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React vs Angular

React Vs Angular: – A comparison that every technical person must know

React and Angular both are amazing platforms for website and application development but it has always been a tough question to find out the best of two platforms. Both of these are unique in their own way but when you have to choose one of these it’s always a tough choice. But don’t worry this article will help you to draw the comparison between these two. Out of all the platforms available, these two are one of the best platforms for the year.

React JS is a JavaScript front end library from Facebook that enables you to develop UI components. With this, programmers can figure out to identify the way the app will look to users and how they will be interacting with it. React is an open source platform to be used which is widely considered to produce reusable HTML for the front end.

Angular JS is also an open source platform that is widely used for front-end development. It is one of the elements of MEAN stack and works well with many code editors which majorly considered for building dynamic websites as well as web apps.

Difference between the two

Sr. No.FeaturesReactAngular
1.LanguageJS ES6+ , JSX scriptJS, Typescript
2.App StructureFlexible component-based view onlyComplex component-based Model view controller (MVC)
3.LearningLengthy plus difficultFast as well as simple
4.Document Object ModelUse virtual DOM and allows alteration of document content, layout and structure.Use real DOM and update the whole tree structure of HTML tables till it reach the required data.
5.Community SupportReact doesn’t offer much community support but is supported by FacebookViable community support system.
6.InstallationIt takes much longer to set up and is quite fast in delivering projects.Easy to set up but takes more coding time which results in delayed delivery of projects.
7.Data BindingUses one-way binding i.e. UI elements can’t be altered without the update corresponding model state.Uses two-way binding i.e. ensures the automatic change in model state when any change is made.
8.Best used forBest for web development and native Android and iOS appsBest used when the large scale or high feature development is needed
9.Users of technologyFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, etc.Beam, Wepay, Mesh, Streamline, etc.
10.Documentation timeRelatively faster even when it undergoes regular updates.Documentation is comparatively slower due to ongoing development.

Both of the platforms are entirely different from one another and you can make your decision to choose one based on the features mentioned above. However except for the above mentioned features, if we talk about the testing of both the platforms, we can understand the below concept.

The testing and debugging of Angular based apps can be done just by a single tool like Karma, Protractor, or Jasmine. But when we took the case of React based apps, a set of tools is required to perform testing on different sets.  Both of the platforms are on the tangents of growth and thus the answer to which platform can be the best depends totally on your requirements.

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