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Business Reputation Management

Running a Successful business is hard than ever

Businesses spend years and a lot of effort in making their reputation in the industry but today in this era being online means having high chances of putting your reputation at stake. But that doesn’t mean you should not be available online. Rather you need to take efficient steps that can help your business to prevent a bad reputation. It might be difficult to maintain client relations when there are so many forums, social media, or review sites where everyone has the right to say anything they want to but it is equally necessary to do so.

Just one single negative comment, review, or article whether true or fake is enough to jeopardize your reputation. You must realize that reputation is an outcome of your efforts but it’s a valuable asset too. So don't underestimate the online reputation of a business.

To save your brand and increase its productivity for a better engagement of customers, you must consult an experienced ORM agency providing result-oriented ORM service. This will make a great impact on the online reputation of your business. Sevenstar Websolutions is what can help you not only to improve your online reputation but even maintain a good brand reputation. We rank in the top leading ORM companies in India. We know the roots any business hold in the market will directly influence its customer engagement and productivity. The continuous process of repairing the negative impressions your product carries, building the brand reputation in the market with a powerful emphasis on customer satisfaction, will protect it constantly in the present and future as well. In this competitive situation, a business should spend in making a positive image in the market. You can rely on Sevenstar Websolutions as one of the best online reputation companies in India.

Why do you require Business Reputation Management?

Your business reputation works as the foundation stone of your growth and survival in the industry. So business reputation management involves the management of a business or company’s online presence. This indicates that your business appearance will affect the way you gain new customers.

A good reputation will reward you trust and loyalty of customers, stakeholders, and vendors. And you would never want to have a bad reputation causing you a loss in your business.

  • Most people trust online reviews, comments, and search results while buying anything online.
  • Most people read reviews before checking any business.
  • Positive reviews help buyers make their decisions easily.
  • Online reviews act as word-of-mouth for the customers

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing never look for positive or negative results, they simply show what they find relevant to the search query. So if you have any negative results linked, your customers will find that too.

Create a Healthy Buzz for your brand with our ORM Services

When it comes to online reputation, a lot of questions come to our minds. Have you thought about what people get when they put your name or company name into Google? Do they see indecorous photos? Do they encounter negative reviews about your products or services? Or they find some relevant information on you or your brand? Well, online reputation management services give you the ability to manage what people notice when they search for you on the internet.

A professionally built process for your brand on the Internet is important so that people get the information that you want to present. Making a healthy environment for your brand allows creating your brand’s credibility and becoming an important part when it comes to taking action. Whether it’s asking to review your services or placing that online order, never allow a bad reputation to come your way.

How Reputation Management Works?

A good reputation management approach is tailored to the individual position. Every company fails to notice several challenges based on the type of businesses and the present status of their reputation. A complete approach to positive reputation might add:

  • The creation of some new websites and pages, highlighting the actual characteristics of your business or personal links.
  • Targeted SEO (search engine optimization), which improves the rankings of web pages on search engines that represent you or your business positively.
  • Content creation for websites, press releases, and news agencies, showing your most prominent assets.
  • Powerful branding and social media management help you to create effective relationships with customers and keep a positive identity.
  • Sevenstar Websolutions portrayed a broad category of client campaigns, along with reputation management campaigns and their executives, their boards of directors.
  • Our dynamic and dedicated reputation management techniques have been successful in identifying multiple corporate crises even before they appear.

Sevenstar Websolutions provides online reputation management. We also advise you to handle your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Our professional online marketing team will help to assure when your customers, employers, or co-workers search for you, they will get actual, high-quality content that you have established.

Why Reputation Management Matters?

Any company or an individual a huge amount of money and effort to build a strong reputation. However, these efforts might get destroyed by the online trolls and sometimes by your failures. So, it is important to have a professional online reputation management company by your side, who monitors, increases, and guards your brand reputation.


Do you sell a product or offer a service? If yes, there is an opportunity for you that someone is writing reviews regarding your business as we deliver. Usually, negative reviews will not make you hurt, but if any unhappy customer comes with a revengeful mind, they can do severe damage by giving negative reviews with horrifying, false allegations about your products or services.


Wrong or incomplete information can damage your business, and so can a lack of information. In this digital world, consumers are very much foxy; few of them might be checking the search results for complete information before money. So, when customers research for your business, they must see the information they will be benefited from and depict your efforts rather than negative and false information. Effectual reputation management accomplishes like that.


If you have ever been involved in crime or your name is ever highlighted in controversies, the news will still subjugate you on online platforms while users search for you. You shouldn’t be found for your past mistakes, you need to constantly respond to the public over petty lawsuits before it goes in the courthouse and spoils your image.


No matter how much positive information you have, or how strong your message is, or is a brand going to satisfy your consumers. The thing that only matters is a reputation that will help you grow your brand in a way that customers are not only satisfied with what they get but attracted to your message as well.


Reputation management means that some business competitors can become their enemy. You need to make the best result for your customers or clients, but it is difficult if social networks and other websites carry photographs of your bad behavior with clients or others. And if these personal images appear on websites outside your dashboard, then you can be at a questionable spot.


Reputation management is not about damage control. But it more about building and maintaining the sort of image that you aspire to show the world. So, you don’t need to have a room full of plans to take advantage of reputation management. Any business can get huge recompenses from this field if you know how to control your reputation in a way the audience praises it.

A positive reputation can be your best friend

A positive online reputation can be your business’s best friend or your biggest enemy too. Well, Customers, colleagues, and workers, everyone uses search engines like Google to get help and make their everyday decisions.

Everything is available on ‘Google’. They can see websites, social media networks, blogs, survey sites, news, and media that show everything about your business. However, having negative news, social media remarks, and reviews might pull people off. But, if those feedbacks are positive for real, people are more likely to believe you and do business with you. A single negative comment, whether it is correct or not, but has the potential to generate a reputation crisis, which can affect the success of your business.

What is the advantage of corporate reputation management?

Online reputation management serves to counter, decrease or erase negative stuff online and create as well as raise positivity. A well-established corporate reputation online represents you in the best possible way. This is beneficial for you as your business gets profits from the essential, wider business, inviting the best employees and future-proofing you from any bad news, reviews, or blame on social media. Business reputation management saves your business from harm.

How can Sevenstar Websolutions help you manage your business reputation?

When a reputation firm like Sevenstar Websolutions works on your business reputation, there are innumerable things that need to improve. We implement several tactics to improve the client-business relations and improve the positive content about the business. Positive content implies -

  • Optimization or creation of business websites - Our team will create few websites for your business name to show it in front of your targeted audience so you can have a broader recognition.
  • Creation of press releases - Press Releases help in establishing the trust and credibility of your customers on you. If you have a trustworthy online presence, you can have more potential clients.
  • Posting blogs - Blogs is one effective way of creating positive content about any business, brand, or person on the internet. We will help you create some blogs and post them to bring a good audience and trust to your products or services.
  • Social media management - Social media plays an important role in creating an effective online presence. So we manage the social media profiles for your business so that you can get good recognition.
  • Content management - Content is the most important element to create the reputation and image of a brand. Content is the bridge that fills the gap between a business and a customer. Our creative writing team does this work on your behalf that we submit at renowned platforms.
  • Review management - Reviews have a major role in impacting the minds of customers in convincing them to buy or pull away from a brand. If you have good reviews, you can attract many customers while if not, you can lose too.

What will Sevenstar Websolutions do for your business reputation?

Sevenstar Websolutions is an extensive reputation management company that works for helping businesses like you clean up the negative image, manage a positive one, or build one from the initial. Before starting to work with you, we first understand your business and analyze its current state of online reputation.

We serve the customized plan based upon the strategies required to manage your reputation. Here are some services that we offer -

Handling Reputation crisis - If you are looking for management of your business reputation crisis soon or want it now it is important to act accordingly. We provide a customized plan for your business and brand needs. Our reputation manager will take care of your business, prepare and implement the strategy to protect your business.

Suppression of negative content - The reputation management team here will help you create a positive online presence for your business by creating a strong business and social media profiles. These will help to suppress any negative search results.

Promotion of your brand - Once you have got the profiles and website created for your business, it is important to understand how to use these in a best-yielding way. When you will be engaged with the customers and sharing the information with them, you can see better results.

Monitoring of your business search results - Monitoring your search results is equally important as creating and managing. It will notify you if any negative result or comment appears in your business name. Our team will regularly work to increase the positive content and search results for your business.

Our ORM Experts perform a Wide Range of Efforts

Reputation and Brand Analysis

Every business must review its reputation and brand value regularly so that it can progress to the path of development. Our ORM process starts with the analysis of your brand reputation, market positioning, and the conflict you have (if any). We also examine untraceable warnings and enemies that coming in your way.

Strategy Development

The process of ORM is not about being responsive and countering the charges on your business reputation. It also covers a proactive strategy that assures the loss is not required in the first place. Our Online Reputation Management Services build a fool-proof strategy that uses existing online resources to improve the visibility and reputation of the brand.

ORM Implementation

After the strategy is made it has to be placed into action to secure or replace the brand reputation as required. Our experts utilize ideas like dynamic SEO for marketing actual content, publishing optimized press releases, posting positive customer reviews on well-known review sites, and negative review removal. We know how to deal with negative reviews and slanderous statements.

Online Branding

With the help of these services, you can protect your brand against malicious complaints, online defamation, and misinformation. Along with that, we make sure that we assist you to build a powerful, reliable, and efficient brand image. We too optimize your brand positioning and reputation on search engines also social media platforms.

Online Reputation Monitoring

ORM works beyond the creation and supervision of the brand reputation as it includes the monitoring of the reputation too. We constantly check the online conversations that match your brand and inform you as soon as we find any issues that need our approach. We even help you to give a response as needed.


Reporting is an important part of the whole ORM strategy as it shows the effectiveness of the campaign. We share a complete report as a chain of our reputation management services so that you can trace the growth of the campaign. Also, the report covers the entire achievement that allows you with comprehensive knowledge to verify the services we provide.

Effective Tools for Reputation Monitoring

Our effective local marketing packages cover everything that you need to control, grow, and manage your online reputation. The tools that you have to use and experienced professionals at your edge when an immediate response determines the variation between a customer obtained and a customer dropped.

Collect Positive Feedback from Customers - Dropping a review for a business can be quite complex. With Sevenstar Websolutions you can get the feedback that matches your business requirements, helping your customers give positive reviews for your business over the internet while decreasing the chance of negative reviews which is not at all easy.

Stay alert with Reputation signals - A good reputation takes years to grow but it can be ruined by a single negative event. Be aware and responding quickly is important to maintain a good brand image online. Our world-class team of marketing professionals makes it simple for you to take proper action to guard your brand.

Handle Negative Reviews - Negative reviews quite commonly occur. Your assigned profile account manager will operate with you to craft a reply that not only marks the reviewer’s interests but also grows faith with considered customers by convincing them that you’re attending to your customer’s issues.

Online Reputation Management Process

Diagnosis - The whole process begins with browsing the internet and getting any link that shows some negative about you on every search engine result page.

Repair - Our company has reputation experts who work on a link, per-link basis and try to fix or remove from any search engine page results. If removal is not possible, they try to suppress negative complaints, reviews, news, or any other link by the positive ones.

Recover - Recover & Raise your brand over all social media platforms, blogs. A team of influencers work with your brand and promote at the local & global level and help the company to improve recognition and progress.

Monitor - Our experts while work on your reputation also keep an eye on and recognizes negative links and informs us whenever any unusual complaint is noticed.

Why Sevenstar Websolutions for reputation handling?

Sevenstar Websolutions enables you to take control of your online reputation. We work in a manner that you are updated on everything we perform for your reputation. We aim at helping you to improve your business and create a positive effect on your reputation.

  • We give you assured improvement in your reputation.
  • We share regular reports to give you updates on what is being done.
  • We will spread positivity about your brand by sharing positive content.
  • Build an impressive and elegant online presence for your business.
  • We will handle the irrelevant and negative search results.

If your business is troubled by negative content on the search engine, we can be your reputation manager to help you come out of the bog and regain your business.

Get in touch with us for professional business reputation management Services:

Our professional business reputation management experts efficiently check your brand online and fix your corporate identity across a broad series of online profiles including news websites, forums, Local business directories and Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

At Sevenstar Websolutions, we can increase your corporate reputation by removing all the bad reviews to clean up your appearance online. We work closely with you to gain real customer feedback and use the right strategies and tactics to get your brand into the limelight. If you are interested in our Services, then get in touch with us today and find out the secrets to a thriving corporate branding campaign. Our professional specialists at Seven-star web solutions Delhi are waiting eagerly to help you in online reputation management and instantaneously take your business to new heights of accomplishment.

Reputation Management Packages

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  • Search Positions Protected*Page 1


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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, the answer might differ as per the client's requirement and their reason for services. Mostly, the clients request the service if they or their brand has caught poor publicity. So, there they try to find a way to be on the top of brand searches where credibility is important for a brand to succeed.
It is based on the level of difficulty, your requirements, and tasks needed to clean up and have a positive brand reputation. Once primary clean-up moves and accompanying work are recognized and marked, further ongoing work continues to help consistently keep a secure brand reputation.
To, take the help from a qualified reputation management company, you need to be clear and constant about how you address negative reviews. Making sure that you understand where bad news is occurring is important so that the company you work with must know where clean-up is needed.
Reputation management services involve online media monitoring, social media management, content writing, and content marketing, business review management, individual and business profile development, crisis communications strategy, and brand management, tactical and strategic public relations.
An online reputation management company enhances positive information about you or your business and decreases or suppresses the influence of damaging negative online content.
It usually depends on the complexity of the project. Like doctors, attorneys, analysts, and other professional services, the more complicated is the project, the more costly the reputation management campaign will be.
Yes, we work according to the budget. Hence, we suggest you invest for optimal results; however, we are still able to help you with our talented digital marketing professionals and our online reputation engineers. For more information on our online reputation management services and package prices, you can discuss. The prices are highly competitive, and many companies promise high results but fail to achieve them at any price.
Yes. Our online reputation management services not only work for those affected by negative news or reviews online. With review management and a manager of other custom-tailored solutions, we can help you. More awareness can have an important impression on your online sales and visitor growth rates, making up your revenue and helping your business operations flow. The best online brand building & repair management service call our team and get more information.

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