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Ecommerce mobile app development

E-commerce is one of the top industries that have drastically changed the way people used to do shopping. Everything right from buying clothes, food, electronics, healthcare facilities, and cars can be bought online. Businesses aim to establish a concrete presence on this platform so they can relate with the user base and we can help you achieve the desired users for your ecommerce business. You can hire our team of efficient and skilled eCommerce mobile app developers and take help of our exceptional app development services. Developing apps for eCommerce platform has made shopping to be a pleasing experience for all. You don’t have to go out from the comfort of your house or visit a multiple of stores to look for what you need now. ECommerce businesses allow you to shop wherever, whenever. It starts by taking your brick-and-mortar businesses online now with the e-commerce mobile apps.

Our eCommerce mobile apps are capable of delivering your direct requirements of the new market trends and line up all process digitally to make sure of the business stability. From taking your business online to upgrading the present line of products/services, our ecommerce mobile app development and ecommerce web app development that help you enhance your inventory and develop customer loyalty. Define your custom-built marketplace online quickly with our e-business mobile application development services. Sevenstar Websolutions is one of the top-notch e-commerce mobile app development service providers that have fetched all possible functionality and custom-built e-commerce mobile apps that make buying more accessible. Eye-catchy design, influential control panel, and smooth functioning are our main objectives. We work on your dream with our utmost dedication by developing an immediate and complicated e-commerce app which helps you get your products to the buyers first.

  • Requirement analysis - The app development process with Sevenstar Websolutions begins with the review and analysis of our client’s business requirements. Monitoring the business arena, target location, and considering your requirements, our ecommerce mobile app development company has a team that helps you to grab the ideally suitable e-commerce app for your business.

  • Designing- Later to this, our mobile app designers prepare a draft to frame a figure and design of the app and our designer invest their skills to design most adaptive screen for the app so that it can run on almost all Android and iOS app platforms.

  • Development - The app designs after approval from the client are sent to the development team to make the functionality work in actual. All the modules are then combined and integrated together to build one favorable for your business.

  • Testing - The app after development is now sent to testing to identify bugs or malfunction if founded and then are removed as well as improve the performance rate, and other mitigating factors are also observed.

  • Launch - After doing a full testing on app, we take the final approval from clients and then take the app for launch in all different app stores. The app is not launched until it is fully tested and all the bugs are removed.

  • Maintenance - If after the launch of app you see any bugs or errors in the app and updates are required, we can do it for you so you can offer improved version of app.

Industry verticals we build ecommerce app for

Furniture Store

Your online furniture selling store can be launched on a large scale with our exclusive e-commerce mobile app in Delhi where all your furniture can be displayed altogether.

Grocery Shop

Our mobile app development team can create a well-defined feature-rich online shopping app that support your grocery selling business to take it to a different level.

Health Care Products

You can offer great quality of healthcare service for your patients and can provide them medical assistance online so the patients are in good state and absolutely fine.

Electronic Store

You can highlight your available stocks and electronic equipments upcoming in the near future in your stores over a smooth mobile app to enhance your business presence.

Food Delivery App

You can enhance the reach of your food kiosk with the help of a mobile app that serves not only in a locality but all over the city and in your region.

Medicine ordering app

Patients can order medicines anytime they want so they have a faster access to the required medicine and dosage. Your pharmacy can help others to get medical assistance on time.

Fashion Store

Your fashion store can sell products and accessories over wide location so you have a wider reach to audience and get more customers.

Features of eCommerce Mobile User App


With the easy registration/login process, you can have delighted conversion rates. Offering social media integration for sign up and log in, help to have easy reach to your app.

Easy Checkout

Many online shopping apps have multiple screens for checkout. We can create customized apps to help your customers have faster processing by securely saving the card and other transaction details.

Push Notifications

It is easy to communicate with your customers, keep them updated on upcoming discounts, or promotions. User engagement will show them that you care about them.


If you want to expand the audience for your eCommerce business to over the boarders then you must offer multiple languages support in your app.

Shopping Cart

By adding shopping carts in your app you can allow users to add products they like and simple check out immediately or later.

Reviews & Ratings

Customers can leave their reviews and ratings on the products they purchase which will encourage others to buy from you.

Coupons & Promo Codes

If you offer discount, coupons, rewards, and promo codes in your app you can encourage users to buy more products at a discounted rate


Offering multiple options can stimulate easy transactions through debit cards, various gateways, etc.

Track order

Users of the app will be able to track their order in real time and check where their product is at certain instance of time.

Order History

With the order history, customers will be able to see the products they have bought earlier.

Benefits of ecommerce app

Mobile business is growing progressively these days and if you are looking to make a successful enterprise and emphasize on getting more customers and improving sales, the significance of mobile e-Commerce solutions should not be ignored. Actually, there are several reasons why you should own a mobile app for your online shop.

  • Even though a mobile application is just like a replica of the existing business website, it is properly optimized, customized and finely designed, which considerably boosts user experience and eases the acquirement and retaining new clients. They find themselves in a supportive online store where they can select from many goods and buy them without any hassle
  • Mobile apps help in building strong connections among brands and customers.
  • Mobile applications are quite versatile and user-friendly. Their implementation can be quite costly, they are possible to improve sales. The connection is simple that says a quality app with the supportive concept and functionality which brings more clients; more orders, and consequently, your earnings will surely be increasing.
  • Smartphones can now swap physical cash and credit cards since the introduction of contactless mobile. Apps provide ease, and security. In order to make checkout, you don’t have to take out a wallet, banknotes, or credit cards.
  • Smartphones are always with your buyers, which mean there are higher chances of making contact with your mobile app solution. A buyer doesn’t have to visit anywhere to buy or order a service. Your store is always there with them at hand.

Getting an e-Commerce site is good and starts working as soon as the project goes live. It helps to test how the business concept performs and offers information about the intended market. But a website is not sufficient for higher development and convincing a wide spectrum audience. This is the main reason for online retailers to understand the importance of developing mobile e-Commerce apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An e-Commerce app can boost the company and improve ROI since you get to be in touch with a much larger customer base as compared to traditional methods. An e-Commerce website allows you to stay open 24/7, i.e. round the clock not just during regular serving hours. No matter how renowned your brand is, and if you have low conversion rate, your profits will consequently be low. An e-Commerce app helps you raise the conversion rate, as the customers will be able to buy online than visiting a physical store. An eCommerce store is easier to build, set up, run, and maintain than a brick and mortar store.
Before discussing your e-Commerce app development you must consider some fundamentals that can offer you ease at choosing the right platform. The first and important thing to know is what products you want to sell. You should also keep a note of important aspects like UX design, security, and third-party tools integration, offered features, etc. before finalizing the platform. Our expert eCommerce mobile app developers can guide through and support you to pick a suitable platform for your online store.
The cost of an e-commerce app development depends on many factors like the list of features, size, complexity, and your business type, and the number of sales you wish to drive through your app every day. It is as simple as it is i.e. more features will surely demand more money.
If you want to get car wash app development services from the right company, you need to get an overview the client reviews left for companies. You can check if a business is dealing in customized or on-demand app solutions. You can hire the committed team of software developers of Sevenstar Websolutions for getting the supreme quality products at a very reasonable price.
We can add a variety of modes within your eCommerce application. We offer multiple choices for credit and debit cards, enables net banking, and others can be added to your app using different gateways like Braintree, or Stripe. We can also provide you the option for cash on delivery or eWallets accepted by your country.
Yes, we do also digital marketing services for websites and apps. We have helped businesses with organic as well as paid search engine optimization experts of our teams, who are skilled at preparing absolute marketing strategies for businesses.

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