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If you are a business owner with a website, you must have heard SEO or search engine optimization many times. You must have thought does it need to be focused. Is it having any relation with my business? And a lot more doubts. You must have tried to find out about this with research but you might not have understood the mystery of ways to improve your rankings. Don’t worry it’s quite common. Being someone with little or no knowledge of marketing can be a reason for this. There are SEO tools and algorithms that evolve and come up every day. These updates are to help you improve the SEO rankings on regular basis. You don’t have to be stressed about how you can work in this direction.
Here are some pointers or strategy that you can follow to make your website more user-friendly and have better visibility in Search Engine.
Using Alt text to your images – You may be wondering about what is the alt text. Well, this can be described as the text that appears when you levitate your mouse to the image. Why use Alt text? The reason to use Alt text in your images is that Google never perform searches for images but it does for texts. You have to tell Google what the image is about if you want to show them up.
Distinctive headers to break the long paragraphs – Not everyone reads every single line of your content. Most of us want to check the content that can give a glimpse of the whole in a few seconds. If you provide them with what they are looking for, they will stay for a long duration. Use header tags like H1, H2, and H3, and so on to make a difference in the content. It will show that you have optimised your content. Make the main headline in H1 and use further small-sized tags.
Optimise URL of every page – URL with a set of muddled words doesn’t make any sense and neither they are doing any favour to search engines. Help the search engines by creating a descriptive customised URL for the site to give the description of the webpage. When you put descriptive words, one will know the purpose of any web page. Take a quick tour of your site to find the URLs that are not doing any favour to your site.
Create Inbound links – Inbound links are created to send your visitors to another page of your site. When you use these links to your site you keep your reader engaged for more duration. The longer your visitors are going to be on your site more is the chances of receiving favour from search engine. Analyse your content and find out where you can use inbound links. You can add links to related blogs, services, etc.
Use Meta title tag and description – When you perform a search on Google, there appear several URLs to different sites. These URL will be displayed with a line or two describing the webpage. Those sentences are known as meta descriptions. You can use a description of 160 characters to explain the core of the page. Don’t forget to use the keywords that will show the content of your site.

Using these strategies can be highly effective to increase the website on-page optimisation. It will also help you in future when you want to run a campaign for SEO services on your website. It will surely help you boost your search engine rankings instantly.

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