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Does Your Company’s Online Reputation Work in 2020?

We hope that your 2020 has begun on a good note. Though, the first month of January is about to end and hoping that you have also adopted the right measures to keep your online reputation on track. Have you taken such steps? If not, then it’s doesn’t sound futuristic. Have you ever analyzed your […]

How to Optimise Video For The Top Search Engine Rankings

Do you post videos in your site? Have you ever optimised it? Video marketing is the best way of promoting your services in the search engine but at the same time, you also have to keep one thing in mind that video can make or break your brand. For utilising its best benefit, you need to optimise videos too otherwise the results can disappoint you.

Google Webmaster Report – August 2019

It’s really been a quite busy month in terms of Google updates. The topic included mainly in these updates are Google SEO, Google Search Console, Google Local and even many more. Well, the maximum of these are unconfirmed where one is nicknamed as Maverick Update. The confirmed one was featured snippets update which presents the […]