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Reasons stating why your website is not on top of Google

A business website that’s not showing on the top of Google can be a big problem for your business. This is because people whenever searching for any service or product purchase, prefer to look at Google search results. If your business is not at the top, you can’t expect to be picked by your prospects. However, in this situation, you can overcome it with quality SEO services. If your site still is not available on Google, there are certain technical reasons behind this that really needs to be resolved. This is one of the most common and severe problems that almost every online business website encounters.

If you type the name of your business in the Google search engine, it is not visible. Or if it is, it comes out to be so low that it is very much impossible to find like that on 2 or 3 pages of Google SERPs.

If you have a business page and wondering what’s going on, make sure you analyze the issue with the help of SEO Services why your website isn’t showing up on Google before making a decision.

Let us understand what can be the possible reasons

  1. Your website needs to look more relevant. Being a business, you can’t anticipate your website to start being visible on Google right from day one. You will need to create quality content and then wait for a certain amount of time so that the search bots find out that your site is updated and indexed it.
  2. You need to make sure that your keywords are optimized. Keywords and meta tags are something that you just can’t ignore and this makes it really easy for the users to understand what your web page is all about. If the page doesn’t have it, you might lose a valued customer.
  3. Your site is not device and user-friendly. Google doesn’t like pages showing duplicate content at all, so if it finds pages that are similar in any way it won’t index them. Try to make your site friendly so that users enjoy being on your page.
  4. Your website has been penalized. Learn that if your site does not meet Google set standards, it can face a downfall in the rankings and Google will send it to pages even beyond 3 one. Having too many duplicate contents and too many keywords bring a penalty. This will only lead to sometimes erasing you from the search results.
  5. Even if everything goes well and nothing is stopping Google from finding your webpage, you still have to “prove” that it deserves to rank you on top pages. While many factors are working behind the functioning of the Google algorithm, the number of backlinks from relevant websites to a page makes it look like a strong one. If the web pages ranking on Google above you have more backlinks, this could be one of the factors behind why you’re not showing up in Google.
  6. Google prefers to rank the most useful and relevant search results for each query entered by a user. That’s why it’s always essential to ensure your content matches what searchers expect and want to see. This is what you call search intent. If your website successfully matches the intent of a user, it has a high chance of being on top in Google results.

If you feel your website is struggling with technical issues such as a broken controller, you can’t win no matter how hard you are trying to. The same is the case with your website. It would be best if you always fix serious technical glitches like rogue “no-index”, meta tags, and crawl blocks that might be disturbing your performance before playing the game. You may have to level up your website by building quality backlinks with high “authority”. If you’re struggling to leave your opponents behind because they’re too strong, you might be at the back facing issues in scoring a new customer.

Make sure you get in touch with an experienced SEO company India to win interest from your customers such that they come and buy from what you offer again and again.

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