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How can you suppress negative search results?

Suppressing negative search results is a tactic of Search Engine Optimization for Online Reputation Management where you implement strategies to push down the negative search results from search engine. It is done by publishing, and updating positive content from initial two pages of Google and other search engine. Suppression of negative search results, links, comments, etc. can help businesses or brands create an aura of their positive reputation.

If there are negative results showing up on Google in the your name and for your brand then your reputation is at stake and you really need to take efficient steps sooner than later. It’s not always possible to remove the results permanently, therefore techniques are used to push them down.

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Importance of Google Search Results

Degradation of anyone or any business’s reputation starts with a bad or negative review, article, or blog post. These negative results are easily observable on your name in search engine. Google will always find the accurate information about your business. If shocking, or negative results are seen on the top, the customer won't be able to develop trust and credibility upon you.

Why is it needed to suppress the negative search results?

It is important to sink the negative search results down because it will effect your business. Even a single negative review, comment or result can cause a wobble in the faith of your customers upon you. Thus if you want to target a positive online reputation you have to work to burry the negative results down on third to last page of Google. You must have heard, “the best place to hide a dead body is third page of Google as no one visit there”. So try to push your results as down as possible.

Why is it so difficult to remove negative results?

It might be somewhat difficult to delete any negative search result from Google. Due to the internet guidelines, it has been made somewhat difficult to remove such things from Google. When it is difficult to remove, one must focus on the suppression. Suppression of such negative results is also effective because there are only a few people who bother to look beyond second or third page of Google.

How to suppress the negative search results?

The path to the suppression of bad or irrelevant results lies in the creation of positive and effective content. The suppression can be done by pushing down the negative content by publishing the positive one.

  • Create high quality content - You can start by creating positive content based upon the strategy of using the relevancy of your brand, organised by SEO, competitor analysis and keyword usage.
  • Active participation in conversation - You should be an active agent while responding to the comments and reviews on social media platforms, review sites or other listing sites. Such websites are mostly appearing on front pages of Google, so manage to have a positive impact on such platforms.
  • Remove results you can control - Remove any search result that you found controllable by you like negative images on any social media platform. It might take Google some weeks to show effects on deleted image or result. But remember, if you have deleted the images, they won't get open on click.

Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management

You must know that the best positive results come by the positive creative content and effective SEO. In fact, SEO is a an umbrella term which covers the efficiency of your online traffic. And you can bring good traffic by effective images, texts, videos, content, blogs forums, etc.

ORM or Online Reputation Management uses SEO techniques to shape a brand’s reputation. It will also help you to monitor your reputation for any future threats or damages.

How can you push down a negative review?

Many times a bad review can be a reason for negative reputation and bad search results. If your review is bad, fake or deceptive review you can report it to the Google by flagging it. The other option is that you can ask your customers to post positive reviews that will make them go down burying the negative search results.

How to get best Online Reputation Management Company?

When you are looking for a suitable and result-driven Online reputation management company serving best in quality ORM services, you have to understand that it should have a proven record of its work. We ensure your reputation on internet will be as favourable as you want by applying genuine tactics. Look for a company that can truly help you in improving your business.

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