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CMS is the acronym for Content Management System. The content is uploaded to the websites with the help of a user-friendly interface. The content which is uploaded to the website is subject to making changes by easily adding or deleting the images or text. There are various CMS and the service providing companies also ensure that they can offer a wide range of services in this regard. Sevenstar Websolutions is one such company that is engaged in developing entire digital marketing services for its esteemed clients. the main aim of our company is to offer complete services to the clients using cutting edge technology and human competence. They offer CMS Development services that are world-class and innovative in every way.

CMS is a software application that is used to develop digital content. Management of the content in the website is handled through such CMS. The CMS Web development services are offered to clients belonging to various industries. Our main aim is to offer services to global clients as well. We want to be global leaders and thus work dedicatedly towards the achievement of their goals.

The CMS is software that provides all the necessary tools for handling online content and users, and it is server-side software that helps in the development and maintenance of websites. With CMS, users are not required to have the major technical knowledge to develop and design websites or WebPages and to edit the content when needed.

It highlights an administration area that helps in uploading and editing content for the website or webpage. Even one can use the admin area by a web browser which needs no client software agreement. Like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc these are some well-known content management system examples.

The two main elements of CMS include the user as well group management and provide more security to content writers whose content is uploaded on CMS. It provides users the flexibility to organize unplanned data.

Some well-known content management system examples are:


WordPress is one of the well-known and most used content management systems and it holds the largest market share among its competitors. Even some of the popular news sites like BBC, The New York Times, and America or Forbes are WordPress CMS websites. Working on WordPress is easy for posting content or pages and you can make it a professional-looking website with no charges. It has an effective editor that is handy for formatting the content.


After WordPress, Joomla is another best content management system. It not as easy as WordPress, but it is so flexible in many aspects of web development and creation. Joomla is an open-source CMS that helps users to make and build engage professional-looking web pages without knowing the need for coding or any technical skills. Joomla provides multimedia support that saves you from using plugins and extensions to add in languages for your website. And can also use more than one template and themes at one time for a different kind of content.


A good CMS requires all features that Drupal has, though it is not simple to use and is a bit difficult than WordPress or Joomla. It is the best content management system, as it was developed keeping in mind the needs of the website developers. However, it is much secured than WordPress and Joomla. And that is why it is known for visibility, safety, and better for business CMS websites.


Though it is not much popular as CMS as others because it turns out to be a less opted option for creating a CMS website. Well, the main difference between Typo3 and other CMS is their scalability. If you are searching for developing intranet CMS, then Typo3 is the best choice for you. It supports and runs multiple websites from a single installation like Drupal.

CMS Website Design Company

The CMS Website Design Company emphasizes the development of services in the other fields as well. They have developed a highly integrated and decimated team of experts who are known to deliver results as per the scheduled time.

The Content Management System Company has developed state-of-the-art services in which they have come forth as one of the most competitive and best in the industry. The use of CMS facilitates the management of the content in a great fashion so that the users always find up-to-date data and intonation for the same. The prices for the services have been decided with much care.

Why go for CMS?

Speedy navigation: The templates provided by CMS help in developing forte-fussy websites with speedy navigations.

Efficient workflow: It provides efficient workflow all over the website and enables you to handle the content properly.

Extensibility: CMS allows the developers to create websites with better functionalities and features to give a greater level of flexibility to users for publishing the content without impacting the design.

Easy upgrade: Changes can be made on the website that will upgrade all web pages by removing the complexity in the database.

Responsive Websites: Well, all the CMS websites are highly reactive in terms of displaying screens. The user can approach the website seamlessly on mobile, desktop, or tablets.

SEO Friendly: CMS allows the user to improve the website for search engines to allow the Internet users to search the website easily

Why pick Sevenstar Websolutions?

We are an award-winning and trustworthy content management system Development Company with full surety of client retaining rate. Our organization has designed many successful CMS for our clients worldwide. We are an experienced web development company, in the market offering on-time delivery, with our right practices. Our CMS development company is recognized as a trusted firm because of the following selling proposal.

Satisfied Customers

Our CMS Company has accumulated so many satisfied customers. Those customers appreciate and agree with us for our quick process and on-time delivery of the project. We consider creating our mobile app development process fully obvious.

Successfully delivered Projects

Our CMS website development company has completed various projects with the help of efficient employees. Our clients admire our communication channels that help them in tracking the projects quickly.

Cut across Functionality

We ensure that our developed content management systems run perfectly on all smartphone devices and still appropriate in all forms of smartphones. Our team of QA checks all the applications on cut across device functionality.

High Speed and Performance

Hence, our CMS gives an amazing and fast user experience that can load just in few minutes to raise your conversion and improve Google ranking.

Superior Security & Scalability

We assure to give maximum scalability and security of content management systems. Make use of the modernized safety measures like a secure admin dashboard and updated data encryption

Source Code safety

We offer the delivery of bug-free software with the proper source code safety signing NDA as well as meticulous CMS. So, we even have a team of QA specialists, who check every CMS at a different ratio.

Cycle of Development

Our company provides a complete cycle of content management solutions development from prototyping & UI/UX designing development to finished product delivery or after-sales support.

Continued Software maintenance

If you find any trouble or any issue after the delivery of the content management system, our team will help you in fixing the issue as soon as possible.

Manage your content all by yourself

CMS Development is an important software application that helps a user to build, arrange, amend, and publish content online advantaging a large number of users from varied verticals. Our CMS Web Solution allows users with diverse permissions to control or use information, resources, and content, of the business. CMS Website Development has creative features such as SEO friendliness, easy coding, instinctive user interface, fast development process, etc. that make the process of CMS web development easy and guaranteed.

Let's design your custom CMS today

Being a leading CMS development company, Sevenstar Websolutions irrespective of your requirements, efficiently control document management, task flow, web content management, and B2B applications. We are fully dedicated to giving websites established on the web content management systems.

We are known for developing and offering the most economical content management solutions. We allow our clients to control and influence the strength of advanced technology, outstanding marketing strategies, and quality customer service. We allow our clients to interact with their customers and seek to amplify the effectiveness of their business activities.

If you want to know more about our CMS installation, development solutions, and customization, contact us and get started with your custom content management system.

Our approach to CMS development

CMS application development - Handle your business and its ideas with our CMS developers when you reach us for CMS application development. Show the CMS while using the advanced method.

CMS customization - We work to deliver on-time a customized content management system. You can display your approach with absolute ease.

CMS plug-in development - We offer plugin development for your CMS website and regardless of the platform. Take the benefits of our experienced web developers.

CMS support & maintenance - Our support team can help you in every situation that you face even after the CMS development services duration is over.

CMS Migration - CMS migration tactics get into account all functions, outlooks, and circumstances of your site management.

Website Designing & Development Packages

Choose from Website Designing & Development Services Packages & Get The Best Results In Return.


$549monthly plan
  • Upto 5 Pages5 Pages
  • Timeframe2 Weeks


$749monthly plan
  • Upto10 Pages
  • Timeframe3 Weeks


$949monthly plan
  • Upto20 Pages
  • Timeframe6-7 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we have hired top experienced website developers of India at our offices to handle all of our web development work. Who won’t like to get services from a website development company that has a pool of experts in CMS development for different industries like E-commerce, Education, Technology, Entertainment, Health care, Media, Travel, and News, etc.
Of course, we also have a team of creative content writers who are experienced in writing unique and plagiarism-free content in the majority of niches. We can even create your sitemap and help you frame the base of your website right from the initial stages.
Here are some of the top industries that need to consider CMS development: Technology, Blog, E-commerce, Entertainment, Education, Health care, Media, Travel, News, and so on. Hence if you are in these industries, then you must go for a content management system.
There as so many CMS technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, to name some of them. Well, the Selection of CMS technology relies upon your budget and business type. Our experts will help you with this information and recommend you the best CMS technology according to your business requirement.
Yes, we offer our clients to meet with the team and remain in the loop. If you partner with us, we ensure that you check the development progress of CMS web design & development with our daily project updates.
There are various benefits of hiring hard-working CMS developers, such as:
  • Full control on the development process
  • 100% quality support
  • Lower down Risk
  • Loyal team of developers
  • Worthy engagement models
It relies on the technology that is used in the content management system development, the intricacy of the project, and size of the team, the scalability of the project, and other factors too. You can reach our experts for more awareness about CMS development charges.
No, not at all. We charge only the amount we discuss with you as per your website requirements and accordingly charge you. Once, you place the order with us for your website design. We work passionately so that the extra price quote is surely stopped.

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