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Snapchat allows users to display follower count

Snapchat is now allowing its users to display the number of followers they have added to their account. Earlier Snapchat did not allow its users to show the follower count publicly. Only users themselves had info about the number of followers they have. The update was discovered by a renowned social media researcher Mike Metzler before anyone else, and also shared a screenshot to his Twitter account.

How to fall under the Google Local 3 Pack?

Local SEO services or local search engine optimization plays an important role when you are making your business visible in your local areas. Whenever users search for a business that is their or nearby locality, the search results that are shown is based upon the relevance metrics. This will generate search results based on the user’s preferences. Such results that appear at the top of Search engine result pages in a group of the 3, is known as “Google 3 Pack”.

Ecommerce getting business with Ads

Online ads are becoming an effective tool for advertising of any ecommerce business. Every platforms responds differently with different advertising strategy. The online ecommerce world has modernized and changed the way we used to shop earlier.