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What is local 3 pack

How to fall under the Google Local 3 Pack?

Local SEO services or local search engine optimization plays an important role when you are making your business visible in your local areas. Whenever users search for a business that is their or nearby locality, the search results that are shown are based upon the relevance metrics. This will generate search results based on the user’s preferences. Such results that appear at the top of Search engine result pages in a group of the 3, is known as “Google Local 3 Pack”.
Most of the searches performed on Google in the local search most of the time, when a user performs a search he will see the Google 3 pack on the top of his search. For those, whose business comes under the Local 3 Pack, have the visibility boosted significantly. Building your presence in the local market shall be your topmost priority when you want to drive in your local customers for more business.

What do you understand by Google Local 3 Pack?

The top three Google My Business listings that appear on the top of any Search Engine Result Pages can be understood as Google Local Pack. It is a kind of hand-picked list of local businesses. Initially when the Google Local Pack was introduced the top seven results were grouped together in the pack. And it was known as the Local-7 pack.
Later in the year 2015, Google broke the Local-7 pack down to three results calling it the Local 3 pack. After the pack was updated, now the address (physical location) and contact number are not displayed in the listing on the SERP.
Local 7 pack and Local-3 pack
Experts reported that the Local-3 pack was more clearly visible to mobile users than the Local-7 pack. The listing when viewed completely from the pack contains required details like –
1. Mobile number
2. Business physical location
3. Open hours
4. Location accessible on the map
5. Ratings
6. Directions to reach business

Why Google 3 Local pack is necessary for any Local business?

Google places the business on high priority on the basis of user experience. User experience is the main factor responsible for ranking in SEO services. Google focuses on providing users the information they are looking for at its easiest.
Any business having physical existence, you depend upon the actual customers visiting your location to generate more revenue. The more you will be visible in local search the more you will get revenue. Most of the time, users don’t bother to go beyond the SERPs. This could be a reason for a significant drop in your website traffic. This is the reason being on Google Pack 3 matters.
But don’t forget to mention the necessary information a customer might look for. When you have all the required information in your Google Local pack, you can turn your audience into customers. In the past few years, the searches including the phrase “near me” are searched most on Google.
Does Google Local Pack have any impact on Local ranking?
Google considers three main factors when looking for any business –
• How relevant your business profile is to the search query
• How far is your business location from the searching user
• How popular a business is.
The most prominent factor affecting the ranking of the listing is the distance between the user’s location and the business’s physical location. For e.g. when you are searching for “app development companies near me” Google will first analyze your location then will show you the search results in a locality nearby yours.
How can you be a part of Google Local Pack?
Here are the tips that you can follow to get under Google 3 pack.

Optimizing Google My Business listing

Google My Business listing, act as a primary source of information for your customers while looking for your business. When your GMB listing is optimized, the profile will show the important information making you visible for relevant searches.
You can optimize your GMB listing by-
• Providing the necessary information that helps your customers reach you, understand your services, hours when you are available, and all information required to reach you.
• Ensure that your physical location is correctly mentioned on Google maps.
• Make sure your business is listed on local business listing sites.
• Check that your visiting hours are mentioned and updated regularly.
• Attach photos of your business.
• Monitor and address each review and ratings.

Create a responsive website

As we know, user experience is the topmost priority of Google, it is important to focus on making a mobile responsive site. It is a major ranking factor for Google 3 pack. A mobile responsive site is the one, in which –
• text, image, or video can be quickly uploaded;
• web pages adapt themselves according to the user’s device screen;
• all of the animations get load perfectly;
• and, easy navigation is served to the users.

Adding reviews to your business profile

Reviews are quite important on the internet when you want to earn the trust and credibility of your customers. They help to improve your business visibility on the internet. Most of the customers prefer them as a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Focus On-page optimization

On-page SEO optimization is important when you want to have a good ranking on SERPs. So ensure that your site meets all the factors of on-page optimization like appropriate Meta title and description, fast loading site, appropriate content, and others.
The article includes how you can make yourself visible in the Local 3 pack to be more visible on the search result pages. This will help you earn more customers and generate more revenues. To know more about ranking on Google’s first page, contact us today. We are an experienced digital marketing company.

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