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Google Step To Controlling The Fake Business Profiles

Google’s Step To Controlling The Fake Business Profiles

Going to a new place without Google mapping has become impossible today. In short, we can also call it a digital navigation compass of the 21st century. But a few scammers have started taking its wrong advantage for exploiting the people. In fact, over the years there are more than 200 millions of business profiles updated on Google Maps and connects more than 9 million people every month with a phone call and directions. The biggest advantage here is that it’s open for both small and big business industries.

Google Update for Fake Business Profiles
Unfortunately, this important platform has now surrounded by scammers and fake business entrepreneurs. They used to exploit the users by charging for free services, making fake business deals and perform much more fake activities. Earlier we have no solutions to these problems but luckily Google has recently posted an update. In this update, there are few measures which we can follow and protect ourselves from the trap of fake business entrepreneurs. Let’s know what solutions have Google updated this time.

Listed below are the solutions mentioned in the update:

  • Now the business representing them on Google can read the guidelines and policies mentioned there and also the user’s contributed content for determining whether to report or not the business or content for review.
  • Users can flag any business which they find fake. Here Google reviews these business profiles and investigates properly whether a business profile is found to be violative against Google’s policies or not. If it’s that so then Google will block those profiles and even before that fake business person can see his/her that fake profile.
  • Now the users can report multiple business profiles at once by a business redressal form to remove the review process.

Google Update for Scammers

Google Map is not less than your online assistant on which you can trust and reach to your destination. Every month, every day or even every minute it connects millions of people through phone, address and website as well. That’s why Google has updated these solutions for us to prevent the scammers or you can also say it’s a way of removing scammers from the Google Maps and later it will be also from whole search engine. So, follow the above-listed points and protect yourself from scammers.

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