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Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

A good website does not only need a pleasing appearance, rather, but it also needs to program expertly in a way it performs properly and highlights all the appropriate responsive elements. Sevenstar Websolutions’ website development company team of developers, work closely with the team of web designers to build a website that characterizes your brand and speaks out its voice. We know in website designing & development what works and what not, across different industries and the internal algorithms of search engines such as Google and Bing. We control such expertise and experience to bring you a website that works like a charm by outperforming your competition on all parameters. Being aware of upgraded technology and in sync with the most recent developments on the internet, we offer our reputable clients our top-notch concluded projects that set down no space for grumbles. After comprehensively observing every project and comprehending the present need, we create nothing but magic for your success. We merge the proficiency of our web designers, illustrators, content writers, and web developers, the final output of which is a producer of the highest quality.

Whether you need front or back-end web development services, our team of experts is available for the task. We work with you step-by-step to make sure the end-product serves your organization while remaining entrenched in the brass tacks. We are your web development company in Delhi if you are looking to establish a business online.

What you have got?

Upgraded infrastructure: As a website development services provider, we have gathered the advanced framework to ascend large-size projects by providing a definitive buying experience. We follow an easy communication process involving association and seamless integrations throughout. A pool of technical expertise: Sevenstar Websolutions being a web development company we endeavor to serve the most promising technology and latest trends to our clients. Our technical experts are also reliable and in the bigger picture; they have big data management, cloud app development platform, and many other facilities.

Ideal consultation: Sevenstar Websolutions is a leading web development company in India that has a major goal to provide clients with required discussion acknowledging the project requirement, for other imagery technologies essential for web development. Our web application development experts broadly help our client’s decision and bring productive conclusion at best.

What you have got?

Developing industry solutions

Developing industry solutions

Sevenstar Websolutions has a diverse range of clients, which means our developers have experience in a variety of requirements. This has given them an understanding of the inner proceedings practically of every industry online — counting the most profitable. To start with there's ecommerce. SEO India has created multiple customized ecommerce websites for our clients in the past 10 years, ensuring our clients earn more amount of traffic, can sell some more products, and nurture their revenue day-by-day.

But we understand the process of lead generation as well. The core belief behind service-focused companies, lead generation online is a significant element of the web development process. Our website developers have generated lead generation services that can produce as much customer information as possible for our clients so that they can turn those potential leads into clients.

We've helped hundreds of businesses sell their products & services to become giant sellers. We've supported medical institutions attain new patients. We've even assisted old-schools to join the modern digital era by presenting to utilize the power of Internet marketing in their education system. And we've made it possible, all with our skilled web development team. The websites we design help empower our clients, regardless of how they do business. From aggressively-occupied marketing strategies to unreceptive customer acquirement, our developers can do, as you like. Not sure, if you want website design or website development? We can help you with that.

What does Our Website Designing service offer?

Website, loved by visitors

Our website designing team asserts on the creation of websites that present content seamlessly and highlight well-organized navigation. The website content is also required to be state-of-the-art and relevant i.e., enough gripping to keep visitors affixed on your site.

Leads pulling Website

An effective web design communicates what your brand idea is and fascinates your visitors to take needed action. There should be transparency for your promising clients to find it easy to understand why they should hire you over your competitors. Our web designing team has the potential to create an intriguing and well-placed road map to turn visitors into a committed potential leads.

Business promoting sites

Our web development team ascertains that your site is scalable enough to integrate additional features and content with no hassle. WordPress makes it straightforward for a person with a non-technical background too, to make updates to his sites like adding content or images. It is crucial to provide ease to update from the backend of a WordPress site.

Traffic Driving Websites

Even an appealing website is of no use if your target customers are unable to find it on the Google search results. We employ web design, content marketing, and web development combining with the best SEO practices to rank your site high in search results for a specific keyword or phrase. Once we deploy your site, we will help you to get organic traffic and paid traffic, social traffic, as well. We want to give you a site that looks beautiful and can serve as a gateway to new clients.

Fast loading Website design

Website loading speed and time are some of the most essential factors when considered from the perspective of usability and SEO. We know that the foundation stone of a functional website is loading speed. We can develop a site for you that offers the finest performance to preserve the visitors to the webpage for more page visits.

A team of qualified experts

A well-designed website demands a team of experienced and skilled professionals including web designers, web developers, content creators, SEO experts, and branding experts, to offer maximum potential. Our team has experience with a range of diverse industry web designs to drool over different marketing strategies.


Skilled Project Management

We work following a thorough project management process done in multiple steps. We ensure that our clients can have thorough access to the process. To serve this, we maintain transparency and responsibility in our process. You will get a specific time-frame defining project plan from us even before we kick off working on your site. We will continuously mention the project plan as progress is made. This will provide you a structure, which one can use to have us accountable at every point of the development process.

Top-preferred Team

Our team of web developers & designers is one of the highly experienced teams in the industry. We have gained over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing & website creation domain. We have a team of brilliant and imaginative web designers and progressive web developers using the most recent technologies. You will have high-quality and creative professionals working on your project when you decide to go with Sevenstar Websolutions.

Our Line of action

We believe in serving our clients with the highest quality of service. This is the reason behind our investment of a lot of time to understand our clients' needs and offering solutions accordingly. In other words, our approach will vary when developing a website for an educational institution contrary to a production company. We first try to understand the customer's character and then customize his site design and functionality accordingly. Every website or even a mobile app developed by our team is customized and based on the requirements of our client's business.

Internal Audit

We have a belief that whatever issues are observed in any site must be resolved only while the web development process is ongoing. To meet this, we have deployed an internal audit (testing) team at our offices that check and find out issues and when they find handle them right away. We fulfill this so that our client gets a final product that's completely functional.

Today, we have become a leading web designing and development company in Noida. This is all because of the right use of creativity and skills to build a remarkable website, to engage your clients. The only motto of SEO India is what helps us to deliver an efficient website your customers will love.


When you choose to work with our company, you will enjoy the service from the best web design company in India. Services that we offer are not expensive but are the best because we work seamlessly, and so do the websites and apps we create. We ensure to deliver valuable websites whether we build it from scratch or redesign your old site considering the modern specifications. Our web designing services work, and our testimonials speak the value that we’ve offered to our clients, and what we can deliver to you. We will help you to express what you need on a site, and then we do it!

We hold expertise in -

WordPress Development - We have great experience in developing WordPress websites, helping businesses to scale, nurture, and expand. We can help our clients with the WordPress-related development that would make your site run smoothly on this platform. It is standard for any website, especially when it is a blog or a news website.

ECommerce Development - If you have an eCommerce store, then you would need Magento or Shopify to help create the ideal layout. We can help you with all of your needs. We know how to utilize the strength of free of cost platforms while developing sites.

CMS Development - If you want to get a dedicated CMS for your site, we can help you with that. Let us know what you want to inculcate, and we can do that for your site. As a leading Web Development Company in India, we expand useful support in developing CMS websites.

Developing industry expertise

Angular Development - We have been successful in delivering simple to complex & large-size projects on time with great success. If you are using a basic application, we can help you create that with Angular. We will use it to create for your desktop and mobile devices.

PHP Development - If you are looking for a unique site, then we can help you with that. We will use PHP as a language to make a striking site that fits all of your needs. We deliver end-to-end Custom PHP web development depending upon your requirement within settled timelines.

Mobile App Development - If you want mobile application development, then we are the ideal company for you. We offer wide-ranging mobile solutions and develop customized mobile apps fulfilling the requirements of each business.


Costing of developing a site depends on multiple factors like the number of pages, functionality, and nature of the website. To get a basic overview of our plans, please visit us at You can connect with our Salespeople to understand better. You can reach them at +91 - 783-586-9777 /
Yes, we also offer support with domain registration & Website Hosting services however, this will be charged additionally. To know more, write us at our email, call us, or fill the contact form to get a call from our side.
The websites we create are smooth, intriguing, and offer a great user experience. They are SEO-friendly too. We offer advanced SEO services such as keyword research and content optimization. If you want to learn about our SEO packages in detail, make sure to check out
The time required to develop a website depends on what you are looking to get develop. Everything that we develop for you is custom & done with lots of passion. Please discuss with the expert to understand more about it by sharing your requirements.
Once the designs we create are approved, we share them with our development department and offer you a CRM link to track the progress. With our CRM, you can check each step we are forwarding in the process.
The estimation of time depends on what you are getting designed. Whatever we design for you takes lots of passion. To know more, please consult the expert. You can connect with our Salespeople to understand better.
If you want to see your website on top of search results, you need to run an SEO campaign. SEO services in India will help you see your site’s online presence boosting and bringing you more leads and sales in quite less time.
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  • 5. We follow a customized approach depending on your requirements.