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Google Algorithm January 2019 Updates and Features Arrived

With the arrival of 2019 Google has also arrived with the new updates and that too in the second week of January. Although, over the last few weeks there has been also a lot of discussion and noise on the Google Algorithm updates and features. These updates may have started around 5th or 6th January but came in practice from 7the January. Despite being a shorter month with the holidays, Google has managed to launch its latest updates and features. There is also an ongoing charter within the SEO community and the SEO ranking tools for validating these newly launched shifts in the Google search engine results.

Search Engine Algorithm Updates

However, Google updates may differ around the world and in different languages where changing results are its staple rather than something which has happened suddenly. While these updates are significant and something we need to keep an eye that Google updates their new algorithm on every single day and often multiple times some day.

New Updates and features of Google

This year Google has made AMP featured snippets for doing fancy moves. They have also launched support for the live stream in the search which has a new markup and with also an audio news feature for Google Assistant. There is also a transformation of some reports from the older version to a newer version which have moved by the Google Search Console.

Apart from this, the first index of Google’ s mobile hit a big milestone in the past month. But there was a lot of chatter regarding the links that what are allowed and what not. However, there are thousand working in Google on its core but this launched features will make the difference between paid and organic listings in the search.

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Few updates and features are yet to arrive

Although, there are still many chatters going on regarding traffic fluctuations and likely to arrive soon. It might be a new update or a feature both but come soon and we will keep an eye on it too for delivering you soon.

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