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What are negative complaints?

Whenever a customer comes to your platform to buy some products or services you provide, they might share their perspective about it over the social media and review platforms. We call these reviews. Positive or negative reviews can respectively make or break your reputation.

Consumer can place a complaint or negative feedback about any company, business, or brand if they feel unsatisfied or cheated with the service or products they purchased to any of complaint boards like "", "", and many more. In the digital world where competition is so high, it has become important to remove negative complaints on time without any delay, right when you get to know about it. Sometimes the heinous competitors feeling insecure of your success place the negative or defamatory complaints over these complaint boards.

When you put so much efforts time and money in your business, it can be really business breaking plus heart breaking to see the loyal customer loosing trust upon you. Do you have any idea what to do in such situation?

Online reputation is an essential thing required to do any business in online. It is quite important for driving high conversion rate and positive client and prospects’ opinions. When reputation for any online business is contaminated and you are worried about how to remove negative content from Google, online reputation management can really work as a savior. It consists of utilizing methods and practices that are used to removing negative links from Google and other SERPs.

Let us take into account about the removal categories that you can follow - Assured Removal - It involves the complete removal of the sabotaging links, complaints, or comments that are tampering the online reputation of your business. The main concern of this kind is that it involves convincing the publisher of the link or comment and they might sometimes demand money in return. It is neither possible to convince publisher most of the time nor it is valid for some cases.

Suppression - In cases, where removal doesn’t works, push down of negative search results seems beneficial. It can help improve the visibility of positive results in place of negative ones. Where on one side permanent removal might seem costly, suppress negative search can be more easily accessible and cost effective.

Why someone require removal of negative complaints?

We are human beings, and we can make small or big mistakes. But have you ever thought, should just one mistake effect your reputation so badly that you have taken years to build. It is not just a customer, but there are sometimes, the competitors with low product quality, and low website design that try heinous acts to deteriorate your reputation. But do not worry when Sevenstar Websolutions is here to help you. As a leading reputation management company, we know what it takes to make an impactful reputation. We know of the strategies and tactics that can help you to come out of the morass.

Factors to consider in removal service

  • Brand Presence - There are several highly trusted websites by consumers, and other domains that can help you simplify the ORM procedure for your business. Having inbound links from such website can serve as a ranking factor for the search engines like Google. A brand’s social presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be another source for generating positive reviews.
  • Keywords - Keywords can be understood as the search terms that searchers employ for the content they are looking. Keywords might make it difficult for you to avoid the results making you appear in the negative search results. Just the same way, the negative links containing words causing you to fall under the negative results might become difficult to remove.
  • SERP rankings - Removal of negative complaints that are appear on the first page of Google or other search engines might consume time more than expected. However, it is quite important to remove negative comments from Google or suppress negative search is highly important if you don't want your business strive to survive.
  • Negative link sources - It is difficult to remove negative information on Google if the source is a website with high DA or PA. Google tend to rank the user generated content on higher search engine positions than the one generated by a website or business owner. This makes it difficult to remove negative content from Google search.

Where can we remove your negative complaints?

  • Removal from 1st page of SERP - We can help in to remove negative links from renowned search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo for the keywords relevant to your business in promised timeline. Negative complaints and negative links will be pushed further than 2nd page as majority of the visitors care to check only about first page on search engine.
  • Removal from search engine for keyword - Negative links sovereign of the website will be deleted for appropriate keyword until very last search results is existing in search engine. But same link can exist in search for keywords other than that.
  • Permanent removal in Search Engine - We can help you with the Google review removal service or remove negative internet content from the popular search engines permanently. These removed links will never reappear on the search engines if there is no threat upon you.
  • Removal from social media and blogs - Our proficient maestros can help you to remove any kind of objectionable, spam, or defaming content from social media and blogging websites.
  • Removal from third-party sites - If you are striving to understand how to remove complaint from complaint board, we can help you with our reliable services trusted by numerous reputed clients over the world. This removal that includes third party websites is the most difficult to remove but with the years of experience and knowledge out teammates have developed the capability to make it possible.

Drawbacks of Negative Complaints

When your business is on internet, it is prone to risks. Anyone can read or write about it. You need to remove negative reviews or complaints because -

  • It can cause decrease in sales.
  • Create negative reputation of the brand.
  • You might end up losing upcoming potential buyers.
  • People will discuss to create negativity about it online
  • Cause huge loss of money, time, and efforts.
  • Give a reason to customers for having a negative perception of your brand.
  • Negative aura will make you lose the clients and this will force you to shut your business down.

What we will do for you?

We are a genuine complaints removal company that work for you. If you are striving to know how to remove the negative complaints, we can be the true support for you. We know that being a business owner you have endowed your time, efforts and money in creating the reputation of your brand. But sadly, the negative reviews have the dexterity to smudge all of your efforts and everything and for an extent of time greater than your imagination.

Negative reviews have an unlimited scope and can be seen by thousands of people including your prospected customers. Sevenstar Websolutions is an online reputation management and search engine optimization company with enough of expertise to transform this negative perception of viewers to positive reviews.

  • Identifying the posts that seem to have a negative impact and people who are affected with those posts.
  • Taking action against the negative ones and addressing the genuine positive and negative reviews.
  • Preparing plan of action to sort out all the issues encountered.
  • Resolving the issues directly by contacting the customers
  • Suppression of destructive reviews, or complaints with an effective SEO strategy
  • Permanent removal of complaints with the ORM services and strategies

Our Removal Services

Permanent Removal with ORM services

There is nothing like impossible today, even the permanent removal of complaints from the complaint sites. We have knowledge and skills to remove complaints from over 12-20 complaint sites. The estimated cost and time required for the removal is depend upon the kind or complaint, number of complaints, reviews or comments, the site or platform it is posted on, is it authentic or fake and other aspects. Let us check how we make a difference -

Our experts know every strategy linked with SEO through our SEO tactics; you will start seeing results within 4-6 weeks of plan initiation! Our experience and work speak for itself in an efficient manner.

  • 100% permanent removal of negative complaints
  • Restriction of upcoming future complaints
  • Creating a strong and positive recognition
  • Only white hat genuine techniques
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Legal procedure is followed
  • performance model

Suppression with SEO Reputation management

If due to any reason, we are not successful in removal of negative complaints we perform the suppression of the complaints using legit and technical ways. It helps to push down the negative search results on the lower page of Google. We find out the negative search results using the keywords. It involves working on link building, press releases, video promotion, etc. Whatever we do in this is all authentic white hat SEO technique.

  • Creating a strong presence on social media
  • Performing link building
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Use result-oriented strategies
  • Create quality, creative and unique content
  • Use strengthened link building
  • Promote your business with SEO.

You have to realise that the longer you think or delay to remove search results from Google, the worse situation can be. Your potential clients and business partners can rely on Google when they research for you or your business. Our objective is to certify that they only find the propitious history you’ve earned with your efforts.

We consider online reputation management as a long lasting association to secure your bequest, and we take such responsibility very genuinely. Still searching, how to remove negative complaints. Experts at Sevenstar Websolutions can help you to remove negative comments on Google and can even help you suppress the negative reviews. Call us now or write us to get the job done with most advanced, innovative, and effective strategy.

Reputation Management Packages

Choose from Reputation Management Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return.


$249monthly plan
  • Phrases Targeted1
  • Search Positions Protected*Page 1


$449monthly plan
  • Phrases Targeted2
  • Search Positions Protected*Page 1-2


$599monthly plan
  • Phrases Targeted3
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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be sometimes difficult to remove negative content from Google search; however, it is possible in some cases. In cases where the removal is not possible, we suggest to push down or suppress negative search results. In order to achieve this, our team put every effort they can to create positive content, links and search results to help it rank higher than the negative content.
If we talk about hiring a lawyer to handle the negative complaints, negative reviews or negative comments since this might end up being more daunting. If you strive to remove the negative search results, talk to someone professional having good experience in the field. An online reputation management company like Sevenstar Websolutions can help you with this. The expertise and skills gained by our professionals know how to do this and have already done for numerous clients.
If you think having bad reputation online won't have any adverse affect on your business offline, then you are completely wrong. You should think over it again. We are living in a digital era where people check out internet for every single piece of information. Whether they want to buy food or book hotel, they prefer to go online, where they check the business and then form their buying decision. Therefore, if you have negative results linked to your business over internet you must consider its removal.
It defines a simple process of pushing down the negative search results, reviews, or comments. Our team is adept to suppress the negative complaints down the second page of Google to help the positive content appears at front pages. This will help your business to get good attention. It will also create a positive impact on your audience.

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