion. We offer PSD to HTML development services at an affordable price all over the globe.

It is always good to hire a professional service for this conversion. We convert any business website into an appealing and attractive layout and thus the sales in business are always increased. We do the conversion process by keeping a few things in mind. First of all, we study the files properly for making the conversion. It is the most important step, which most of the service providers do not follow. We concentrate on two important things, the file content and the file format. This gives us some idea about the issues, which might arise during the time of conversion.

PSD to HTML Development Company

After that, the process of conversion starts. During the process of conversion, the files are broken into commonly used HTML tags. For this reason, the file is divided into various parts and a lot of HTML codes are used. The entire process of converting PSD requires extensive skills and this is performed by our veteran web developers. The most vital process of conversion is deciding on the WordPress theme. It actually means the layout, which will be there on a particular website. After deciding about the WordPress theme, the files are integrated into the WordPress themes. Contact us for web development services from anywhere.

This step is very much essential and we provide complete attention to this. The final step for the conversion is also the process of testing. After the conversion of the files from PSD to HTML, we check if the codes are W3C validated and completely error-free. A clean code is used for the proper functioning of the websites so that the website gets a higher ranking in the search engines. Moreover, we offer such a conversion facility at a very affordable price. None of our clients said that the cost of hiring our company is very expensive.

Conversion of the files from PSD to HTML

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 PSD files into HTML format

The name PSD indicates Photoshop document. The extension used in the PSD file is .psd and hence the name. This extension is such a format, which supports the Lab, Bitmap, Duotone, Indexed Colour, Grayscale, RGB, CMYK and several multi-channels. The main features offered by a PSD file are the masks, alpha spaces, color spaces and the use of spot colors. We can convert PSD files into HTML, XHTML, vBulletin, WordPress, Joomla and other forms such as email templates. There are a lot of reasons for converting a PSD file into HTML.

A lot of business owners use this type of conversion while making a website. Another reason for converting PSD to HTML is because of PSD’s limitations. It can only use up to 30.000 pixels. This limitation is there because it was arbitrarily chosen by Adobe software. This was mainly done to pave the way for software testing. It indicates that we convert PSD files into HTML format to increase the number of pixels. It is also done to make a particular website presentable in the market of several websites and thereby augments the rank.

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People generally convert PSD into HTML because the files that are used in XHTML and HTML are very much accessible on the World Wide Web. This makes all the visitors access to that particular website. All the visitors do not operate from a PC. Many visitors operate from laptops, iPads or even mobile phones. Thus, a normally created website using PSD format will not become much access to them. However, if the website is made by using an XHTML or HTML format, it can be wonderfully used in any electronic device.

Thus, it can increase the number of visitors to a particular website and increase the rank of the same. Moreover, such a conversion facilitates the saving of any workplace data in a proper format. Hence, the conversion suits the websites all the way. It is not possible for an individual to convert PSD files into HTML format without having a proper knowledge of programming. If anyone tries to convert in on their own, that person will really face the difficulty. Even after learning the conversion, the layout will not become very attractive if it is done by an amateur hand.

Thus, our company, Sevenstar Websolutions have a team of professional and smart web developers who will handle this problem in the most efficient way. The conversion of PSD to WordPress is very unique in Sevenstar Websolutions.

 PSD files into HTML format

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