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How can you suppress negative search results?

Suppressing negative search results is a tactic of Search Engine Optimization for Online Reputation Management where you implement strategies to push down the negative search results from search engines. It is done by publishing and updating positive content from the initial two pages of Google and other search engines. Suppression of negative search results, links, comments, etc. can help businesses or brands create an aura of their positive reputation.If negative results are showing up on Google in your name and for your brand then your reputation is at stake and you need to take efficient steps sooner than later. It’s not always possible to remove the results permanently; therefore techniques are used to push them down.We can help you build a positive, strong, and authentic reputation.

Importance of Google Search Results

Degradation of anyone or any business’s reputation starts with a bad or negative review, article, or blog post. These negative results are easily observable on your name in the search engine. Google will always find accurate information about your business. If shocking, or negative results are seen on the top, the customer won't be able to develop trust and credibility upon you.

A reputation crisis often starts when a bad review, blog post, or article directed at an individual or business is published. These negative articles are easily linked to your name and appear when someone does a quick search on Google.

Search engines like Google are designed to answer any question over search results that seem to be the best match of the keywords you use. Google shows the most appropriate information within few seconds to help you get the answer to your question.

Do you have any idea of what happens when a new customer, colleague, or hiring manager enters your name or business into Google? If they see the shocking or negative results first, they will start losing credibility and trust in you which decreases significantly in just a matter of few seconds.

Why is it needed to suppress the negative search results?

It is important to sink the negative search results because it will affect your business. Even a single negative review, comment, or result can cause a wobble in the faith of your customers upon you. Thus if you want to target a positive online reputation you have to work to bury the negative results down on the third to last page of Google. You must have heard, “the best place to hide a dead body is the third page of Google as no one visits there”. So try to push your results as down as possible.

How do I get rid of negative Google search results?

To “get rid” of Google search results, your key focus should be removing them from your first page of Google search results. Sometimes, removing unwanted negative search results is not an option due to freedom of speech. If the search results do not violate Google’s policies against prohibited and restricted content, your best option is to push negative search results down by creating new, fresh content that far surpasses the negative results on Google. The key lies within creating positive content in association with your name that is more relevant, helpful, and truthful compared to the negative results.

Why is it so difficult to remove negative results?

It might be somewhat difficult to delete any negative search result from Google. Due to the internet guidelines, it has been made somewhat difficult to remove such things from Google. When it is difficult to remove, one must focus on the suppression. Suppression of such negative results is also effective because there are only a few people who bother to look beyond the second or third page of Google.

How to suppress the negative search results?

The path to the suppression of bad or irrelevant results lies in the creation of positive and effective content. The suppression can be done by pushing down the negative content by publishing the positive one.

  • Create high-quality content - You can start by creating positive content based upon the strategy of using the relevancy of your brand, organized by SEO, competitor analysis, and keyword usage.
  • Active participation in conversation - You should be an active agent while responding to the comments and reviews on social media platforms, review sites, or other listing sites. Such websites are mostly appearing on the front pages of Google, so manage to have a positive impact on such platforms.
  • Remove results you can control - Remove any search result that you found controllable by you like negative images on any social media platform. It might take Google some weeks to show effects on deleted images or results. But remember, if you have deleted the images, they won't get open on click.

Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management

You must know that the best positive results come from positive creative content and effective SEO. SEO is an umbrella term that covers the efficiency of your online traffic. And you can bring good traffic by effective images, texts, videos, content, blogs forums, etc. ORM or Online Reputation Management uses SEO techniques to shape a brand’s reputation. It will also help you to monitor your reputation for any future threats or damages.

The importance of search engine optimization

A common mistaken belief about the suppression of negative content is that it’s quite nippy and easy peasy to achieve. Authentically done reputation management takes some time and consideration to the fine details. Several reputation management companies may fail here with creating some creative content. Yet, the best results will come from good quality writing and SEO.

SEO is a bedspread term that explains how professionally you are getting hold of web traffic online. This can be some images, text, videos, writing, posts, social media profiles, articles, blogs, forums, and more.

SEO will reward you with natural, unpaid results. In perception after the fact means the enhancements are real. Google experiences organic traffic as important content online, helping users get the finest answers to their questions by genuine sources.

Service claiming to “fix your negative search results”

If the publisher, who has shared the felonious content, declines to remove it, you may get convinced to get paid removal services. Sorry to say, this may be an expensive and demanding removal process. Often the discussions related to this process can take a long time as bury negative Google results can. There are numerous reasons but the two major ones are time and bargaining.

Site owners are cautious of their content and have invested their time or money in it. So they are not very friendly to the idea of removal. Mostly you can find the contact details on a site are not controlled frequently so you have to keep waiting to get an answer from the owner for long.

There are many businesses and “professionals” appearing everywhere claiming that they can help you bury negative Google results and repair your online presence rationally overnight. However, if this person or company is focused on brand building with long-term results in mind, then they will never make a promise that they can’t keep. The matter-of-the-fact is nobody has full control of Google results.

Why Choose Us to Remove Bad Reviews

Negative reviews can be daunting to any business or brand no matter how many are these? If you do not take any action to handle these, you can experience severe threats for your business. Our reputation repair experts offer first-rate and trustworthy solutions to suppress negative reviews and search results from Google.


Sevenstar Websolutions is a leading name in the myriad of online reputation management companies. We have been featured as a quality service provider for helping businesses suppress negative content, search results, and reviews.


Sevenstar Websolutions understands that there can be nothing like one-for-all in the ORM package since every business is different and has different goals. Therefore we offer you a customized package to remove bad reviews.


Sevenstar Websolutions is a reputed ORM company. Our ORM experts have long experience of working in distinct industries, including retail, finance, IT, and others.


Other than removing negative reviews and suppressing negative content, we work on spreading positive awareness about your business just for positive image building for your brand.


We are a leader in online reputation management and brand building. We have gained great experience for almost more than 9 years, and we offer guaranteed results to remove negative reviews.


Our ORM Company assigns a dedicated project manager to the projects to handle the communication and will be connected with our clients via phone/Skype to resolve your queries fast.


Our ORM Company assigns a dedicated project manager to the projects to handle the communication and will be connected with our clients via phone/Skype to resolve your queries fast.

Burying Negative Content

  • Burying Negative Comments – When negative comments are from a malevolent starting point, it is almost impossible to get them removed. So we bury negative comments to weaken their impact on a brand or personal image. Our team of SEO and Reputation experts pushes down negative search results beyond the 3rd or 4th pages of Google or other search engines. We use the standard SEO practices to bury fake content and swap it with positive content.
  • Boosting Online Image – We undertake a marketing process that not only increases your online visibility but fabricates a positive aura around your brand. It may involve creating profiles and pages for individuals for diverse social media platforms with regular updates. For businesses, we publish positive reviews over trustworthy review platforms. This will not only help in marketing your products and services and beginning the right covet in the minds of the potential customer but will also help in maintaining a clean search engine result page.

Methods to suppress negative links

  • 1. Requesting the Publisher to Remove - This is the easiest method possible, while if the host does not agree with you, we can ask to apply the No-Index Tag, to the HTML header of the website.
  • 2. Harmful Keywords can Be Removed - If the publisher does not agree to delete the page, we’ll try to ask them to remove some keywords directly targeting your business causing a mess, so the webpage appears less on internet searches.
  • 3. Addressing the Criticism - Addressing users and assisting them in issues they face can occasionally be better than deleting inconsiderate comments, which can cause a backlash due to deleted complaints.
  • 4. Increasing Brand Visibility - Improving the rank of your company website in search engines like Google and Bing is what we do first with the appropriate keywords that are popular amongst browsers. We can use Google AdWords to suppress negative results by creating a positive advertising campaign for your brand since Google considers ads higher than the standard business listings.
  • 5. Flagging - Flagging reviews is also one of the ways to bury them if the site owner refuses to delete them.
  • 6. Address Client Issues - We always suggest you contact your customers facing problems and negotiate with them and express regret for any fault on your part and ensure they get reparation so that their negative review can turn into a positive one.
  • 7. Claim Your Listing - We will change the address and name for companies where the reviews are posted on the listing website by adding up the listing on Google.
  • 8. Create New Blogs, Articles, and Reviews - Creating new blogs about something noteworthy in your company, asking reviewers to drop a review on your new site and products they have used, and writing fresh quality content about your brand will help to countermand the negative ratings.
  • 9. Build New Social Media Profiles - We will create all-new social media profiles for your brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., so you can highlight the best characteristics about your business and convey a brand expression to the public.

How we suppress negative search results?

  • Analysis and Strategising

    Before anything else, in a Google suppression campaign, Sevenstar Websolutions SEO strategian assesses each case to find out the best way to tailor the SEO approach to bury negative items on Google Search.

  • Create content that Google adores.

    We know that content is the king of every website, and it is true. Quality content is fundamental to suppress negative search results and remove unwanted content from top SERPs.

  • Create/optimize social media profiles

    Once the content is client-approved, our SEO and ORM team begins their job, creates social media profiles on social media and blogging sites, and optimize each of the profile pages to rank high on Google to allow push down negative search results.

  • Use White hat SEO to promote positive content

    We have been in existence for over a decade improving our strategy to employ White hat SEO techniques for online reputation repair by the means of suppression of negative search results. Incorporating on-page and off-page SEO, internal and external linking, and another Search Engine Optimization techniques with powerful SEO tools, whitehat SEO for online reputation management is equally important.


What people think of you online matters a lot! Many people prefer to conduct online research before considering any buying decision. If you want to depart an influential first impression on your potential customers, you should consider removing bad reviews from the first page of search results.
The answer to this question will surely be yes. Our online reputation experts are involved in removing bad reviews for more than 9 years. We have experience in working with a wide range of clients, like fashion, IT, retail and many more. We will not only work to remove negative reviews about your business but will also help you enhance your positive image.
If you want to bury negative search results, you will have to elevate the positive brand content. This is executed through a blend of reputation management and SEO practices.
Many times a bad review can be a reason for a negative reputation and bad search results. If your review is either bad, fake, or deceptive, you can report it to Google by flagging it. The other option is that you can ask your customers to post positive reviews that will make them go down & bury the negative search results.
When you're looking for a suitable and result-driven online reputation management company serving the best in quality ORM services, you have to understand that it should have a proven record of its work. We ensure your reputation on the internet will be as favorable as you want by applying genuine tactics. Look for a company that can truly help you in improving your business.
It is a common problem that most businesses face. When people search for you on Google, they find something damaging that you don’t want people to see. Search engine results that are upsetting or detrimental, unjust or unfair can be quite sabotaging. There is a wide range of negative search results that can cause emotional and financial stress to a business.

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