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Real Estate  Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Like any other business owner in real estate industry, you must be having too much to do such as real estate listing on so several websites, bind property data, real estate marketing, appointments scheduling, documents compilation, showing properties to clients, paperwork, etc. If you try to manage everything by yourself, you won’t have enough time to focus on your business expansion. You should hire a virtual assistant for real estate and hand then over your less priority tasks. This will save a considerable amount of time; you can use to focus on more important and fundamental business activities.

A real estate virtual assistant usually works

as a remote worker who performs different tasks that are relevant to your real estate industry. A real estate virtual assistant can provide you the advantage you need to bloom in real estate. For closing a major real-estate project deal, you might need to perform a lot of tasks such as paperwork, properties listing for online sale, appointments, & meetings scheduling, handling calls, and responding to emails along with many other tasks that you don’t have to handle on your own. That is where expert Virtual Assistant for Real Estate comes to help! Just give a thought. What you could do with all the time spent you have spent scheduling meetings, organizing paperwork, or managing the listings?

Sevenstar Websolutions has a team of expert, well-trained, and courteous Real Estate Virtual Assistants in India, capable of handling your administrative and office tasks remotely, at a cost that is just a fraction of what you might to in-house employee.

Activities with which our Virtual assistants for
Real Estate can help

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Administrative real estate VA

Administrative virtual assistants for real estate have great set of expertise including office management, scheduling meetings, data entry, phone calls, and back-end duties such as expending and bookkeeping. Anything that comes under the scope of office management lies within their gamut of their job.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Sales real estate VA

Sales virtual assistant works as an outworker to help you build competent sales process with cold outwit via phone and email to find new and consumers, cultivate potential leads, and convert better deals.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Customer support real estate VA

Virtual assistants in the customer service are adept to handle calls and emails to offer a pleasing experience to your clients. The customer support virtual assistants will regularly respond to client queries, guide customers, process refunds requests, CRM management, and collect feedback to reinforce the operations going on at your organization.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Marketing real estate VA

A marketing virtual assistant team will craft and implement the marketing strategy on all pretenses including search, social, and email. The VAs will create customized content for every platform and help you serve your best foot forward.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Post, Design and Maintain Listings

When you are a real estate person, you might be available on a handful of sites for listing your properties. You can't even imagine coping up to keep updated, while managing your client base and new business launches. When you have on your side a real estate Virtual Assistant for managing your listings, you can relax knowing your listings are always up-to-the-minute and focus on what you do best like selling property.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant


If you are juggling with bringing new projects, meeting deadlines, and providing your schedules, a virtual assistant for real estate on your team will help you with everyday operations. Hire professional who has experience with working in the real estate industry. A real estate VA can help you to perform numerous tasks to run your office smoothly.


In today’s high-end real estate competition, people working in the industry have to work even harder than they were doing earlier to make their presence known in the marketplace. Everyday tasks associated with running your business can become so overwhelming that you might lose focus from major goals and vision. The concern for so many real estate agents is that they do lag the support they need to expand their business and focus on their business operations simultaneously. A real estate virtual assistant USA is an economical practice to enhance your team support anywhere and at any time, as you need it whether it is marketing, listing coordination, or lead generation and follow-up. Hiring a Virtual assistant for real estate tasks allow you the time you need to emphasize your clients’ needs and accomplish your goals. Our professional virtual assistant services are customized to the individual needs and it can consist of marketing activities, lead generation, & lead management, listing management, managing transactions, blogging, social media management, and promotion of your professional presence with the cutting edge technology.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants India can help to further your hunt for excellence. Trust in our experience and expertise to help you with what you don’t have time to pursue. You will be able to have time for fun while enjoying doing real estate business. Just don’t think twice if you want to grow your business and take out time for your family and friends. Hire Virtual Assistants in India and just dissolve your worries.

 REAL ESTATE Virtual Assistant

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