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Are you tired that your SEO strategy isn’t working the way it would be? We keep getting stories about companies who have lost their trust in SEO service because of having low impact and no implementation of worthy enough practices by their previous SEO agencies. Well, the type of agencies that guarantee of the top rank might not always succeed in giving high ranks. Sevenstar Websolutions rank top as a result-driven SEO agency never promise for unrealistic performance, we are what we deliver. We assure you great results but not in few weeks, since we understand genuine tactics take time to show results. Our SEO management experts know everything about what and when to follow, as they have enough experience that is highlighted by their work, so they will help you clear your doubts about SEO.

We work with our utmost honesty so we believe to deliver the best to our customers so make them happy and have transparency in our process. Our experts work beside you to set a realistic goal (if you want immediate results, may work for you), and develop strategies that serve you for a long time.

Our expert SEO management services set an example of trustworthy and effective services. We work to deliver everything on time with your business to achieve an SEO strategy that gives what they guarantee.

SEO Management Services India

We at Sevenstar Websolutions offer complete SEO services and give your website a highly competitive result. We understand that management is an immense word. If explained broadly it means managing the everyday jobs and the accessible resources to make certain that the preferred results are achieved in the most excellent possible conduct. We are living in the age of digital world and internet is the buzzword in the online marketing. And when it comes to marketing services what comes to mind is the management of services.

We at Sevenstar Websolutions offer you complete SEO management services. The only entities that come to mind are the search engines when we talk about SEO services. Thus SEO management needs to be taken acutely by the business and the SEO companies across the world. The optimizing of websites on the search engines is more generally acknowledged as the Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Our SEO experts take care of all kinds of SEO tactics necessary for your business.

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Determine, thrive, and Rise with Sevenstar Websolutions

We understand that SEO management services require unique, well-written, high excellence and optimized content for the promotional purposes. Here, you will get a sparkling team of content writers, who offer you relevant content. In the process of getting high-grade results of inbound links that point to the website; we offer advanced link building services.

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Monitoring and Analysis of your website keywords

We are leading SEO services providing company in India. We provide all the significant and pertinent services that will assist you to grade among the top search engine results. At Sevenstar Websolutions, we recognize how significant it is for you to be on the top. Being the most excellent SEO company in India, we work professionally and share updates concerning the progress at present and then. Our experts track the results of your website after each and every task that we do. We consider that it is our responsibility to give you the finest services and assured results.

What do we offer?

Complete competitive keyword analysis

A through viable keyword analysis plays a significant role in your success

Meta tag review

Meta tags and ALT tag optimization

Improve conversion rate with the latest strategies

Competitor identification

Our specialized SEO expert will help you increase competitive intelligence over your competitors

Offers complete link building campaigns

The constantly expanding online marketing and the ever-evolving algorithms of the search engines make it relevant that the businesses and the SEO management teams of the SEO firms move in tandem to achieve the preferred online results. Our specialist guarantees the most excellent rankings at inexpensive rates and our ranking last longer.

We have been providing Complete SEO services to the top companies and the kind of proficiency and expertise we have will certainly help you to grow your business. Simply get in touch with us today and get the best SEO management services.

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our main motive is to deliver the best and most possible transparent service, by giving your insight into our strategy. We always ask for your approval before exchanges are done also it's important to tell what we will do. As soon as you understand what our SEO experts are making, each step of the report will be like sugar dissolving in milk. All the changes made to your website will be pre-approved, our strategies will be pre-planned. Reporting is done accurately and consistently, so no more secret.


We are a team that will never disappoint you with our expertise experience. You will deal with our strategy team, who will keep in touch daily and sharing the project details, updating you about progress with complete reporting, giving new ideas, and replying to your actual questions.

Expert Team

Our team has years of experience in SEO service agency, and completing successful hours of SEO campaign for many clients. When you assign us, you will get to deal with SEO experts.


We know the search engine guidelines, and that is why we suggest working with them instead of trying to search engines for immediate successes. We help in attaining long-term profits staying under the boundaries of Google’s guidelines. In case you want shortcuts, we are not the ones.


We will integrate you with our experienced project management processes and the workflow of your business.


We will get a wide knowledge of your business tact and competitive side. So we do not work with your primary competitors because for us being exclusive is most important.

SEO didn't work for the faint-hearted. You require performing for a tool of long term. Google presently uses social, local, mobile, usability, and brand signals in that manner to rank the websites. And this drives several new chances for marketers.

What Is Managed SEO?

Managed SEO already has a team of professionals to manage an SEO campaign from start to finish. With Managed SEO services that help businesses and agencies to stand a competitive chance with their services to offer premium search engine optimization services.

In reality, SEO management service is the equivalent of SEO outsourcing service and the only difference is a diminished level of responsibility for the partner in the cause of managing SEO. However, we being a white label SEO service provider focus on helping businesses and support you with the strategy. If effective managed SEO services are required, then our team is more intellectual and prepared enough to fill the space as private label SEO services.

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Why Choose Sevenstar Websolutions of SEO Marketing?

If you choose to work with Sevenstar Websolutions for your SEO campaign, then here are some advantages that you can see forward to

Local SEO
Keywords Research

Practicing the best keywords makes a successful SEO campaign as it is the strength of these keywords that drives your search ranking. We use different online tools to search trending keywords that are helpful to take your website to the top. We ensure that these are arranged with the advanced Google updates so that traffic keeps running.

SEO By Industry
Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is important to know the strength as well as weakness of your online competitors and accepting them as opportunities. Our digital marketing experts lead an in-depth summary of the keywords used by competitors and assist you to pick the ones that help them to stay at top.

SEO Consultant
Website Audit and Optimization

Both, SEO audit and optimization is crucial for keeping the online ranking of the website. We help you recognize the flaws and pain points that can be a reason to reduce the ranking of your websites and place them right. We use the best strategies like link building, SEO bookmarking, content optimization, and more online success for your website..

Search Engine Optimization
Analytics Research

SEO services are not limited to lead the traffic on your website but they include analysis too. We own expertise in Google Analytics, which allows us to study all the basic metrics matched to the searches, visitors, and trends. Relying on specific analytics research, we build and perform powerful digital strategies to boost traffic and progress.

SEO Services in India
Traffic Generation

The term online traffic generation is a complex procedure that is build upon the type of channels. Our SEO experts have the skills to combine the quality of marketing tools to serve high traffic for your website. These involve social media, PR and branding, mobile SEO, multimedia SEO, local and global search engine optimization, and much more

SEO Expert
Content Marketing

Excellent and unique content has the ability to get your website at the top search rankings. At Sevenstar Websolutions, we follow end-to-end services, right from offering quality content to optimizing it and marketing it. We have skilled content writers along with SEO experts to achieve rich content that enhances your rankings as well as retains your customers

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involve deeper and proper Search Engine Optimization. It aims to enhance crawling and content indexing. We increase advanced technical SEO assistance and services that help the development team for the implementation of fixes. These services include crawl analysis, technical duplication, duplicate content, page speed, structured data, image optimization, error pages, and more.

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The range of SEO firms continues ahead of traffic generation, user action, and analysis. A Reliable SEO system covers reporting too. Our SEO team allows interpretable statements to the clients so that they can measure the profit of the campaign. We also do a discussion on services to help you and change these metrics into actual result-driven parameters for the business.

How Does SEO Work?

Whether it's Google or Bing, search engines allows you a list of websites that satisfy the doubts when a user inputs a keyword or phrase. Such a list of search is related to the search results. On the top of the search engine results page (SERP), you’ll find the paid ads presented by the search engine themselves like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and many more. Rest of the websites of the listing are not marked as “Ad” and organic search results.

The question you enter will be shown by the search engines trying to provide the most suitable websites for the user. Our main objective for offering SEO services India for your website to be listed on the first page of the results, since the greater the rank, the better it be.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are a better SEO company than others as we provide specific SEO services to guarantee that your business gains great visibility, profits, and brand recognition.
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Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO experts are technically skilled with adequate knowledge to begin with the best keywords to match your business requirements.
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SEO for e-commerce

We hold high expertise in SEO for e-commerce websites. Our SEO Agency in Delhi can improve your business to obtain top rankings on Google.
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Social Media Management

The Social Media Services that we offers help the businesses to gain the number 1 rank. It is the most powerful and cost-effective way to drag your consumers.
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Our Service is very useful to see your products and services in front of potential customers. By managing our skillful resources, you can improve your brand recognition.
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Google Analytics Management

We have conversation optimization team, that we follow to improve the ROI & we even offer you a great Google Analytics Management.
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Complete SEO Services

When it comes to scaling your business and bringing more customers, our professional SEO agency gives you website SEO services that run appropriately. Our well-managed SEO services cover all the aspects to rank websites and encourage traffic
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Website Audit

It starts with an SEO audit, though which we investigate the website, get ranking positions, review the existing competition, and prepare an SEO strategy that addresses the impact on the online site performance.
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Keyword Research

Our SEO professionals have so much knowledge and accordingly choose the right set of keywords to rank. We classify the keywords that match with the purpose of the website’s audience and discover the easy to get successes SEO goals.
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On-Page Optimization

Our SEO services include everything from base to top to boost rankings for websites like Meta Data optimization, schema markup, keyword-driven content optimization, and monthly on-page SEO hygiene.
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Analytics Tracking

We feel proud of ourselves to be data-centric. Our managed SEO services arise with complete transparency above your campaign’s growth. You will have entrance to examine all your data, tasks,reports, audits, and links made on a dashboard also conversations with your account manager.
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Link Building

We link your website to high-authority websites and our partner websites create a well-calibrated backlink profile. Each link we create is organized to make important rankings & traffic to your website, by right purpose, and able to change.
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Content Creation

Google updates bring changes in many phases of content with the help of an effective SEO strategy. Our team promotes only the best content on your website to add true value for the valid audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, the better way to answer this, is that professionally managed SEO service gives businesses long-term and cost-effective tactics to increase their online presence. These services are also paired with other digital marketing services to expand business visibility.
Yes, from Web Design and Web Hosting to Organic SEO or Local SEO, and Reputation Management. Visit our Services page to know more about us and what we suggest. If you have any queries, contact us on our website, or arrange a call.
Our services appear with a brandable dashboard sign-up. It provides access to a resource full of brandable material. All you need to do is upload your agency’s logo and select your color scheme. You can also host it on your website.
Our goal is to place SEO strategies that make qualified edges to your site over the large term. Our SEO experts work along with your teams to control important KPIs, like page rankings, charge per lead, featured snippets, and more. Your website’s SEO starts to get traction, even you see changes in your domain authority, which will help to increase search visibility and run more backlinks.
Acquiring results from SEO strategies will not occur in one day. An SEO agency that promises fast results and top rankings is cheating with customers. The timeline for SEO strategies and projects will differ on your specific demands, budget, and expectations. Also size, vertical, and development of your business are significant. Our motive is to provide the latest technical expertise, execute best practices, and nearly contain results.
Yes! SEO is one of the features of your digital marketing strategy, which might add:
  • Content marketing and strategy
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct response
  • Account-based marketing tactics

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