Snapchat bring Its Own In-app TikTok Alternative

Snapchat this week introduced its own in-app shot video maker in a challenge to its social media rival TikTok. The new TikTok alternative is known as “Spotlight” which will enable Snapchat users to view the content uploaded by the influencers and other members of the network. With this new feature, Snapchat is aiming at increasing the user’s engagement and broadening the customer base by allowing them to create a video that is viewable on the platform.

Snap Inc, Snapchat’s parent company stated, “We designed Spotlight to entertain our community while living up to Snapchat values, with our community’s well-being as a top priority”.

This feature is currently being launched in countries like the US, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and France and will be introduced to others later.
To tempt the users to make posts regularly, the company says it will serve a reward of $1 million per day to the one who will create awesome quality content. So if someone has an amazing video posted regularly, he can win a big sum of money. It is of no consideration, if the person has many subscribers or too few, what matters is the content they create.

Everyone is allowed to submit a snap on Snapchat, and they can do it just by tapping “Spotlight” while posting to ensure it populates the section.
Even though the design matches that of TikTok, but some specific decisions have been made on the user’s choice. The platform will lack the public comments section which will be eliminating the need to handle negative or abusive comments. The launch arises when other social media platforms are copying Snapchat’s message disappearing feature in their platforms.
Profile sections of the users’ are made private by default by Snapchat so the users can keep their profile locked while posting the content. Snapchat, unlike Instagram, is encouraging people to create their content with the creation tools while preventing mintage frauds by keeping the people in-app only.

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