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WordPress Plugins that you can’t ignore

Are you looking to start a new content-based website? Have you thought about what can be the best platform to do so? If not yet, stop for a moment and look over this post. WordPress is one of the best suitable platforms that one can use to create a content-based website like a blogging site. WordPress is the best choice as CMS since it is easy to operate or manage even for those who know little or no coding. It is easy to customize your website by picking a template and adding suitable plugins. You can select from the myriad of plugins available for a count of more than 5800. It is offering plugins for various purposes like improving the site speed, making the site SEO-friendly, social media, and many more.

The platform keeps on adding and upgrading the plugins to make it more suitable to work for your needs. You can find both free and paid plugins over here.

Let’s check some of the top-rated plug-ins that you can use in 2021.

  1. Yoast SEOYoast SEO is one of the amazing plugins in WordPress. SEO is a strategy that will help you improve your site’s ranking and bring more visitors to your end. Out of all the plugins it offers, Yoast SEO serves you an extensive solution with the features that can let you improve the On-page SEO of your site. It allows you to edit meta tags, appropriate content limit, focus keyword, image optimization, interlinking, and many more. It also offers you to create 301 redirects and create auto-redirects, thereby not allowing any broken links.
  2. OptinMonster – It is a useful plug-in that helps in conversion rate optimization. With this plug-in, you can convert your abdicating visitors into your email subscribers or potential customers. You can get more sales and email subscribers with this plug-in quickly. It is a great plug-in for blogging, eCommerce, or business website. If you want to make money via the site traffic use this plug-in.
  3. SeedProd – With this plug-in, one can customize the site design or even create a customized page without any code. People love it because they can create a customized landing page with it in very little time. It has pre-built templates, a coming soon page, a thank you page, a 404 page, and others. You can demarcate the font style, the color combination, page templates, and many more.
  4. WP Rocket – WP Rocket works just like its name, it can allow you to improve the speed of your WordPress Website without knowing any technical skills. It can turn on the WordPress settings like page cache, cache pre-loading, or gzip compression automatically. It doesn’t require any human intervention to indicate it for saving the page to the cache. It even offers Imagify, a free image optimization tool. This plug-in is available in the paid version.
  5. PushEngage – It is a great plug-in for push notifications in WordPress sites. You can send targeted messages or declarations to your visitors with push notification technology. It works for all website platforms including WordPress, Shopify, and others. The best part is that it doesn’t sell your data to others. It can send notifications for any new blog post on a blog site, product, or price update on an eCommerce site, etc.
  6. SEMrush – SEMrush is all one digital marketing toolset with which you can improve the SEO, content strategy, social media strategy, and others for your business. You can have a glance at your competitors with this so that you can progress your business accordingly. With this plug-in, you can do keyword research, backlinks analysis, site ranking, and many more.
  7. Woo-commerce – Woo-commerce is again one of the most popular eCommerce plug-in offered by WordPress that is used by millions of eCommerce sellers. It has all the powerful features that one might need to create an online store with WordPress. Over the past few years, Woo-commerce has developed itself as an overriding eCommerce plug-in for WordPress sites.

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