Covid-19 Guidelines

It’s not the time to get panic, it’s time to fight the situation

Let us get together to defeat Coronavirus with some guidelines listed below-

  1. Wash your hands more frequently in every hour with any hand wash and water for around 26 seconds thoroughly especially when you have just arrived from public place, had a sneeze or cough.
  2. If you do not have water and soap/hand-wash around you no worries keep an alcohol based hand sanitizer with you every time you step out of your house. It will keep your hands germs free without washing.
  3. Make sure not to touch your face, nose, mouth and eyes with hands that are not germs free.
  4. Always cover your mouth with a face mask while you step out of your house to get yourself protected against the deadly virus.
  5. It’s necessary to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between you and other person you are talking to.
  6. Always make sure to throw the used tissues in garbage bin.
  7. If you are not well, stay at your home and go for medical care only if needed.
  8. It’s mandatory to wear face mask and maintain a safe distance of 4 feet when you are sick.
  9. It’s important to understand that stepping out of home should be done only if it is very much needed.
  10. Social distancing and hygiene maintenance is the key to be safe from coronavirus.
  11. The citizens who are of age more than 65 years and children under the age of 8 years must not step out of their homes and maintain as much hygiene as you can plus eat healthy.
  12. Don’t rush immediately to hospitals if you find yourself showing symptoms of virus, take advice from doctors through call and stay at home ensuring your isolation.