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The world has entered to an era where everything is about smartphones, to the smartphones and in the smartphones. It doesn’t matter what service you are looking for, you can just search it by your mobile and you’re ready to go. Whether you want to book a table at your favourite restaurant, book a cab for you, or have to reserve a room in a hotel everything can be done with the fingertips on your phones. People owning a transportation business can understand what importance a mobile app has for their business when customers want to book their commute at easiest. An entrepreneur can understand how difficult is it to get an app for your Taxi booking business when the whole world has limited itself to mobile only. We at Sevenstar Websolutions can make it easy for you to get a Taxi app for the business.

Nothing can match the comfort you’ll get when you can book a cab from anywhere you want for the comfortable ride. Taxi booking app that we develop will help you give an easier and smooth experience to your customers for booking a cab. We understand the customer’s perspective when they are using an app for booking a cab. Our only aim is to provide your customers, a cosier and hassle-free taxi booking experience.

Our Taxi app development service

Carpool app development

Connect users who want to join the carpool and enjoy the easy ride.

Car Rental app development

Users can rent a car for their journey with such apps.

On-demand taxi app development

Users can book a taxi for them either one way or two way.

What can be the estimated cost for Taxi app Development?

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The estimated cost of developing a Taxi booking app cannot be identified without knowing the requirements. There are a lot of factors responsible for the variation that occurs in the pricing of Taxi app development. It is based upon the following –

  • The feature list that you want to include.
  • Technology stack that will be used in the development.
  • Time frame under which you want your app to be finished.
  • Platform preferred i.e. Android, iOS, or Web
  • Type of apps (native or hybrid)
  • What are the APIs used in development?
  • And the maintenance support

Features of


Drivers will be able to register or login the app using the registration process to access the app.

Online / Offline status

Drivers can show their status as active/inactive or online/offline whenever you need it.

Pending requests

A driver will have access to all the rides requested by a user and can accept/reject any ride requests

Accepted requests

A driver can check the number of accepted requests and track the journey on the ride.

Completed rides

The driver can see the list of all completed rides by a driver and check ride history.

Canceled rides

The driver have the permission to see the list of cancel rides here.

Vehicle information

Driver can write or edit vehicle details and submit proofs and other documentation.

Transaction history

Driver will see the transaction history about their rides.

User registration/login

Users of the app can log in or register following few simple steps.


User can locate and point a location as the home destination and send a ride request with for booking taxi.

Pending requests

User will be able to see all the rides requested by them here.

Accepted requests

User will here see all the accepted ride requests and trace the journey.

Completed rides

All their completed rides will be visible and check further history.

Canceled rides:

Whenever user or driver cancels any ride, they can see the cancel rides list under this section.

Profile section

User can have access to their app profile and they can manage this too.User can have access to their app profile and they can manage this too.


Users are allowed to rate and review any driver or ride that they feel they want to.

Manage Vehicles

Admin panel gives the admin authority to add or remove different types of cars and fleet details.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can have a comprehensive view about the number of active drivers, rides completed, and others.

Manage Categories

Admin has right to add, remove, and update the vehicle for all the customers.

Manage Drivers

Admin has the right to add new cab drivers, remove drivers, activate/deactivate services of any driver, etc.

Manage Customers

Admin can manage and check the information of registered customers and can send messages to them.

Promo codes/coupons

Admin can restrict, and launch new promo codes, deals, discounts, and coupons on rides anytime he want.

  • The precise location and time details of booked cab required to reach them are shared by the taxi app with the customers. Hence, taxi app development will allow your users to employ that in something else.

  • Your app users will not have to move out of their home, since the passengers have access to book their rides remotely from their home.

  • The app will serve multiple methods for and is quite convenient, as they do not have to carry cash around with them always. They can online with their debit or credit cards, UPI, or just through their digital wallets integrated in the app.

  • There is a high level of transparency offered with the app, and the passengers can also review and rate the drivers based on their experience on their journey.

  • Users will not have to wait roaming on the roads asking for a lift. This help them save a lot of time and energy.

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Benefits for Drivers

They do not have to roam around the city wasting their gas in search of riders. Meanwhile, they can just wait for a booking to arrive and then leave from the place they halted at.

The is mostly made through online banking or mobile wallets, which eradicates the need of carrying large amounts of cash or change with the drivers.

The drivers have the right to provide review, ratings, and feedback for the passengers.

Since the cab booking apps are GPS enabled, it is easy f to locate their riders than wandering to places, asking riders for help.

There are few chances of time waste, as the driver will be at exact location and will move his cab only if a booking is done.

Let’s have a look at reasons for why you should pick us as your development partner

We believe that any successful app is composed of a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. So we create Taxi app that provides easy and hassle free access to cab booking.

  • • We ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every app of ours.
  • • We aim at providing reliable solutions for better customer engagement.
  • • Our team provides scalable and cost-effective mobile solutions.
  • • Our mobile app solutions meet the overall needs.
  • • Our team of dedicated developers & designers have vast skill set.
  • • We use the cutting edge technologies.
  • • Our customer service gives you prompt support.
  • • Highly customisable services.

Taxi booking app has become a vital requirement for any taxi business these days. The app will give you lots of benefits in your business like customer satisfaction and easy to understand market trends. Developing your own taxi booking app would really be a gift to yourself and to your customers for gaining their loyalty. Let us know to take the conversation to understand what are your requirements, expectations and what can we suggest you for your business advancement.

You just need to share your idea and leave the rest on us.

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How Sevenstar Websolutions become the best choice?

Driven By Your Mission

Our team has developed a wide array of skills in taxi app development services to allow being your true app development partner throughout your taxi booking mobile app development journey, along with high user engagement, and client-retention plans.

White-label Taxi App solutions

We are world-class white label taxi app development service provider that offers market-friendly taxi mobile app solutions customized based on your brand requirements.

Scalable apps

When you have a thriving brand, your customer reach also broadens. We can help you design scalable on-demand taxi booking applications that you reach immediately to peaks of traffic without influencing the speed.

24X7 support

We strive to serve complete customer satisfaction. Our committed taxi app developers will work round-the-clock to serve you efficient customer service. We make sure that you receive an exceptional service while maintaining the app standards.

Easy to Use

The most important for an app to attain success in the cutting-edge competition is to get a mobile app that is easy to use. An app that is clear and convenient enough to use that a non-tech savvy can even access and bring lots of users.

Skilled Team

Sevenstar Websolutions has a highly skilled and professional team of android and iOS mobile app developers who work with their utmost commitment and passion to make your dreams come true.

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