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How can I verify the reputation of a business?

People have developed loads of misconception about the online reputation of a business. They have this myth as if reputation is only about monitoring and managing social media channels. Whereas some believe, it is about handling the public relations of a business and some are so lost that they don't even know that it can trouble your business and revenues.

This article will help all of you to understand what the pursuit of the online reputation management in today’s business world is. When you have the clear understanding, small businesses, and company can also take the exclusive benefits. It has become necessary that ever to monitor your reputation. Let’s start with knowing the ways to check the reputation -

People are talking about you

Few years back, customers were not much engaged in your business and they couldn’t express what they feel in impactful way. But the times have changed now. Today, it is necessary to have people talking about your business on several platforms. User generated content is the necessity for every business.

If you still believe that, you can skip or ignore people talking about you, then dear friend you need to think once more.

Are you transparent to customers?

Addressing the client’s acceptance or rejection is beneficial in this new mode of communication. You have to be open minded in -

  • Employees talking about your products and services
  • Asking customers for feedback
  • Addressing criticism without hiding

Not being open to communication can be backbreaking. You can think being transparent have risks but not being can be more risky. And if you are accepting reviews and feedback, you must be open to face and accept them.

Positive reputation management is not just managing the communication channel with the customers but you also need to understand whether it is actually needed to respond, if yes then how and when. Often it happens that the responding is no required and sometimes if you respond it’s too late then.

You need to apply a proactive approach to the monitoring of the public relations regularly. Now the question comes, how can you do it?

Implementing social media monitoring or implicating online reputation management companies can be a good choice to do so. Here are some tips or techniques to keep an eye on the online reputation -

  1. Close watch on review sites - The most apparent way to monitor your reputation is regular tracking the review sites like Yelp, Yellowpages, Amazon, and others. There are several listing sites, where it is not required to be the owner to list any business. So do check all such sites and claim if your listing is available.
  2. Set Google alerts - Setting up Google alerts will notify you each time any new content is published with the keywords you have chosen. You can set up alerts with your name, your business’s name, or common misspellings of your business name. With alerts, you will stay updated about what is being said in context of you business. You can even create alerts in the name of your competitors.
  3. Vigil your blog - It is great to enable and interact with comments on your blog is hell of way to understand your audience better and get ideas for new blogs. It might also put you in the threat of getting negative and spam comments too. Even the twaddle and spam comments can denote that you don't much attention to them and it can dishearten positive reviewers.
  4. Monitor your social media accounts - regular surveillance of your social media profiles and pages is a necessity. Even if it is not possible to post daily, you should check the accounts regularly to check the engagements. You need to respond to the comments posted there on your business. You can also set up notifications for this.
  5. Serve your customers surveys - Your existing customers can prove to be of great help in managing online reputation. Send them surveys, polls to ask what their experience with your products, services, and website is. Ensure that you surveys are short, appropriate, and straightforward.

Your online reputation is your own reputation. In this digital world, everyone and everything is prone to criticism. It can be great if we talk in terms of right to speak, but is completely bad as it can defame any business or brand.

Choose an online reputation management company that uses all white hat techniques i.e. strategies following the Google’s guidelines. Several ORM agencies perform a deep research analysis of your business initially to understand which technique can benefit your business. The cost of the ORM services will only depend upon the time it requires to get washed off and the efforts needed to do so.


1. What is online reputation management?

Ans. It is a way to protect the online image or reputation of a brand, business, services, or person from negative publicity.

2. What is the reason of bad reputation?

Ans. Customers who have a bad experience with your services or competitors who want to grab your potential customers can leave a bad feedback or complaints in your name. This can cause you the defamation of your business.

3. How long will it take to see the results?

Ans. It might take a span of at least three months to be removed and improved permanently depending on the condition of your reputation.

4. Is there a need of long-term reputation management services for my business?

Ans. If you just want to remove the negative results, you can consider discontinuing once the job is done. But if you want long-term efficiency in reputation and improvement in search results, you can opt for ongoing services.

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