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Hotel App Development

Hotel App Development

Finding the best hotels in the town and then booking is one of the most faced troubles by the tourists. Travel and hospitality industries are two fastest growing and evolving industries making money and are highly irreplaceable. Providing a hotel app has become an eminent element of the hospitality. Getting a hotel app development is really helpful in improving the quality of service along with the productivity of any hotel. A mobile app resolves and simplifies a lot of tasks like booking a room, order room service or food. An app help you to lower the amount of time and cost involved in the management of hotel. Most of the major hospitality brands over the world are turning towards the mobile app development to serve hospitality on the go. Booking a room with mobile app is super quick and enjoyable.

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

It is made dedicatedly for a hotel to manage their customers and staff easily.

Book Your Hotel

Book Your Hotel

It allows the users to find the best hotel for them based on services and reviews.

Book Your Services

Book Your Services

You can book hotel, cab, or flight, etc. services with this app.

Trip Planner

Trip Planner

This trip or travel planner app will not just support you to book hotel room for you but you will be able to plan your overall trip efficiently with a personalized trip planner.

Perks of having a mobile app for your hotel

Hotel app development will help the hotel owners to provide the convenient services to their customers. An app will be quite helpful to increase the number of customers as it will attract new prospects. With an app, it hardly takes to book a room in the hotel and convert the planning to real service.

Enhanced guest experience

Enhanced guest experience

It offers enhanced user experience to your guests. They can use the app to check out the menu, additional services your hotel has to offer, and recommended things to do.

Portfolio showcase

Portfolio showcase

The app will become a great source of marketing by your existing clients and will enhance direct bookings.

Portfolio showcase

Portfolio showcase

You can showcase the real time images and video of your hotel property and the events took place in it.

Save time

Save time

App will help to eliminate the queues at reception for booking the room, and provide fast check-in or check-out.

Improved facility

Improved facility

You can increase the stay time of your customers by providing extra services in app like weather forecast, local map, attractions, etc.

Features of Hotel app

Hotel Details

Update all the information a guest might need to stay in your hotel.

Direct Booking

App can help guests to book a room directly by checking the available rooms and prices. The app will allow them compare your offerings services and price to other hotels and resorts.

Media Gallery

Add the images and videos of your hotel and the events took place in past. When you share images and videos in your media gallery, the guests coming will gain understanding what your place look like.

Mobile App development services

Feedback System

It will help users to submit the issues directly on the app without waiting in the queue and get the solution in real time. You will be able to solve the issues early in real time.

Exclusive Deals

It will show all the offers and discounts you have launched for the existing and upcoming customers. This rewards and discounts will bring more clients to you.

Language & Currency Convertor

It will be of great help when customers from different countries are staying in your hotel.

  • With a hotel reservation app, user will have the ease of booking the desired hotel in their preferred destination from the comfort of their home via hotel booking app development.
  • It’s pretty obvious that the user must have conception of the room they want to book. Hence, the app provides the user with images from the hotel view from every approach to help the user in determining whether they should book the room or not.
  • The user will get a lot of options to process the hotel booking. They can either with debit card or credit card or even with the app wallet or cash.
  • They should have the booking cancellation feature. Qualms can appear any time, hence free or some minimum charge cancellation should be offered to the user.
  • The users can oversee the reviews and ratings provided by other users and choose whether they should book the hotel or not. If the user is happy, he will share his experience in the reviews through the app.

Benefits of ‘User module’ Hotel App

Benefits of ‘Hotel module’ Hotel App

  • Having a hotel booking app will help you create brand awareness about the property and bring customers to your business.
  • The customer can have faith on your hotel if it has an online presence and can enjoy they stay happily.
  • With a mobile app, the customers can check the room availability, prices, and photos whenever and from wherever they want. They will be free to book the room anytime.
  • The hotel owners can highlight their hotel with picture & upload the pictures listing the charges to get more customers.

Our simplified app development process

Sevenstar Websolutions take pride in saying that we are one of the top hotel app development companies that is delivering applications with seamless functionality. Our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals follow a systematic approach to develop any mobile application. Whether you are looking for an Android app development or iOS app development built on any of the innovative technology, our team has all the expertise needed for it.

The robust process of our mobile app development begins with the specification of your requirements to a document so that nothing is missed by us. Proceeding to it, the team starts performing deep research to which is followed by the designing. Later to the designing, development and testing is done. At last after checking the app for all quality metrics the app is launched. Thus, in this way you will receive a high performing app.

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Sevenstar Websolutions, your development partner

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Sevenstar Websolutions is a certified mobile app development agency offering affordable, reliable, and robust mobile apps to the clients all over the world. Our apps not only allow the hotel business owners to serve useful info to their customers but help t build a long term relationship too. We are a leading hospitality app development services provider. The sole purpose of our services is to simplify the business process of our clients allowing them to grow widely. We guarantee you the high level design of our mobile apps.

We are one of India's leading hotel app development agencies, and we want you to touch the limits of sky. We have successfully completed several projects and build our reverence. If you are looking to find best hotel app development company for your industry domain, we are here to help you expand your sales and gain traffic to your website. We stand out in offering transparent services to fulfill your demand. Our team will prioritize your issues about the app development process and provide you with the best mobile solutions. We are available everywhere on every device. We reduce the gap between you and your customer and save the efforts and time of you and users. Our team is highly talented and works in team spirit, which is why we are widely known for offering our excellent level of app services that works to face hurdles and build an app different from others. You can reduce the risks and get in touch with us to get the best deals and offers for your app company.

Hotel Booking App Development Company

Travel and Hospitality are one of the fastest growing industry today and customers are inclined towards online booking. If you want your guests to book your stay with our mobile application it is quick, easy, and much pleasing. Hotel booking app development service has never been so reasonable, affordable, and rewarding as it is in now. Even though hotel reservation is the crux of every hotel booking application, but there is a lot more than that. Some hotel booking app offer features that allow users to book a table restaurant, taxi, flight, package holidays, or a cruise; they can discover new travel destinations or places to see the stories shared by other travelers, and a lot more.

Therefore, it is never wrong if you think to get hotel app for your hotel business. If you are looking to get a revenue-oriented online hotel booking app, but don’t know about how you can proceed with the process, do not bother yourself to stress your mind, as here we will be helping you to get the essentialities of hotel booking app development. Our agency understands all the know-how to develop a robust app to drive your business ahead in the market.

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