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Car Wash App Development

In this era, when everything is getting digital from food ordering to cab booking, why not book your car wash online. Everyone who has a four-wheeler understands how important it is to wash it regularly. But sometimes due to the frantic schedule, we are not able to do so or forget to take the car for car wash. But from now, with the introduction of on-demand car wash mobile app development, it has become easy to get your vehicle washed. Our car wash app development services will help people book their car wash prior to the day they feel they can send it for the same

Cars are the most significant resource, one can ever acquire in their life indubitably. It needs frequent maintenance and repairing. Moreover, cars do not operate only with fuel but also requires recurrent maintenance and wash down to keep it corrode-free and drive it effortlessly. Proper handling of your car is very essential to keep it look elegant and classy. Many car lovers choose to get their cars professionally clean and tidy, they would agree with me here. This is exactly why car washing companies are becoming so popular nowadays. The industry tends to have a bright and hopeful future. Our on-demand car wash mobile apps come weighted down with various widespread essential features that offer easy and unperturbed schedules.

As a customer, you can understand how difficult it is to take out time just for a car wash. But when you have a service that comes itself to you and provide the service is not only helpful but it feels worth spending the amount of money for the services you get at your doorstep. When people can afford such services, they always look for the best one to opt them for time saving. We have a team of car wash app developers who are profound in their skills to help you get the best product delivered to your end.

Advantages of Car wash mobile app

  • No bargaining - When customer comes to an online platform to buy any product or service, he don't have option to bargain and he has to what is asked.
  • Easy management - You can manage your slots and customers, so that none of them have to go back after coming to your service station.
  • Online - Customers can from methods other than cash, with a mobile app, which makes it easy for them to take services.
  • Improved brand recognition - When you have an app for your brand, you are rewarded with enhanced awareness among people.

Why invest into Car Wash app?

Most of the people of the world’s population owns car and almost 60-70% of those population prefers car wash services to maintain their vehicle. The revenue generated from the car wash services is notably high. With a car wash app, built to manage your services, you can broaden your business to any level you want. You can earn huge profit by investing in the development of car wash mobile app.

  • Easy to manage your customers and provide improved quality of service.
  • No waiting or forming queues outside your car wash centre.
  • Cut extra cost that is employed in managing customers and their bookings.
  • Friendly user experience and high level of satisfaction guaranteed.

Expertly Crafted Car Wash App Development in Delhi

Building a car wash booking mobile app is a difficult task. Development of on demand car washing app is quite highly complicated as it demands exclusive strategising, planning, incorporating API and many other difficulties. Our car wash app development services will help create an on-demand car wash booking without. Sevenstar Websolutions consists of highly trained and expert web developers, creative proficient, and well-established project managers who know how to do things particularly constructing on demand car wash solutions. We have built and launched multiple sort of on demand mobile applications that relate with on demand app service providers with consumers. With our exceptional services, you can become an essential part of our daily lives; car service is nothing but essential that most of the users are looking forward to. A mobile application that can route car wash service providers by locality, support clients who look for them with a swift mobile search feature and for the services with the app is raising the demand.

Features of a Car Wash

Car Details

Fill in car information required such as model name, year, car color and other specific details to select the right wash service.

Book a slot

You can define available date and time prior for a car washes service. Helps plan for recurring services proactively.


With the app, you can offer the user multiple modes of the service you provide according to the kind of wash plan they pick.

Wash scheduling

Users can come to the app and schedule their bookings for car wash as suitable to them and the service providers.

Push notification

It will notify the car washers and user if a new order is successfully places or cancelled.

Wash history

This section will show the history of all the washes that have been made and upcoming washes, if any.

Multiple was plan

You can offer variety of car washes as per the car model or wash type based on different pricing.

Accept/Reject request

The admin or washer can accept or reject requests of any car wash if they do not have availability.

Service track

It allows users to trace the status of car wash services and when can they receive their vehicle from wash care.

Washer Profile

Washers can make their profiles on app to offer a complete array of wash services provided, timing, and exclusive services served and so on.

Wash Request

Admins sends the washer a new wash request of user in its locality. The washer can anytime accept or reject the wash request.

Upcoming Washes

You can see the list of upcoming washes that are scheduled for the day, week, or month. This will help you prepare your schedule accordingly.

Wash Status

The washer can here update the realistic status of car wash so the user is always in loop of the ballpark delivery time of the clean car.


Once you think the wash is finished, you, the washer can send request for the admin. He can request for multiple services offered by washer.

Reviews and Ratings

Washers can write reviews, ratings, and feedbacks for the clients to highlight best clients and the disobedient ones.

Washer registration

Admin can control to accept or reject any washer request in the car wash app.

Manage Wash Request

Admin can manage car wash request preemptively by offering top priority to washers who are sitting idle.

Create Wash Plans

Admins can design exclusive pricing packages depending upon the services offered, duration of the wash, location, and further.

Wash History

The admin can manage and view car wash history on the dashboard for verifying, service occurrence and for your measuring competence.

Manage feedback

Admins can manage the star rating and comments of feedback shared by users and handle any malevolent activity.


Once you receive request from the car washer, admin can verify the services and discharge to the washers’ account.

On Demand car wash application is a pocket-friendly and useful way of getting your cars cleaned without any annoyance. It is not only beneficial for the clients but also for the car washing businesses. Car wash list car washing businesses of area from which the car owners are sent to clients for car wash services in nearby areas. This gives the small or new businesses a suitable opportunity to boost in the locality and later on a large scale. Purchasing a car is a concern of honour at most, but not performing maintenance of the cars can ruin this pleasure in a few months. Not performing maintenance of cars is not the only result of recklessness but also the lack of time or busy schedules.

On demand car wash app can solve this crisis as well. On-demand car wash app allows clients to plan their car wash within few minutes with the website or app. Sevenstar Websolutions is a foremost android app development company in Delhi experienced in car wash application development.

 Car Wash App Development

How Sevenstar Websolutions help you in car wash app?

Sevenstar Websolutions can be your own car wash service app development partner for providing you the most successful app for your expansion of your business. A committed app for your car wash business is not only going to help you manage your customers but will also assist to preserve their loyalty towards you.


Employing an on demand car wash app solution is easy. The customers from a specific area have to pick a car wash company from their nearby and booking a schedule. They require defining the area where their car is or pin their existing location where they want to wash their cars at the defined time.


Application for car wash is very time-saving. You do not need to wait in queues for your turn in the car wash for car washes. A user can make instant bookings for wash by offering the information required and get car wash as scheduled in minutes without requiring waiting in lines.


Using on-demand car wash mobile applications basically is easy for the pocket of your customers. Car wash companies are always wishing to increase their customer relationship and business popularity, and thus provide various offers and discounts for their online services. Use of apps or websites to avail such services can thus help customers avail such offers and be soft on their pockets.

Multiple Options

There are various options like debit card, credit card, online wallet, and net banking options with which the users can pick any online method.Simply share your app requirement and business app idea with us and we will help you convert it into a real mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our mobile app solution is highly customizable and is perfectly suitable for any on-demand online business. We have developed it in a way we can easily tailor it for your business with some small modifications.
The time required launching your car wash apps depend upon specific features and customization you want in your app. Time might also rise with the sort of gateway you wish to use in your mobile apps.
Yes, absolutely, we provide the custom-built car wash booking app while making some minor alteration in the color, look & feel, and app theme as per our consumer’s wants and we can integrate advanced features to the basic car wash app as per your requirement that will add up an further cost.
If you want to get car wash app development services from the right company, you need to get an overview the client reviews left for companies. You can check if a business is dealing in customized or on-demand app solutions. You can hire the committed team of software developers of Sevenstar Websolutions for getting the supreme quality products at a very reasonable price.
Sevenstar Websolutions is one of the most outstanding companies recognized for offering peculiar services for car wash mobile application development. Our leading software developers try to add all the necessary features within the determined budget and time. Hire our extensively skilled team today to get the best car wash software solutions.
There are a wide range of benefits of car wash app development for both the customers and the business owners too. The business customers can help you save their time and money by scheduling the online car wash services and you will get the car wash services at your doorstep. This way, the business owners will be capable to cater your clients with pleasing services that will be delivered on time.

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