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How to Optimise Video For The Top Search Engine Rankings

Do you post videos in your site? Have you ever optimised it? Video marketing is the best way of promoting your services in the search engine but at the same time, you also have to keep one thing in mind that video can make or break your brand. For utilising its best benefit, you need to optimise videos too otherwise the results can disappoint you. The reason being is it’s highly consumed digital media in the market. If you haven’t yet launched a video marketing campaign, then you are falling behind and you have no idea of it.

However, don’t get misunderstood that creating video is the end thing and the result will start appearing in one night. With posting these videos, you need to optimise it for getting it ranking higher and it indirectly increases your web traffic and rankings.

Without video SEO, the video will not rank on YouTube, Google and other search engines. If nobody can find your video, then how will your conversions increase? Here you need to follow the same steps as you do in the site for SEO like keyword stuffing, title tag optimisation and more. The same thing is applicable in video SEO

In this blog, we have the best tips that you can follow for video SEO in order to increase the search engine rankings.

  • Content Optimization- For content optimisation, make sure that your video is “shareable” and “linkable”. In short, provide informative and relevant content that should be from the user’s point of view. Merge your SEO strategy with video content for increased brand visibility. With an optimised content you are more likely to have a greater chance in achieving the desired and best results which will also give your business video authority on the YouTube and search engines.
  • Concentrate on mobile optimisation- Optimising the videos for mobile devices is no longer a video SEO part but a central part. It’s not an unknown fact that video is watched more on mobile phones than on desktop. Like websites, now the video should be also responsive in order to maximise the web traffic and search engine rankings.
  • Video upload in the multiple platforms- Don’t rely only on the self-hosting for your videos. It can be even problematic sometimes but if done properly then self-hosting can benefit your web SEO like including on the landing page can be effective in increasing the conversions. At least all the videos should be posted at YouTube as it’s a key platform of improving your search engine rankings. Sharing the videos on the other video hosting platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion can increase web traffic and ranking as well.
  • Add Captions- The best way of attracting your users is by writing the attractive video captions. In this way, you will earn more recognition from Google, YouTube and other search engines. Attaching more content with your web in the right format will be detected by Google that will speed up your brand recognition process in the search engines.


If you consider any of these points and follow for Video SEO, then you will be extremely benefitted with it. In this, we can help you best and optimise your videos accordingly with the guaranteed results.

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