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SEO Reseller Services India

Most of the companies encounter scalability issues when it comes to proficiency-based services, such as SEO (search engine optimization) and web development. If you are an established SEO based company, the Sevenstar Websolutions program enables you to spread your service offerings via bringing down process costs and offer the same superior quality service that you take pride in.

We at Sevenstar Websolutions feel pride in working with diverse global Digital Agencies, providing them quality SEO India Reseller reputation management. Our proven successful record helps you in providing white label SEO India services in an efficient manner. Our established and experienced Private/White Label SEO India Reseller services agenda will help you focus on all the positives and strategies, thus creating an utmost state for your business enterprise as well as your valued clients.

Digital Marketing is the booming sector nowadays and almost every business association today wants to get a major place in the digital marketing world. If you are also looking for the same dream then yes it is possible via employing effective Search Engine Optimization strategies. But employing such an approach would mean a noteworthy investment in terms of money and time. Is this possible for every organization to give this much time and effort? Most probably no!!! To overcome such situations SEO India Reseller Program would be the right alternative that suits your needs in a competent manner.

What do you understand by SEO Reseller Services and what are its benefits?

SEO Reseller Services are getting quite trendy these days. When technologies are advancing at such a fast pace, if you are planning to start a digital marketing agency, let me tell you, the idea is truly remunerative. But you have to understand that launching a firm is not enough. You have to do a lot more beyond that. It is equally important; to either hire a talented, skilled, and experienced team of digital marketing professionals or you can even collaborate with an expert and profound SEO Reseller company.

You can find multiple of SEO reseller companies in the market claiming to serve you best SEO reseller packages. You can contact the best SEO Reseller agency that not only serves quality services but also is competent enough to understand your mission and vision as a digital agency and help you to successfully attain that. One that can help you serve the excellence and value to your customers would be a preferable choice. If you aren't yet confident about partnering with an SEO reseller, you can check the following mentioned merits that will surely help -

  • Economical - Sevenstar Websolutions believe digital marketing is neither one time job nor one man’s potential. We have curated SEO reseller plans in a way, they don't feel like a burden to you. In order to get reliable results, there need to be a set of proficient experts including auditors, analysts, tactics planner, implementation team, and a monitoring team to obtain desired results.
  • Proficiency - SEO Reseller companies like Sevenstar Websolutions, have a bunch of talented people with them. They have expertise working from several and several years in vigorous industries, therefore it is easy for them to understand a requirement proposed by the client and plan a winning strategy to act accordingly.
  • Results-driven - It is a proven fact that outsourcing services are more capable plus accomplished than any in house hired team. It is because they will have to do their best for keeping you as their client.
  • Inexpensive - When you plan to hire an SEO reseller, you get to save a lot of your money. Certainly, the difference can't be noticed in one or four projects but when you will start receiving more figures of projects, you will surely find it significant.
  • Paid Tool access - The best part about hiring an SEO reseller agency is that you do not have to buy any paid tools by yourself, and you will get reports based on that from the reseller. Since the path to a successful SEO campaign, runs through a balanced road of paid tools and manual tactics.

What do our SEO Reseller services include?

Search Engine Optimization

Helps you in retaining control by creating an online platform, which enables you to access the campaign information for your entire client's campaign such as keyword rankings, reports of past performance, and the analytics report updated on the daily basis.

Web Design & Development

No matter whether your client needs a blog, website, or an online store we provide you with everything. We are working with the web building platforms which includes CMS like Joomla, OpenCart, WordPress, Magento and the proficient team of web designers and developer helps you in rebuilding a website or creating it from scratch (depending on your client requirements). Every website we build represents the brand of your client in a professional and adequate manner.


Well, if your client is continuously chewing your ears for generating business leads then marketing will be a great trick. Yes and we have good experience in Google Ads and can create complete marketing collateral required like banner adverts, landing pages for ensuring a successful campaign.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Our social media marketers are experts in all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Here, we create content and designs for your clients and manage their social media accounts.


Written content is an essential part of digital marketing. Our content writing team ensures a result focussed and informative content for your client, which presents them as an industry expert in the business world. We create a keyword-optimized article, web content, blogs, press release, or can also help you in email marketing, social media posts, and even everything, which you require.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Do you have any successful client in your client, whom you would like to impress? If it is, then just keeps these clients loyal by providing them with a service of conversion rate optimization. With this service, you can examine the website or a page and tell them what they need to boost the conversion rates, lead, and traffic, which is hitting the site.

Our SEO Reseller Program

Website Analysis

Before proceeding with the strategizing for your clients’ SEO, we perform a deep analysis of your website. We consider it an important element of our procedure since it will help us look for the flaws and pain points. This will help us to plan the tactics we will perform on your site for its improvement. It will present you as a genuine SEO company in front of your customers.

Technical analysis

This analysis is essential to identify the current positioning of your client’s site and the areas we can work to improve the SEO health for it. It will include the current SEO score of a site and a report is generated for the understanding of clients about their site.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of the reseller program since it is what will affect the whole SEO campaign. Our team spend a great time finding the best suitable keywords for each website. Multiple parameters are used to find the keywords. We provide different varieties of keywords like location-specific, global keywords, long-tail keywords, intent-based keywords, and many more. We will help to select the keywords out of the list that can bring immense traffic and revenue.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the beneficial ways to identify what the surpassing competitors of a business are doing to stay ahead. This involves the determination of clients performing better than you. We classify the factors that are helping them perform better then we compare and analyze everything among the client’s and competitor’s website. After analysis of keywords, traffic, campaigns, ads, etc. we prepare a report and then work keeping that as a reference.

Create new Content and optimize existing

There are businesses that face issues in creating quality content and then its optimization. Content is an important facet of a website and its marketing practices. We have experienced content writing professionals to compose high-quality content. We produce content for running ads and other campaigns. Our content creators have an understanding of content optimization.

Build Backlinks

Competitor analysis is one of the beneficial ways to identify what the surpassing competitors of a business are doing to stay ahead. This involves the determination of clients performing better than you. We classify the factors that are helping them perform better then we compare and analyze everything among the client’s and competitor’s website. After analysis of keywords, traffic, campaigns, ads, etc. we prepare a report and then work keeping that as a reference.

SEO Services Packages

Choose from SEO Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return

Local SEO

$99monthly plan
  • Keywords5
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*20%

Global SEO

$199monthly plan
  • Keywords10
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*25%

Ecommerce SEO

$299monthly plan
  • Keywords20
  • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)*30%

How can you reach an appropriate SEO Reseller?

SEO companies at start-up, small or medium-scale level find it hard to hire a great in-house team. In such a case, they can look for SEO reseller agencies over Google, but there can be an issue, which is about the quality of service. There you can select the company but there are some factors that must be considered before hiring. Start by searching the search engine; Google, where you will find a heap of alternatives. You can pick up some companies from there that are rated as top service providers. But before making a final call, think which can be right for you. Compare the services provided by the different SEO Reseller Company. Compare the services, prices, clients, and portfolio. Find out if they are handling big projects. Check if any company has a good reputation in the market. All of these factors will help you to get a suitable service provider.

Get started with Sevenstar Websolutions to boost the business of your clients thereby enhancing your own. The only thing you’ll have to do is bring new clients and we will help them be your lifetime clients with our dedicated services. You will surely become a brand from a small agency.

Once you trust Sevenstar Websolutions, you can give attention to managing the whole business in an optimistic way. Without any trouble, you can focus on your business procedure, while Sevenstar Websolutions White Label SEO Reseller would take maximum care of your Digital Marketing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are beginning your start-up, you can begin with the SEO reseller services. It is possible for any SEO agency to resell its services. We serve a personalized service that offers the best benefits of our reseller SEO services. If you are from a digital agency, you can direct your clients’ projects to our agency and we’ll help you deliver them with a high success rate.
When you are asking for SEO services, you have to learn to be patient because SEO takes time. It is a long-term process. It will last for longer surely if done perfectly. When you are working with us, you can expect to see an impact within 3-4 months.
No, there are no boundaries on the client. You are free to anytime pause or resume your projects with us. But we will always suggest you wait a minimum of 5-6 months for the results SEO process will show.
We are a full digital marketing company that supports online marketing campaigns. We cover different online marketing strategies, like Search Engine Optimization, local search optimization, social media optimization, management, and website designing and development. For further you can check our Services with full details and our pricing plan.
No one can guarantee you anything in SEO but we can assure you positive and constructive results with our 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. However, we always try to deliver our best in accordance with Google’s guidelines about the search engine algorithms.
Most of the SEO resellers we have with us are unaware of the technicalities of SEO so you are not required to have a technical understanding of SEO. However, having some basic knowledge about internet marketing will help you have a profitable entry into the market.
We never hold you or compel you to stay with us if you are not happy with us. But we will surely appreciate it if you tell us the reasons that make you disappointed with our services. At last, they are your clients, so you are free to take them wherever you wish to.
You are the one who creates your digital marketing plan but we can help you in creating them. Most of the time, you will be using our services for your business to show your potential clients that you can serve what you say.

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