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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We are in a digital world where on an average about 70% of buyers expect a brand to own an impactful social media presence. But remember, they don’t want just any ordinary social media presence. Consumers expect your brand to have a customized, consistent social media strategy.

Social media marketing is a powerful many businesses use to connect with their customers, gain brand awareness, and promote your services and products easily where many users spend most of their time over scrolling through their social media feeds. By being active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you're just making your business to be a level up approachable and accessible to a more audience and maintaining a good presence on social media —an important facet of your online success.

Every business can gain benefit from social media marketing. While many companies are aware to us social media to advertise their online business, they are just unaware of what networks they must invest in out of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. or how much they need to spend. This is where our efficient social media management services step in. SEO India Company is offering social media management and marketing services to minimize the complexity of social media to business owners.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services are best-rated that works best for the business if you want to grow organically. SEO India has been assisting businesses from ages to stay ahead and help brands have a distinguishable verge over the entire gamut of business over the globe. We all know these days’ businesses are budding with the online platforms and SEO India is offering you; the best digital marketing services in India. We create extensive online marketing strategies for your business to help you run it.

It alleviates your business dreams over a wider reach. The digital world is a world which offers equal scopes. Whether you are a large or a small business, a well-planned digital strategy in implementation can either make or break you. This is where any digital marketing company like SEO India comes to help. With a team of highly-skilled professionals, SEO India simplifies the complexities of the digital space. We offer you austere solutions for convoluted problems that form the basis from thorough research and vast experience. Our strategies are built up over years of market study research, and analysis, efficiently making us a well-established digital marketing company in Delhi. We go past essentials to achieve your business objectives. SEO India believes in opting out time-tested and verified strategies, personalized specifically to match the unique business oughts and building long-term business relationships.

Brand Reputation Management Services

We know that Brand Reputation Management plays an important role in the winning of any brand, be it big or small. Apart from of your brand’s scale, it is uncalled for to aspire that a person or team could foretell the reviews, social media, and brand mentions without registering a digital defence.

It is always a company’s target that their online presence is full of engagement and favorable experiences, when you have worked so hard with your team to reach where you are today. Negative reviews about a brand and being defamed for your services and goods will befall time to time. Removing negative reviews and bad images related with your brand, irrespective of the source, remains the top priority of Brand Reputation Management Strategy defined by SEO India team.

Local SEO

Local SEO service is a popular strategy hand-crafted for promoting local businesses which are looking to improve their online visibility in most preferred search engines, reach more customers, and earn revenue in their locale. The goal of local SEO is to make you visible on the top of search engine results when possible customers are searching for businesses like yours in their corresponding area. Eventually, our local SEO service in India helps acquire top rankings so that more and more people can find, contact, and visit your local business.

Our services level depends on which and how many locations you’re looking to target. Our local search engine optimization service can help you get found in the local search results by buyers when they search for a keyword relevant to your business. Whether you want to target a single location or multiple locations, we have tested strategies to make visibility for buyers. If you’re looking to find a local SEO service provider who can create a data-driven approach to deliver real-time results and huge ROI, SEO India is always ready to help you.

Local SEO
SEO Resellers

SEO Resellers

Higher traffic, top search engine rankings, and superior business visibility are the major goals of most online businesses around the world. Being a top SEO Company in India, we know it more than anyone else. We bring together our skills in the SEO domain and so many ethical white hat search engine optimization techniques to achieve the business goals. Whether you want more organic traffic, online visibility, or more potential leads, we can assist you out. Our SEO process is based around an ever-evolving trends and Google algorithms.

Our monthly-priced white label SEO services can offer you and your clients a real-time dashboard sharing SEO reports for comprehensive understanding of campaign performance. If you are a business or individual and looking to refer your companies and clients to us for a profit fee, then SEO India has some attractive areas for you.

Our Efficient SEO Process

Every project we take on-board is never started as soon as we are assigned. Our team has to follow a proper procedure to begin with their projects whether it is app development, website development, or SEO or other marketing project. It has a hierarchy that everyone has to follow. We have mentioned the details below

Requirement specification

No project can ever begin without taking the requirements from the clients in detail. When you share your requirements with us, our team make a note of that to use when they work on the projects so that they are not missing on any details you share.


The next step we follow in the order is to analyze all the requirements you mention us to plan a strategy and share it with you. This strategy is what needed to help you attain your business goals. It is important to analyze the requirements otherwise the strategy would not be lined up for success.

Platform selection

Now our team will identify the most significant and influencing platforms where the campaign will run. We cannot just pick up any random platform to promote you because it is not going to make the influence as expected.

Content creation

Content is always the most important element in every marketing campaign and even for website. Content will help bridge the gap and build understanding among your brand and customers.


We never fail to share regular reports about the projects to show the clients what we have done in a time being. The reports will help you know what we have achieved and the progress running on the project.

SEO Company in India

Hire an SEO Company in India to Boost Website Sales & Revenues

Sevenstar Websolutions is specialized Company in search engine optimization services, Local SEO Services, link building, local business listing, web analytics, Online Reputation Management, social media marketing and many more.

Thinking of online success without Search engine optimization is next to impossible in present day scenario. What remains a fact that in order to see your website among the top ranking websites in the happening search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, one has to ensure a good SEO campaign. A thoughtful SEO campaign can work wonders and can help you achieve heights which otherwise would have been a daunting task.

In simple words, an SEO company helps you to consolidate a firm footing in the internet through different marketing strategies that help in the over growth of the business and success on the whole. SEO India is one such firms that gives you all the necessary leads in making your website one of the most visited with their unique and extremely comprehensive SEO campaigns that are well blended with cutting edge and most advance technology available in the market from start to finish. Here are some of the prominent services that are offered by SEO India to give your website the much needed branding in the web.

What the Things We Provide You in SEO Services?

First of all, We analyze your and your competitor's website and after depth analysis, we suggest you best relevant keywords to start SEO work. We fix all on-page issues and make website SEO and Search engine friendly. We provide you monthly work report and progress report and free technical support 24*7.

Seach Engine Optimization
1 Analysis
Keyword Research
2. Keyword
Responsvie website Design
Design Search Engine
Friendly Web Sites
3. Design
submissions to Industry Specific Engines
Submissions to Industry
Specific Engines
4. Submissions
 Regular Reporting & Tracking
Regular Reporting & Tracking
of your Web Site
5. Reporting
 Click Campaigns

Our efficient SEO Process

How do We Generate Organic Traffic on Your Website?

Best SEO agencies in India try to make themselves familiar with the technique behind the positioning of the campaign and understands complete need of the client that enables the campaign to become a successful SEO campaign. The top SEO agencies are known for their sincerity and diligence and follow a no-spam – policy. This infers that the SEO will not use any strategy that may pose any threat to the ranks of the website with the search engines. The top SEO companies in India have vision that makes them the best. They do not consider themselves as mere vehicles of communication and on the contrary ensure that they become the windows for the website through which they can see the light of success.

The SEO campaign appears to be a daunting task considering all the different aspects, perhaps what is even more important is to to understand the whole mechanism of SEO campaigns and how it elevates a simple online search to an exciting experience on the whole. The blend of profound content with cutting edge technology along with different SEO tools is the formula to yield huge traffic to the website and a sure conversion of surfers to customers. Top SEO companies, cater to their clients needs with array of smart applications that ensures quality at every step. These are few steps that is generally followed by top SEO firms to ensure that their client reaps maximum benefit from the campaign.

Our SEO Strategies to Generate Traffic on Website

Detailed consultation

Detailed consultation

Best SEO firms in India believe that before starting any SEO campaign, it is quintessential to have a detailed discussion with the client. Any person is the best person to know his or her business than anyone else. And as an SEO expert it is important to gain an insight about each and every aspect of the business and also understand the clients need and expectation.

Identifying keywords

Identifying keywords

SEO campaigns thrives on keywords. It will not be wrong to say that keyword is the soul of any SEO campaign. An appropriate keyword will ensure the traffic that get generated and also the overall web presence. Thus it is important beyond measure that the SEO team should be competent enough to find out the relevant keyword and use it accordingly in the campaign.

Competitors Analysis

Competitor Analysis

To analyze the present competition, you need technical intelligence. Seven Star Websolutions is primarily an SEO company where information and proficiency combine to yield the essential output. We have a team of SEO Experts who are proficient in all facets of SEO. We conduct a systematic market research and analysis to provide you top ranking is search engine and achieve good ROI.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

A website without quality content is like ocean without water. Content is as important as finding the right keyword. Without profound content, success of any website remains a far fetched idea. The content of the website should be strictly in accordance with the purpose of the website.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website optimization is nothing but the process that considers each and every finer detail of the website and ensures that they all are fixed and placed at the right place to catch eyeballs. There are various aspects that make a good website and also become an important reason for its failure.

Website Optimization


It is important that SEO specialist have a strong understanding of technology to be able to understand the technical requirement of any website and its codes. The top SEO firms ensure that they are able to give a clean and search engine friendly and user friendly website to the clients.

Renaming Web Page

Renaming Web Page

With the kind of fierce competition in the web, SEO experts have now found that even keywords that are included in the key phrase of the URL also hold great relevance in the search. The SEO experts ensure that appropriate keywords are also placed in the URL so that it boost search visibility.

SEO Services in Delhi

Do you want to improve your website ranking on search results? Don't stress out as our team can help your website nurture in organic results & target relevant search that help your brand gets visibility in Google search results with strategic planning

SEO can help get great results with the help of popular tactics and strategies. You can see the rising need to include online reputation management in your SEO process authority for getting credibility that is becoming increasingly critical to search results performance.

Our strategic goal makes an impact in SEO marketing and listens to the client's business goal, figure out those perceptions, and create a customized strategy about online marketing and a contributor in wide-ranging marketing. We always pursue decent white hat SEO practices to gather result without any Google penalties. We offer a full range of Digital Marketing and SEO services with sincerity and truthfulness. If you suppose what features any SEO services provider must offer, make sure to check below mentioned -

Over A Decade of Experience

Professional Service

Anyone who wants to connect to an SEO agency is sure to get a professional and expert level service from them. People working with us are experts in their niche and have sufficient understanding of the job. You can expect end to end content creation, site review; and technical advice like a consistent web hosting, error pages, java scripts, etc. from them. We are experts in the areas we work that bring a lot of value to the organization or individual can be wishing for displaying product or services.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We always focus on end results when we work with SEO service. The complete responsibility of the search engine result and website optimization lies with our top search engine optimization company. This is mentioned as a clause with the purchase order and the SEO reputation claim it fully. After we make the changes and modifications required, SEO takes advice from the business. If your business is convinced with the SEO’s execution the changes can make influence and helps proper optimization and visibility.

Customer satisfaction

Ease to Maintain

If you are eagerly looking for an SEO company and hire one for you, it you can say that there is an immense peace of mind. It is because of the fact that they affect even any slight changes or modifications as they work separately for the website optimization in different search engines. The concerned team handling the SEO agency in our organization can get required reports and feedbacks without being bothered much for the performance.

Problem Centric Approach


If an organization or individual is looking for an SEO service provider in Delhi who handles one or many different projects at the same time we have an ideal in-house team and our SEO experts focus onto offer fastest ranking.

Strategic Approach

Customized Services

Another important factor you should consider is whether the company provides strategies that can meet your business expectations and unique goals. No two businesses.

Planned & Researched

Past Success

The first step of understanding how experienced a company is can be by looking at their past works. Understand what your existing or previous clients have to say. Identify if they help their clients to rank on Google and you can check our client’s testimonials to check their rank & their success with us.

Looking to improve Rankings in Google?

Please get in touch to discuss your requirement.

Our SEO Services Process

Our SEO Services Process

SEO Packages

SEO Packages Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Keywords Plan 10 20 40 60
Price Per Month USD 149 USD 249 USD 449 USD 649
Price Per Year $ 1788 $ 1588 $ 2988 $ 2788 $ 5388 $ 5188 $ 7788 $ 7588
Time duration 6 months
Review and Analysis
In-depth site analysis
Broken link analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Competition analysis
Competition analysis 1 Competitor 2 Competitors 3 Competitors 3 Competitors
Keyword analysis
Google Penalty Check
Initial Rank Report
On Page optimization
Redirect Checks
Meta Tag Optimization 10 Pages 30 Pages 50 Pages 80 Pages
W3C Markup Validation Check
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
Page H1 & H2 Tags Optimization
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
Robots.txt Creation / Analysis
HTML Sitemap
XML Sitemap
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics
Content Optimization (per month)
Blog writing 1 3 5 7
Article writing 1 3 5
Press release writing 1 1 3 5
Guest Blog posting 2 4
Classified Writing
(Only for product based sites)
2 3 5 7
Off Page / Link Building (per month)
Article Submission
Article Social Bookmarking 5 15 25
Press Release submission 5 in Respective Month
Premium Press Release(Optional) 1 2
Blog Submission 1 3 5 7
Classified Submission
(Only for product based sites)
10 15 20 25
Web 2.0 Profile Creations & Submissions 1 2 4 6
Social Bookmarking 5 10 20 40
Press release Social Bookmarking 5 in Respective Month
Infographic Creation 10 15 25
Infographic Promotion 5 10 20 40
Slide Creation 3 5 7
Slide Promotion 15 25 35
Image Sharing(Provided by clients)
Social Media Optimization (per month)
Google plus Business Page setup
Author Markup Verification
With Google +
Facebook & Twitter a/c set up
Profile Content writing
Facebook wall updates
Twitter update
Google + update
Custom Twitter backgrounds
Facebook Timeline Design
Local Search Optimization
Google + Local/ Bing Listing Center Optimization
Business Listing 2 3 5 7
Genuine Review Posting 2 3 5 7
Monthly Reporting
Search Engine Rank Report
SEO reports
Google Analytics Analysis Report
Activity Report
Monthly Action Plan
Customer Support
Email / Chat / Online
Just To Start

Be ready to face inventive updates linked to every business module. Our team of SEO experts uses a common platform to boost online user traffic, sales number and economical investment. It hardly ever happens that opportunity knocks the door so it is the right time to catch Our SEO Services and when it comes to you. Our SEO Company in India offers you with top-rated solutions.


    Being a foremost provider of SEO Consultant Service provider in India, we use various tools for keyword analysis and research. Keyword Research is somehow crucial because it acts as a magnet for your relevant audience. Being a search engine optimization (SEO) services company we know what is relevant to your business. To execute keyword research, we use tools like Google adwords, Bing Keyword Research Tools, and Keyword Planner Tools.


    If you’re looking for SEO Reseller Services then surely you are at the right place with us. We have numerous projects or hundreds of keywords to be ranked; and for this, you can hire dedicated SEO resources from Seven Star Websolutions for Off-page SEO, On-page SEO, content marketing, and SEO copywriting services.


    Our SEO method is continuously changing as Google is updating its algorithm. Our proven on-page SEO techniques and link building tricks will help you to make a different position in search engine results. To see what works and we analyze your and your competitor’s site to incorporate our SEO process.


    Every business needs diverse SEO plan. We have gained a lot of knowledge from our past experience that every case requires a modified SEO plan that ultimately provides a right solution for the issues and shortcomings of that particular brand. Our team of SEO experts has both patience and strategy, to offer solutions. With top-rated SEO results under the belt, we are absolutely amongst the top SEO companies in India.

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