Sevenstar Websolutions


Powerful Combination of Dedication, Expertise and Experience

Creating benchmarks in the field of Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Website Design & Development, SEO Services and Link Building Services, Seven Star Web Solutions remains the fast-emerging outstanding provider whom clients can approach without apprehensions. They have the best skills in this field and adding another feather to their cap is the application of Drupal, to manage various Websites.

In-sync with the developments worldwide and offering topnotch services that are sure to boost the power of every business house, enhance their reachability and ensure optimum returns, Seven Star Web Solutions is 100% reliable. With a name to reckon with in online world and having innumerable national and international clients, they have the drive to remain a top provider of various services.

They rely on Drupal to manage the innumerable websites and also provide a content management platform as well as a development framework. It is inevitable to check the Blogs, Personal or Corporate Websites, Portals, Forum, E-Commerce Sites, Intranets, Resource Directories and Social Networking sites. From Reputation management to various other requirements by companies and individuals, this platform helps in checking negative comments which may result in a tarnished image. Seven Star Web Solutions uses this software to substantiate Content Management, Collaborative Authoring, for newsletters, podcasts, Image Galleries, networking and file uploads & downloads. Written in PHP programming language, this open-source content management framework brings new dimensions to technology. This content management platform is well-suited for Global Enterprises, Higher Education Institutions and NGOs.

A customizable platform, Drupal heightens the freedom to create the ideal tool for content management strategies. Well-suited to empower web innovations, it has endless potential with outstanding features. Truly reliable this platform helps in conducting business without disruptions. With a powerful and wide scope, this platform can be relied on to manage the smallest of sites to the largest ones having extensive traffic. Created with a responsive design, it can be availed to build responsive sites for seamless content experience as and when required while using mobile Apps. Well-suited for digital Marketing Technology, it has powerful yet flexible tools that adds the connectivity to different contents, sites and applications. Seven Star Web Solutions understands the scope and reach of it and uses it for maintaining the security of their sites as well. With an experienced open-source community, the vulnerabilities are identified effectively thereby protecting the sites and businesses of their clients.

Drupal is well-suited for the modern days. From helping in authoring, helping in customizing the menus, ensuring an easier method to create sites & deploy it and providing the right positive solutions to meet the requirements of various businesses, this platform is quintessential for online solution providers. Building a brand is never an easy task, but with the help of Drupal, constructing the next generation digital platform by combining the latest LAMP Technology Stack, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, it never poses a hurdle. Using the tools provided, developers can connect to sources of data, matter and application functionality. Seven Star Web Solutions’ experts are adept in utilizing the powerful features and they use it to create and manage sites of various regions, while translating and localizing the content.