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Fitness App Development

Fitness is an industry that is growing rampantly. People today are very conscious about their health as their hectic schedule is gifting people with lots of health risks. It has become essential for almost everyone of us today to get involved into exercises and fitness session. But due to the hectic working schedule people hardly get time to go to the gyms and perform the exercises.

Thus, the gym trainers are now proceeding to get an app for their clients. This will help them remain updated with their fitness session not just being in the gym but at their home too. Getting a fitness app development for your gym can help you to manage your customers and their health session.

There are people who cannot afford to go to the gym or due to a hectic schedule. Providing them a fitness app cum gym-in-phone can help them attain their fitness goals. There are a lot of healthcare facilities and fitness centres that are considering fitness apps to connect & serve their patients efficiently. A customer or a prospect who will visit your site will first look up to the design and if he doesn’t feel the design to be appealing he will surely jump on to another one. If you want to get a fully-fledged Fitness mobile app development with effective design then, you should consider Sevenstar Websolutions for getting a good eCommerce mobile app.

Benefits of a fitness app development

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A fitness app development is a great and demanding need of the hour that needs to be considered. You can support your patients or gym trainees to manage their activity sessions with the help of fitness app. The benefits of getting fitness app development are listed below –

  • You can share live or recorded video sessions for your trainees who missed the class for the day. This way they can meet up the training sessions even while being at their home.
  • Trainees can set their fitness goals and can start their workout accordingly.
  • You can share customised fitness plan for every user of your app according to the body requirements, lifestyle and body type.
  • A calorie counter can help the users to track the calorie intake of every food they consume.
  • Users can be provided a support to connect to the fitness or nutrition experts that can help them with their queries.
  • A fitness or health app can enable the user to track his progress and performance towards his goal of fitness.
  • User can monitor his diet on daily basis.

Features of a Fitness App

Workout plan

Customised workout plans as per the schedule availability, capacity and body type of the user.


Videos or tutorials uploaded to help the trainee learn postures, exercises and proper way of doing the exercise.

Activity tracke

Activity tracker will help the user to track the exercise or activity he performs in his workout session.

Diet Chart

User can chat with the nutrition expert or fitness trainer for any workout or diet information.

Wearable Integration

Wearable can be integrated with the app to find relevant information. It will allow them track their heart beat, pulse rate, etc.

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Social Media Share

Social media share option will enable the users to share their fitness goals and achievements. This feature will work in your favour as a recommendation based marketing.

Rate & Review

The fitness app allows users rate & review the offered workout schedules, videos, fitness specialists, calorie intake, and others. They can also check out ratings shared by other users.

Workout Videos

The app offers workout and aerobic videos listed by fitness proficient for users to check, share ratings, and review as per their judgment.

In-App Messaging

Users can connect with other app users or health professionals with the in-app chat support and share important information.

Categories of Fitness Apps

Activity tracking apps

The apps falling in this category can trace any physical activity of users i.e. everything you've done in a day. Activity tracking apps store information from user like number of steps you user walk, stairs climbed, sleeping hours, and calories burned.

Diet and nutrition apps

Diet and nutrition apps help app users observe their food habits, calories count taken or burned, manage water balance, and body weight. With a wide variety of diet plan apps, users can define their personal goals, create a list of grocery, and even find diet friendly recipes.

Workout apps

Workout applications give you a personal fitness trainer on your smartphone. You can perform your workout whenever and wherever you want and exercise with the trainer. Sometimes you can pick a coach defined by the level of physical training.

Best Health and Fitness App Development Company

Technology has soaked into every element of our lives. The technology is associated and in use with us from the moment we wake up till we go to bed. Mobile apps are the most accessible form of this rising technology since it is always available at our fingertips all the time; they make everything easier in all aspects of our lives. When you talk about health and fitness, things do not seem to be different. Mobile apps for fitness and sports have made it easier and a lot more fun to take care of our bodies and mind.

People are now getting more and more health conscious and they want to do whatever it takes to live a healthy life. With the introduction of Fitness App Development, it is right time for the entrepreneurs to onboard onto this fostering sector. Sevenstar Websolutions serves pioneering and economical solutions for your Fitness Application needs with the fastest completion in the market. With hundreds of customers, we provide our services to everyone from small businesses to industry giants. You can make the right decision for Fitness App Developer which is the initial step to your business success, so make your choice right with Sevenstar Websolutions.

Why Sevenstar Websolutions to cater your needs?

Your inventive and creative idea is the foundation stone of our focused journey to a magnificent fitness app development. The team of professionals at Sevenstar Websolutions are very much aware of the trends that prevail in the market. They will guide you & give suggestions in every step of development process so that your app can be a huge success.

Sevenstar Websolutions have a bunch of people that strives hard to serve the customers with best solutions from the market. We have delivered a variety of fitness solutions to our clients within minimum duration at reasonable & affordable prices. There is great buzz right now that health and fitness are two of the most popular domains of app development. Health app development includes major features like calories measurement, mood, and sleep patterns, and also track symptoms or manages health records. Fitness app development involves important features like steps tracking, exercise log, or accessing a personal trainer. Here at Sevenstar Websolutions, we have the talent and expertise required to build any health or fitness app imaginable.

Sevenstar Websolutions best suited for your development needs

We will help you take the control so that you can manage your members in an efficient manner. You will be able to provide them service as per the requirements of their body and capacity. You can share a proper plan of activities and diet that they need to follow. On the basis of that shared plan, you can help them track the health progress.

App development is not just a additional quality but it has become a necessity for any fitness business. It will help you stay connected with members of your fitness centre.

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How to find ideal Fitness App Developer?

Now that you have learnt almost everything related to the fitness app, it’s time you need to identify how you will find the ideal app developer for your sports and fitness app development process. You might not know the particularly technicalities of the app development like coding, design and whatnot. And even if you are adept in all skills, you will still require help from expert app developers to make a robust fitness app.


The most important thing to check when choosing the appropriate health and fitness mobile solution developer as your project expert is to review their past work portfolio. This way you can have glance of the work they have done in the past and if it is significant for your project. Once you have an understanding of their abilities, it will be easier to take the right decision.

Client Recommendations

Client recommendations are suitable when you are selecting right fitness app development company. If they have already created fitness apps in the past, then the references from their existing clients can help you have comprehension of whether they can perform a skilled job or not. Client references and reviews works as a testimony to prove the skills and proficiency of the app developer.

Will They Add Value To Your App?

The app developer adds value to your app that might not have been there when you begin with the planning of your app. The skills and expertise required in the developer will surely add exceptional value to your app and make it unique. Thus, before you select your dedicated app development agency for fitness and health app, ensure they will enhance value to your application.

The Technical Skills of the Developer Team

Fitness apps demand quite technical competence to develop, and hiring a suitable team that has required skills in the technical attributes of app development will be suitable for developing your app. It takes more than this to select the right development partner for your health and fitness app development. The above stated factors are the most important to consider while choosing the right app development partner for your app project.

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