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Remove Personal Information From the Internet

From sensitive banking details or the pics that you don't want to appear online. Like every person, you also probably have some online stuff that you don't others to find. Removing some of your personal details from Google could reduce the chances of appearing your information among fraudsters. If you are willing to take steps to protect your identity on Google then we here, we have some tips to remove personal information from Google.

How does personal information lands on the internet?

When the fraudsters get access to your personal information on Google then it could be a severe problem. Once they know your full name and personal details then they use both together for fraudulent activities like identity stolen, wreak havoc on your finances, send phishing attempts and more.

Following are the examples of online personal information:

  • Information like full name, residential address, contact no. and academic history
  • Bank details like A/C no. and login information
  • Account credentials like user names and passwords for web
  • Health insurance details or health information
  • Identification numbers like tax identification and passport number

How thieves stole your data?

There are four ways through which your fraudsters steal your data:

Data Breach- It happens when the unauthorised individuals break into the databases to steal. They release PII (personally identifying information on the hard-to-find web, basically on the dark sites. Their targeted information includes the driving license number, financial & medical records, email address & its password and social security number.

Data Brokers- There are companies in the market that collects and sell the data that get their legal hands-on, like full name, DOB, contact no., residential address, marriage records, social media profiles, criminal history etc. The information is consolidated from the dozens of various public records, then compile it online to sell.

Social Media & Blogs- The social media profiles may contain everything that the offenders require to steal your identity like full name, a city where you live, workplace, family & friend pics, favourite brands and hobbies. Remove the social media account and blog makes tough for the fraudsters to get your personal details and use it further for their fraudulent purposes.

Web-browsing habits- Various websites use cookies policy that tracks your browsing history. It usually used to present targeted ads to you. Though, the hackers too can get their hands on the browsing history and use it for scam or get access to your bank accounts.

Online Reputation Management Services

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At Sevenstar Websolutions, we help our clients to remove their personal information from Google. Though, it's a gradual process and can't be completed in one night. We follow the systematic approach to tackle the hurdles lies on the way of removing yourself from the internet. We have a specialised technique that we execute on regular time intervals to remove your personal information.

Along with this, keep a few caveats in mind that: It might be impossible to delete all your personal information from the internet. You could put off the future employers and loose your potential clients due to not being surfacing in the SERPs. But at the same time, personal information removal service can protect your identity, finances and information.

If you are dealing with the same problem then feel free to contact us.

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