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Google’s revised guidelines to say spam reports not more for manual action

While you are in the internet world, you must have encountered lots of spam there and it might happen that you have never got to see those but you can thank to Google algorithm that can detects these spams easily and report you of the same. Google always detects spam and there is sometimes penalty on the sites that have so much of spam’s which means those sites are not allowed to be on the Google search results. Spam not only essentially refers to those who are rubbish, but it even includes keyword stuffing, multiple tags, that are a part of the tactics list of black hat SEO.

This spam detection algorithm of Google helps to detect website that are spams on the internet will report to the team responsible for search and web spam. Then the web spam team from Google takes certain actions on them. In the new update of Google algorithm, spam reports from now will not be lead to the Google team for review and penalizing manually.

Manual action describes the penalties the Google team assigns to the sites or web pages that violates guidelines of Google. When one receive manual action that will be shown to him on Google search console but the Google spam reports will not lead to any manual action.

Earlier the guidelines were, if you find any site that seems to violate the Google’s guidelines, you can inform Google by filling a spam report. Not every manual action taken against the spam lead to its removal. Even in the cases where the sites have been reported, the result is not obvious. But after the new update, now if you believe that a site is violating the Google’s guidelines, you can inform by filing a spam report. Google will use the further report for improving the spam detection system.

Now when you submit spam reports, you cannot expect to see immediate action or and manual action to be taken on site you have reported. Time will be needed to improve the algorithms and to show the impact on Google search results.

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