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PHP- A predominantly used programming language
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With the changing phase of the market, we have undergone various changes in web development. Earlier we were only aware of the website and its general design but now we are aware of its different languages of programming where PHP is a predominantly used web programming language in web development. Using PHP language in web development has several benefits. That’s why companies are also looking for the best PHP developer in market these. Let’s know what makes this programming language so prevalent in the market.

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When it comes to hiring a PHP developer then we have the best alternative for you. By the way, what’s the need of looking here and there when we can hire PHP developer from India. Yes, when you hire Indian PHP developer then you will be benefitted from the number of ways. Here, we have mentioned a few of the reasons that in what ways hiring an Indian PHP developer is beneficial.

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Following are the several benefits of using
PHP in web development:

Open Source

It’s an open source programming language and can be implemented on the server side. Being an open source language, it enables the user to access the necessary scripting codes from the web page and can also use those codes as a reference for the further parallel web developments.

Easy Development

Due to the simple integration of tools users can develop dynamic websites with ease. We can integrate CMS and other scripting tools like Magento, Joomla, Core PHP, JavaScript, JQuery etc. Though, PHP is also compatible with the operating system (OS) like Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux etc.


As compared to the other languages, the cost of PHP web development is quite low. Because it’s an open source user are not required for developing the web applications. There is also no need for the users to purchase any license to implement PHP in the server.

Easy Management

User can easily maintain the website and using some popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, Zend, Cake PHP, Yii etc. makes them capable for increasing the productivity level of the website.

Database Flexibility

The programming language is quite flexible when it comes to the database flexibility. A user can connect it to the various databases like Oracle, MySQL, DB2, SQLite and much more. Here, PHP and MySQL are the most commonly used combinations for developing e-commerce applications like CRM ( Customer Relationship Management), CMS (Content Management System) etc.

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The above-listed points clearly signify that hiring a PHP developer from India is the best decision for getting a customised and user-friendly website. Well, if you are also looking for a PHP developer then we at Sevenstar Web Solutions guarantees you the 100% satisfaction in web development. Here, we have a team of experienced and qualified PHP developers who will never give you a single reason of disappointment.