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Owning a website is not the only area in which we offer services. once the designing of the site is accomplished, other factors also need to be looked into. The widgets of the website, web analytics, and marketing have become subject to General Data Protection Rights (GDPR). We help your website become GDPR compliant. Being a GDPR compliance consulting company, we focus on the same due to the following points:
  • Online advertising: personal data such as IP addresses are gathered by the digital advertisers along with the browsing history. Problem is that the third party can use this information in an unlawful manner and thus it poses a great threat to the company. Even experienced advertisers may forgo this point. But we are equipped to offer such services and help the clients sail smooth.
  • Web Analytics: the use of Google Analytics is done by the websites for the evaluation of the web traffic for the websites. The browsing data is at risk while the tracking is on. Our experts are aware of the fact and thus help the clients to deal with the situation. GDPR consulting services are offered with complete security to our clients.
  • Third Party Widgets: for adding functionality to the websites, the owners of the website are recommended to add third party widgets so that they can serve the audience in a better way. random numbers, exclusive identifier are some of the elements used in the third-party context. We can offer GDPR solutions.
GDPR consulting services
General Data Protection Regulation Services

Our company can offer the GDPR solutions:

General Data Protection Regulation Services

Our company can offer the followingGDPR solutions:

  • GDPR assessment is offered for reviewing requirements, identifying risks in the business, and planning of the technology.
  • GDPR enabling experts is available in our company who can guide the clients with relevant technology and perform the vendor selection.
  • Sensitive data remediation is also offered by the experts. They can help in the identification of such vulnerable data and take effective steps for safeguarding the same.
  • General Data Protection Regulation Services includes the privacy assessment and designing. Cyber security of the highest level is offered by our experts.
  • They help the companies reach the 72-hour breach notification requirements.
  • We aim to offer the best services to our client’s at the most affordable rates. The digital marketing services offered by us are highly appreciated by our esteemed clients because it is one of the most demanding segments.

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