Remove Personal Information from the Internet

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Remove Personal Information from the Internet

We are living in a world where almost everything is accessible and having your personal information over the net that can identify you is not a good scenario. If you are thinking your personal information is safe, then you need to think once more. Keeping your personal information safe now in digital world is actually an exception. From sensitive banking, details or the pictures that you don't want to appear online. Like every person, you also probably have some online stuff that you do not others to find. Removing some of your personal details from Google could reduce the chances of appearing your information among fraudsters. If you are willing to take steps to protect your identity on Google, then we here, we have some tips to remove personal information from Google. Being one of the top online reputation management companies, we understand the importance of esteem a business or a person has. We also realize how risky it is to have personal information about you on internet. But don't put more stress on your mind, if you’re worried about how to remove personal information from internet, since we have a set of experts that have knowledge in guiding you to right direction.

Remove Personal Information
remove online personal information

How does personal information lands on the internet?

When the fraudsters get access to your personal information on Google then it could be a severe problem. Once they know your full name and personal details then they use both together for fraudulent activities like identity stolen, wreak havoc on your finances, and send phishing attempts and more.

Following are the examples of online personal information:

  • Information like full name, residential address, contact no. and academic history
  • Bank details like A/C no. and login information
  • Account credentials like user names and passwords for web
  • Health insurance details or health information
  • Identification numbers like tax identification and passport number
Remove personal information from Google
Remove personal information from Google Removing Your Personal Information

How thieves stole your data?

The fraudsters can steal your data through four ways:

  • Data Breach - It happens when the unauthorised individuals break into the databases to steal. They release PII (personally identifying information on the hard-to-find web, on the dark sites. Their targeted information includes the driving license number, financial & medical records, email address, & its password and social security number.

  • Data Brokers - There are companies in the market that collects and sell the data that get their legal hands-on, like full name, DOB, contact no., residential address, marriage records, social media profiles, criminal history etc. The information is consolidated from the dozens of various public records, and then compiles it online to sell.

  • Social Media & Blogs - The social media profiles may contain everything that the offenders require to steal your identity like full name, a city where you live, workplace, family & friend pics, favourite brands and hobbies. Remove the social media account and blog makes tough for the fraudsters to get your personal details and use it further for their fraudulent purposes.

  • Web-browsing habits - Various websites use cookies policy that tracks your browsing history. It usually used to present targeted ads to you. Though, the hackers too can get their hands on the browsing history and use it for scam or get access to your bank accounts.

How to remove personal information from Google?

At Sevenstar Websolutions, we help our clients to remove their personal information from Google. Though, it's a gradual process and can't be completed in one night. We follow the systematic approach to tackle the hurdles lies on the way of removing yourself from the internet. We have a specialised technique that we execute on regular time intervals to remove your personal information.

Along with this, keep a few caveats in mind that: It might be impossible to delete all your personal information from the internet. You could put off the future employers and lose your potential clients due to not being surfacing in the SERPs. But at the same time, personal information removal service can protect your identity, finances, and information.

Remove your personal information from Google
How to Remove Personal Information From the Internet How to Delete Personal Information From the Internet

Where can you find personal information other than Google?

There are other several products that Google offers and you might have personal information about you listed there. Let us undertake some of them one by one to understand what those signify -

Yahoo or Bing Search Engine - People are also using search engines like Yahoo and Bing other than Google, and ignoring your personal information removal from these can lead you to a big trouble. So ensure removal from these platform as soon as possible.

Blogging Platform - Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr etc. are a leading blogging platform, people are using to enhance their experience, and help themselves flourish with a great pace. But if such platform has any information you want to remove, Google will not simply allow you to remove personal information. However, if someone suspiciously is using your genuine name in illicit activities, you can request a monitoring and you can go for the removal process.

YouTube - Google Video and YouTube are two video platforms offered by Google to view and share video content. Google generally doesn’t offer removal of content that is owned by others but you can request for the removal.

Other Online forums - Google Groups is an online discussion forum offered by Google but Google is not allowing the removal of personal information from this product. There are other online forums too that are meant to allow people get answers to their queries as soon as possible with ease. There are online discussion boards, where people post their queries to get solutions, or answer the query posted by someone else. If you have some information listed there that can easily identify you or can be used inappropriately, you should immediately request for its removal.

Removing your personal information from the internet

Removing personal information from Google is a detailed process and it can't be done in one week or one month. If you want the removal of personal information from internet, you have to be patient and enduring. You have to remember some warnings like -

  • It might not be possible to remove the information permanently from the web.
  • Once you remove your profiles, or personal information, you might not appear in the search engine results.
How to delete yourself from the internet

Delete social media accounts

We prepare a list of all of your social media accounts you are reachable on, like Facebook and Instagram. Visit all sites to deactivate your profiles. You can also ask to delete your transaction details; credit card information and email id’s if you want more privacy of data.

How to delete yourself from the internet

Delete information from data collecting sites

If you want to exclude yourself from the websites that collect your data like PeopleFinder, we contact the owner of such sites. The process for each website is different but don't worry, our experts know all of these.

How To Remove Your Personal Information From Google

Remove past search results

Search engine can tell many details about you, what you like, what age group you belongs to, what region you are from, and many other details. The process requires asking Google any data that shows your personal information even though the removal is not 100% guaranteed.

 Remove Personal Info from Google

Removal of blogs and or personal sites

Blogs might have your personal details like jobs, health information and financial situation, which a fraudster can use for unethical purposes.

Personal Information

Why is personal information online?

1. Data leakage - You might have heard of the dark web where people buy and sell individual’s personal and private information. It happens when a hacker peeps with unauthorized access into a secured database and steals confidential info. The information here can be a passport, financial records, medical records, and others. This causes the exposure of your personal information to is the outer world.

2. Unbarred data dealers - There are numerous data brokers available online who provide access to your personal information to anyone for as little as 10USD. They sell your data to anyone over a good internet connection, of which people can take irrelevant advantage.

3. Social media usage - When you plan to remove personal information from the internet don't forget to consider these social media sites. Since if you are operating the account without privacy you have chances of information leakage.

4. Browsing habits - We often see there are several sites that ask you to accept cookies. It is to serve you a better browsing experience; however, some scammers or fraudsters might misuse this for their benefit.

Can Reputation Management Agencies help to remove personal information from Internet?

Here comes the most important question in reputation management, what to do if you find yourself in an objectionable position over the internet? It can ruin the whole reputation that you have built by spending years of effort and hard work. People can use your personal information for their derogatory purpose and exploit it adversely against you.

Let's say for e.g. - you had a court case 10 years ago and that case got your name dragged to Google. This causes your name to appear in the limelight of negative search results on Google. But now when 10 years have passed out and you have started a business, it might affect you because whenever people will make a search with your name on Google it will surely bring those in results too. And if those are appearing on the first page, then my dear friend your reputation and business are at stake. Even after proving yourself innocent if those results are still there on Google, you need to consider it.

Having any negative personal information over the internet can be really nerve-wracking. In such a case, you can only do one thing, hire the best online reputation management agencies to help you get over the situation. They will push down the negative search results at least if not removed. Removal of negative personal information is great but if the company push down the negative personal information beyond the 3rd and 4th page of Google, it will also be great. It might take a span of least 3-4 months but if they are doing it well, you will surely notice effective results and a great business.

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet How to remove your details from the internet

How is it possible to remove negative information from the internet?

It becomes of utmost importance for the businesses to manage their reputation especially when they find themselves at a disputed spot. Choosing the correct reputation management firm and an impactful reputation management strategy is a bit challenging. Every circumstance requires a different approach. We cannot apply a strategy we built for insurance detail removal to the one for transaction details removal. What to do then? Here is a basic procedure that we follow to prepare a proper strategy.

1. Acknowledgement - The process begins with the analysis of problem to identify what the actual problem is since it is an imperative step to understand how it can be changed and what you can do to avoid it in the future.

2. Get removed the negative listings - if negative content is over social media, it can be removed anyhow with different methods. You can ask the publisher to remove it, but it can be time-consuming and have a low success score, and even after the publisher deletes it can be in search engine results. The only way to remove the negative article is to get it de-indexed from Google. And when the publisher refuses, it’s time to follow the ORM strategies to overcome.

3. Push down negative information - When removal of negative personal information doesn’t work push down negative personal information works as a lifeline. By implementing powerful SEO strategies and creative content creation, you can push down negative information beyond the 3rd page of Google. You can use Google AdWords, , or paid marketing techniques in order to achieve this.

How to keep personal information safe over internet?

  • Encrypt your data - When you are browsing over search engines, you can keep it safe. You can keep your transactions safe by with some encryption software that muddles the info you send through internet. Check if the status bar or your browser window has a lock sign. This will signify that your information is safe during transmission.

  • Keep your passwords private - You should employ strong passwords, whether for laptops, credit cards, bank locker, bank accounts, and other important stuff. Think of some creative passwords, use letters in variation, use numerical, and special characters.

  • Stay alert from impostor - Always ensure to check whom you are sharing information with. Do not share your sensitive information to anyone over the phone calls, email, or other sources, until and unless you began the conversation. Check for the person’s details or his company in your browser contact the staff and ask for their details. Ask them whether they have sent you the some details.

  • Stay away from phishing mails - Never open files, emails, or click on links sent to you by unknown person. This could lead to injection of some virus or malware to your mobile or computer systems.

  • Be smart with Wi-Fi - Prior to sharing your personal information over smartphone or laptop, over Wi-Fi or public wireless network, see if your info is safe. If you utilize a safe and secure wireless network, whatever information you share is cosseted.

If you are dealing with the same problem then feel free to contact us. If you want a quick and reliable fix, you can contact Sevenstar Websolutions that will give you assured results. We have a bunch of professionals experienced enough to help you get what you are looking for. Give a call to our team today to discuss your concerns.

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet How to remove your details from the internet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. As we know, internet has made is easy for anyone to find anyone. One can get access to almost everything you searching for. It has made our lives easy. But when your personal information is available on the internet, there is a risk of it getting into the wrong hands. There are several people who can breach, sale, or use it for other illicit purposes. And if you are not removing any information that can recognize you, you are putting your reputation at stake. Therefore, you must consider to remove personal information from the internet.
Ans. Internet along with being the most useful and powerful asset of the digitalization era, can sometimes be the most disastrous liability too. People with negative minds and thoughts, might use your personal information for their misuse. The personal information can include
  • Identifiable details like name, contact, and address
  • Transaction credentials
  • Banking information
  • Health insurance details
Ans. It is not easy to remove personal information from Google by yourself on sites that you do not have control on. But it is possible to analyze and identify, if your personal information have been breached or not. For managing your information, you can hire a professional like Sevenstar Websolutions, who have years of experience and know how to remove personal information from search engines. Our team has skilled and proficient experts who are good at this and will even guide you through the way so you are aware of securing it in future.
Ans. The team of experts at Sevenstar Websolutions have enough of experience with the removal of personal information from internet. They have experienced and learnt several techniques and a long procedure they follow to make this happen. However, it might be difficult to remove all of your personal info online. If you do not take any steps to remove the negative content from Google search, you could lose potential clients and employees. There might be several questions coming to your mind like how to remove personal details from Google, how can i remove personal information from the internet, how to remove personal information from search engines and lot more. But do not worry, we can help you with the solution.
Ans. A normal removal process can take over 3-4 months at minimum. However, the time taken to remove the information depends on the content and sometimes it might take more than the promised timeline. But don't worry, we only promise what we can deliver.
Ans. The price charged for the removal of info from Google is not fixed. Once our team look at the information you want to delete and analyze it, they tell the exact price for the removal. If you are looking for the removal, you can contact us. We will surely help in the process.

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