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RemoveConsumer Complaints from Google

Are you striving to remove negative content from your site? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Sevenstar Websolutions, make every effort to remove or at least suppress the negative reviews against your brand in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We work on all the feasible ways to remove negative content from online forums and web searches.

We remove consumer complaints with the help of customer engagement sites that allow the user to the online complaint. It's even becoming prominent across the web. These sites hold a lot of authority straightforwardly to the consumers and it was done to expose the people attempting to provide harm to the company's reputation. But few tech experts especially the competitors and frustrated clients use these boards to defame the company.

Why Choose Sevenstar Websolutions for removal?

The reputation of a company is the most important thing and it actually matters a lot. Any negative complaint can only have a negative impact. Hence, we at Sevenstar Websolutions help businesses to remove consumer complaints from complaint boards like “”, and “”.

Our team perform several analysis and study in-depth about clients and their requirements. Therefore, we take necessary measures to remove negative comments and to help them in brand creation. Sevenstar Websolutions is helping brands to get rid of consumer complaints from complaint boards. As a result, Sevenstar Websolutions assist a brand to recreate and regain their business.

Removal of complaints from Google search results can benefit the company in different ways. In turn, it results in rewarding the confidence, loyalty, and trust of customers. Where on encountering, such negative comments, a customer tends to grow suspicious of the brand. This can make it very hard for enterprises to convince their customers. Thus, it is imperative to consider consumer complaints removal, which will get companies closer to re-establishing their lost business.

  • Our team consists of expert members with over 10 years of experience in this field.
  • We only exploit the superior tools and ingenious brains to delete consumer complaints.
  • We have a success rate of 100% in removing consumer complaints from the internet.
  • We have been working with several of the leading businesses.
  • We provide the best strategy to remove online complaints from Google.

Why your Business Needs Consumer Complaint Removal?

Big or small, mistakes can happen. But are there any chances to make mistakes with the reputation of a company that has taken years to be built? Another aspect of businesses to be considered is the evil competitors and other individuals that have bad website designs or low quality of service. They are well conscious of the damage that a bad review or a comment can cause and still end up creating fake ones just for the sake of your loss and their benefit. Do not fear, as Sevenstar Websolutions, being a leading complaints removal agency can help you come out of this criticism with the most positive stance completely removing their assault.

They can cause a lot of damage by:

  • Creating a negative mindset of anticipated customers
  • Maybe a reason for negative discussion on social platforms
  • Depletion in sales and create a negative brand name
  • Negative reviews can be a splotch on all your marketing activities.
  • Lead to wastage of time, capital, and efforts you spend in online marketing.

How to remove consumer complaints?

We work assiduously until our customers get satisfied with the solution and services we provide. We effectively sort out all the negative comments posted for their business on all websites and the effects they have faced until now. We then slowly but cautiously put our efforts to transform those into positive looking scenarios.

  • Filtering the posts that appear to be negative and the people they are influencing the most.
  • Categorizing the fake ones and addressing the authentic
  • Creating a plan of action to list out the issues
  • Addressing and strategizing to convert the negatives into positives for your brand

What do we do?

If you are searching for the means on how to remove bad Google reviews and to remove negative complaints from other popular consumer sites, we can be true help. Negative reviews or complaints can splodge up this and even more for a much longer duration than you can even imagine. Any negative comment, review, or complaint on famous social sites like Google, Facebook, etc. has the ability to cause a babbling outcome. These high traffic sites provide an unmatched extent for positive marketing but thousand of viewers including your intended customers will also read any single negative review that is posted here.

We can help you remove negative Google reviews, removing consumer complaints from consumer complaint boards, and remove negative reviews from the internet, TripAdvisor, and others.

Our Complaints Removal Strategy

Content Submission

Our creative content writing team creates positive content about your business and submit it to diverse platforms with an aim to develop a positive online presence of your business that can last above the negative one.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

With our effective practices, we work in a way that your visitors can be turned into your prospective customers. We thoroughly analyze your website and create a conversion rate optimization strategy to boost your business.

Real-Time Analysis

The team put their best foot forward and create reports on monitoring the campaign and process to help your business develop with the specific marketing process.

Reputation Management

Since we realize the importance of online reputation management, therefore we do the best to manage yours and try to build your brand’s equity.

Does Google allow consumer complaints removal?

As you can visualize, Google has a stern policy when it comes to removing complaints from the internet. It is centralized on smoothing the playfield for all. So, it’s not like learning how to remove your name from Google search results. It’s more complicated than you can ever imagine. Google never allows you to remove any review or comments unless those complaints and reviews are derogatory and they don’t depict the truth. If you have an appropriate proof for that, then you will be surely stupefied with the inimitability offered with the entire experience. It is really worth spending your time and efforts to contact Google if this actually happens. If not, you should look for another way.

Our Consumer Complaints Removal Process

Initiate Talk, Contact Users

We directly initiate communication with the users who have posted negative information. If the individuals, party, or company, who have posted the negative content get traced, we request them to corporate and remove the negative contents from the forum or sites.

Tracking the responsible person who has posted negative information can be done by breaking down the IP proxy chain and the technical hurdles that come on the way. Once the person is tracked we initiate a conversation regarding content removal. They can either remove the content themselves or give us the ID credentials to remove content. Some may not be agreed to remove but some get agreed easily. In some websites, there is a chat option where we communicate through texts and another way is simply to contact the users through web admin.

However, it's successful yet it's tough to track the offender person sometimes who has made negative reviews online against you. As the task is attempted with an anonymous ID and that can't be traced and if the person is an IT professional and endeavored to defame your reputation then also tracking is impossible.

Contact Websites/ Forums

Always keep in mind that online reviews can make or break your brand reputation. The reason being is the customers want the best and seamless service with lesser complications, that's why they consider the online review and comments of previous customers.

Besides the company's official site, there are other sites too where customers have the right to share their experience. If these reviews are positive then it's great and if negative then it's a problem. In these portals, there is no identity verification process and thus it becomes difficult to trace the person. Here, we contact the websites and forums directly. The webmasters and admins of these sites control the website contents. One can send a request for the negative content removal, it's up to them they accept the request or not.

Work with SEO and social media activities

Our team is highly efficient at removing negative comments from Google, remove negative complaints from Google, or suppress negative searches. They work determinedly with their motive to help each of our clients with their requirements and serve them what they actually deserve.

Our experts use the best practices and strategies designed by keeping Search Engine Optimization in mind. They put their efforts into safeguarding your online reputation by removing negative search results thereby ensuring a good ranking on SERP. We also use social media activities to keep your brand up and stay positive and ahead in the market.

Monitoring and Reporting

The team will share the regular updates of the works they will be doing on the removal of consumer complaints about the time being. Once we are sure that the removal of complaints from the complaint board is done, proper reporting is done to our clients, ensuring they are aware of what we do, being transparent in our approach. Not just this, we also monitor the search results for some time period to check if the negative results are permanently gone or coming again.

Speedy and Permanent Removals from Search Results

Our team that comprised of skilled associates; is capable enough to help you either remove consumer complaints or suppress negative search results that can help you with this. They have experience in removing the complaints from consumer support websites like,,,,,,,,,,, and several others available on Google.

Doctor Reputation Management

Remove fake negative reviews posted against doctors, hospitals, medical institutes, and clinics by patients.

Educational Institute Reputation Management

Remove negative reviews by students against teachers, infrastructure, and institutions members.

Real Estate Reputation Management

Removal of negative reviews posted against any kind of property dealer and real estate agents and properties.

Personal Reputation Management

Remove negative reviews and comments posted in your name by employers or colleagues.

Business Reputation Management

Delete fraud complaints posted by Ex-Employees, business rivals, clients, and others.

Celebrity Reputation Management

Help you remove fake profiles, with the celebrity reputation management services.

Reputation Management Packages

Choose from Reputation Management Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return.


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  • Phrases Targeted1
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Frequently Asked Questions

The people who purchase the products or services you sell, or may have reached you sometime like an intended buyer, may share the experiences they had with your product for you as a company on review sites, complaint boards, social media groups, and other platforms. These are reviews. Reviews can be either positive or negative and may make or break your online reputation. Therefore the complaints or comments that can cause you to lose business and reputation are negative complaints.
There are diverse methods available that can be used to remove the complaints from consumer complaint boards and then remove complaints from the internet, beginning from reaching the webmaster, utilizing the de-indexing approach, to work on the suppression technique.
Our removal experts will measure your online footprint earlier to starting of the removal process. A decent online reputation can offer you seamless growth. We can help you to remove unpleasant complaints to accelerate your growth.
Sevenstar Websolutions is a certified Online Reputation Management service provider in India. Over the years, we’ve served innumerable global clients with notch solutions to remove the complaints permanently. We guess it can be a valid enough reason for trusting.
Complaints board removal service was never some sort of cheap service. The price may diverge based on the project’s complexity. You can consult our team to know more about our removal service packages.
Negative Reviews and Complaints is a devious situation for every business available online. They are needed to be handled fast, with care, and needs to be handled well. The best way available is to seek help from experts. Sevenstar Websolutions is a well-established organization, which has some good experts who hide tricks in their sleeves to tackle these situations really well.

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