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Remove Consumer Complaints from Google

Struggling to remove negative contents from your site? Then you have landed at the right place. At Sevenstar Websolutions, we strive hard to remove or even suppress the negative reviews against your brand in the search engines. We work on all the feasible ways to remove the negative content from online forums and web searches.

We remove consumer complaints with the help of customer engagement sites that allows the user to the online complaint. It's even becoming prominent across the web. These sites hold a lot of authority straightforwardly to the consumers and it was done to expose the people attempting to provide harm to the company's reputation. But few tech experts especially the competitors and frustrated clients use these boards to defame the company.

After handling various negative content removal client cases and dealing with various forums, we follow the listed below process for removal:

  • Contact users/complaint
  • Contact website/forum
  • Bury links via SEO and social media activities

Initate Talk, Contact Users

We directly initate a communication to the users who have posted negative information. If the individuals, party or company, who have posted the negative content gets traced, we request them to corporate and remove the negative contents from the forum or sites.

Tracking the responsible person who has posted negative information can be done by breaking down the IP proxy chain and the technical hurdles come on the way. Once the person gets tracked we initiate a conversation regarding the content removal. Either they can remove the content themselves or give us the ID credentials to remove content. Some may not be agreed for removal but some get agreed easily. In some websites, there is a chat option where we communicate through texts and other way is simply contact the users through web admin.

However, it's successful yet it's tough to track the offender person sometimes who has made negative reviews online against you. As the task is attempted with an anonymous ID and that can't be traced and if the person is IT professional and endeavoured to defame your reputation then also tracking is impossible.

Online Reputation Management Services

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Always keep this in mind that online reviews can make or break your brand reputation. The reason being is the customers want best and seamless service with lesser complications, that's why they consider the online review and comments of previous customers.

Besides the company's official site, there are other sites too where customers have the right to share their experience. If these reviews are positive then it's great and if negative then it's a problem. In this portals, there is no identity verification process and thus it becomes difficult to trace the person. Here, we contact the websites and forums directly. The webmasters and admins of these sites control the website contents. One can send a request for the negative content removal, it's up to them they accept the request or not.

Remove Negative Listing from Google

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