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In this modern era, businesses and brands are assessed on the basis of what the people can see about it on internet. But unfortunately, there are reasons that can make you loose your business relations. It doesn’t bother anyone if the negative and defaming content about you is coming your rivalries, unhappy customers, any marketing agency, the sole aim of all is to harm the reputation of your company. Sevenstar Websolutions, ORM services agency in Delhi, have helped businesses from diverse industries with the issues that besmirch their reputation. Our team of well-versed maestros have enough of the technical skills required to repeal the negative reputation about a company.

Since we make it happen for the businesses, our clients have voted us the best online reputation management agency in Delhi. Sevenstar Websolutions maintain a transparency in the process of negative image removal, and provide services best and affordable yet promising. Sevenstar Websolutions work like a Pro to take care of the nitty gritty issues for ORM of any brand/business. We have the most updated tools, techniques and tactics that are experts use to reshape your business. We work round-the-clock tirelessly to offer the best services. When you turn to our ORM services, we never let you loose your attention to online business while serving the client’s requirements.

Why Online Reputation Management?

The most demanding component of any business today is to put together trust and individuality in front of customers. In this era of the internet, your online visibility is what matters the most for any business. It can either help you grow or it can kick you out of the market. If you own a clean and trustworthy reputation you keep running your business in the market. Fake negative comments and feedback can hurt your brand image. You would not like that to take place with your valued brand. Our ORM Services are actually for brands like yours. It is the explanation which acts on a range of steps and strategies and works constantly to remove the negative and false comment or feed published over the internet. ORM Services Delhi will not only help you remove the bad results but gives you the chance to improve your market range with good feedbacks and genuine reviews. Many surveys recommend that massive online deals are held after facing some reviews online. Even a single negative review can cause you enormous loss. If you bother about your & brands image

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Our online reputation management process is a blend of marketing of your brand plus maintenance o public relations with our search engine optimization and search engine marketing. We know that most of the people never bother to go beyond the front two-three pages of Google for any search. We ensure you of higher rankings and presence on helpful websites creating a positive image everywhere. Our ORM services enable you to protect and monitor your reputation beforehand by becoming pro-active in the search engine results.

Advantages of ORM services

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The reputation doesn’t only means handling the negative image. It is also about the personal branding and recognition of brand and personality. Let’s grander at the advantages of ORM services

  • Remove false and detrimental stories from internet
  • Intimate you way before to be reactive with public relation.
  • Eliminate vile ratings and reviews.
  • Remove the impostor sites.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Generate more leads and improved conversion rate.
  • Let you take control of reputation.
  • Define your objectives and business goals.

Online Reputation Management Company Delhi

Online Reputation Management Company in Delhi is highly experienced in performing consistent research and analysis on the personal, professional, and business or industrial online reputation to signify the contents to the online media. These companies expand the complete feedback by responding, observing, or migrating damaging search engine results to mention on online media for the brand image of a specific product. These companies work to combine the whole marketing structure and public relations with search engine marketing tools

Services We Offer

Remove Negative Reviews

We help you to remove the negative and derogatory online reviews by posting the positive & complimentary reviews from your happy clients. It helps to build the trust of upcoming clients.

Clean Or Remove Negative Search Results

We clean the negative search results for you by either suppressing or removing them permanently from the search engine.

Fix Competitor Slander

Our team use customised and appropriate tactics to remove the defamation or calumny caused by any competitor just for the sake of moving ahead of you.

Remove Negative Content

Our remove negative content from Google services will help you boost the sales and search results required for the brand promotion.

Fix Google Autosuggest

Our service will help you to fix or remove negative Google Autosuggest keywords and replace them with the favourable ones.

Remove Negative Yelp Reviews

We help you remove bad, deceptive, fake or negative reviews from the yelp and other review sites.

Reputation Management we provide

Celebrity Reputation Management

Our outstanding celebrity reputation management services will help you develop an optimistic image effortlessly among your followers

Lawyer Reputation Management

If you are a lawyer, struggling with the defamation, then let’s have a talk on lawyer reputation management to help you come out of the quagmire.

Entrepreneur Reputation Management

Our experts will help you get the best and tailor made strategies for your entrepreneur reputation management.


Our ORM Company in Delhi offers reputation management for politicians that will help them put their best foot forward in front of their audience


No patient will ever go to a doctor whose reputation is at stake. Our online reputation management services in Delhi for doctors will help you have a positive image to bring more patients to your end.


Who will want their kids to go to a school or college that is rated low on Google? If you want more students to come to your stoppage, hire our ORM services in Delhi NCR.

Difference between ORM Services and SEO Services

Online Reputation Management is sometimes misunderstood with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, whereas it utilizes a large number of similar procedures. ORM has various objectives from repairing reputation from SEO to expanding brand awareness. Online Reputation Management expects to promote positive or balanced matter about an element, individual, brand, or business – as a substitute to create more traffic with the specific keywords. The principle intention is to suppress negative results down in SERPs, so fewer individuals see them while scanning for that element.

Hire our team of experts

Online Reputation Repair

Our ORM experts in Delhi work with their sheer dedication and devotion to repair the damaged reputation of a business, individual, or any association.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Our experts work on your behalf to observe, and aware you of new feedback or review (Positive/Negative), so you always know where you stand.

Online Reputation Management

Our experts also build and execute an automated procedure and program to attract new positive reviews. We believe in gaining reviews in natural ways.

Our ORM Process

Current Status Analysis

Beginning with the analysis of the present online reputation stats of your website and business, we then move on by gathering every online search result in your business name. This is done with the help of several monitoring tools. Whether it’s a social network or a blog, we will consider each of the results

Fighting negative feedbacks

Negative feedback can be controlled only by engaging in the communication going in your business name. Our ORM experts will help you remove all negative content in your business name from the top appearing search results and swap them with genuine positive content and search results.

Brand Management

Our ORM experts will help you create an online brand image. This is done by executing activities like creating positive feedbacks, reviews, and blogs. Also, we will post create new business profiles, posts, and much more for improved brand awareness

Online Reputation Management Experts

We have partnered with some of the most experienced and certified ORM experts. These professionals have adept expertise in online brand creation and management. Hence, the ORM services experts will help you create your business as a leading online brand and then maintain it at the top with positive feeds on the web.

ORM packages

We understand that all online businesses are unique. In addition to our standard ORM plans, we also create custom ORM packages. Our ORM experts can outline the customized ORM plans after a detailed analysis of your business, prospected audience, and website. When it comes to ORM pricing, you can be assured that you will get affordable ORM plans at our end. s

What makes us stand apart?

By partnering with Sevenstar Websolutions, best ORM services agency in Delhi, you will get guaranteed positive results and credibility. We are providing our customers with tailor-made solutions to their problems based upon what they need.

  • 24*7 customer support - Our customers get 24*7 support from our customer service. They can reach to us whenever they feel like interacting with us.
  • Transparency - We maintain a transparency in our work and keep on updating the clients of progress going in their project.
  • Competitive market rates - Our prices for ORM services in Delhi are highly affordable. Here you are never asked to complete amount at once.
  • One stop solution - We can be your one-stop solution to all of the marketing needs. You can reach us for ORM services, SEO services, services, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

ORM Services in Delhi or Online Reputation Management helps you to establish your good reputation amongst the tough competition with positive reviews in front of your customers. It offers you absolute control to present your organization in positive results only. ORM services give you complete power to obtain the needed search engine results by removing negative publicity or feedback. ORM service safeguards and defends your company or individual goodwill by promoting the same with online promotion.
A good online reputation is crucial for your growth. People search for brands, services, and products on search engines before making the buying decision. Strong reputation management can help you strengthen sales, build credibility, and offer understanding into customer choices, online awareness, and market trends
ORM strategy of Sevenstar Websolutions begins with controlling all existing web content about a brand and products with our online reputation monitoring. We help you vigorously address negative reviews and support existing positive content. We help you invent ways of being user-friendly and more accessible.
Being India’s leading digital marketing company, we offer varied online marketing services from conception and strategy building to its execution. Our services are like branches of a tree, innumerable and fruitful. It includes web design, SEO, social media optimization, , app store optimization, content marketing, and mobile app development.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee you that we can remove the entire negative reviews completely. What we do includes requesting the one who wrote the bad content or the site owner to remove negative information from their site or use various strategies to suppress negative results. Can you fix inaccurate information about my brand on the internet?
Yes, we can surely help you fix inappropriate information about a brand. If the content is inapt, our expert s will propose a legal removal request to Google. If the content is published anywhere else, we will try suppressing it replacing it with posting positive content. We will also try to contact the website owner to request them to remove the content.

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